"Hih... Hih! No way! No way, no way...!

The man was running around the silver world crawling like a dog delighted with the snow pile.

"I've heard a lot about that gun wasa, but I can't believe it's really, really powerful...!

We've had a lot of victims, the underground arena.

And an underground ritual site sacrificed by many.

The walls and floors were bloody like painted graffiti, resulting in ominous art smudged red and black stains.

But now, as if it had been cleansed, the snow scenery was bright white everywhere.

That was a discretionary place for a man, but I no longer know the front or the back.

He was rushing around to the dark clouds as if he had been shipwrecked in the winter mountains.

"Oh, that's the gun hound......! Oh, that's... Angel Heilow...! And, damn it......! Damn it, hey!!

Hit the white wall at the end of the line.

Looking around, I noticed a wind hole with seven colors of light leaking.

Thanks to the blow-up of Sauccan, the door was not buried in the snow.

The man pulls the wind hole apart and rolls out into the hallway with the avalanche.

"They can do that to you! to... run away...! Run, run into another Azito...!

Raise the stairs in front of you and you'll reach the club on the ground floor.

But Angel Hylow's blow had already collapsed, blocked by rubble.

"Here's the thing... from the secret basement...!

The man puts his leg on the stairs back in the hallway to begin further breakdowns.

Along the way, he noticed the room he himself used as the owner's room and rushed in.

When I stick it in the safe behind the study desk, I turn the dial with my trembling hands.

After I managed to open it, I began to screw the bundle of bills that were piled inside into my pocket.

"... what, you only have gold in there, all the time"

With a voice without tension, someone peeps in.

Immediately thereafter,

"Thank you for guiding me, oh!

...... Dom!!

A sharp kick hung in the man's heartbeat.


A man who rises to the universe with a stiffness, along with a scream like he was crushed in the lungs.

He collapsed as he scattered the notes, leaving marks on the carpet's bristles and rolling in a gobble.

"Club owners are profitable, all the time. This carpet, it's a lot more shark than the futon we have, I guess."

The man, who was devouring his breath, noticed the two shadows approaching and shouted, even though it would make him breathless.

"Ho ho! Ha! Guru! Ho ho ho......! Grrr... Grrr...! Guru!?!?

Even if I try to stand, I can't stand with my hips falling out.

I just jitter my legs and try to back off.

"Whoa, what's going on? I ran out of nowhere, so I thought you might want to do some exercise, so I came to help... No matter how good it is for your health, overdoing it is poison, all the time."

"But is it good, Superior Gunhound? If you let him swim, you'll find another demon king worshipper (Sanitast) Ajito."

"Nha, there's a lot of awesome stuff already, duh. Besides, this is definitely the 'goal'. I was wondering if there was anything in the vault... Ate's off, all the time."

Like a spider with only two legs, a gunhound approaching a crooked man.

I poke a guy in the back of the jacket with a photo of him removed from his inner pocket.

"Hey, why don't you tell me about this Osama, all the time"

The man shook his face left and right as his teeth rattled.

"And I don't know! You don't belong in a club like this! A man with a big scratch on his face like this, how could you forget it if you saw it! It's true! Trust me!

"Barca, you're not a guest. This Osama is your boss, isn't he?

"Chi, no! Our Lord is not such a flavorful human spirit! Our Lord...!

"I know, I know. You're a demon named Nantka, aren't you?

"You're willing to spare me, Koitsu. Then leave it to yourself. Squeeze it up like a rag..."

"No, fine. He probably won't throw up even if he tightens it up. Demon King followers are hypnotizing their bosses."

"So what do you do?

"Well, you've made up your mind..."

As Gunhound stretched his legs as he crossed them, he slowly lowered his back to the man's buyo buyo belly.


"You, I knew I couldn't do it. But I'd better exercise, ever. You're softer than a carpet, aren't you? Well, put that away...... have you had anything suspicious in the last few months? [incomprehensible]

"Gu...... Phew......! Suspicious stuff, oh...!?

"Yes. Especially with suspicious mail of unknown origin.... Yeah, you seem to have a sotch, all the time"

The gunhound sniffs out the slightest change in the man like a hound.

"Oh... no, there's as much to this club as there is!

"Really? Your face is flattered that you have something even more special."

Reaching for the mouth of the blue man, he pulled out his trademark, the cigar.

"Along with exercise, you started to quit smoking. If you miss your mouth, how about him instead?

What was playing in Gunhound's hand was a large silver sphere of golf balls.

"That's Angel Hylow's bullet......!?

"Your answer, please. If you just saw it, you know what happens when a Demon King worshipper (Sanitast) touches him."

I put a bullet around the roots of a man's nose so that Gunhound could even start with a golf tee shot,


"Gahhhhhhhhhh!?!? Hot hot hot hot go!?!?

The man twisted his limbs and whirled around, as if he had done 'Atsuatsu Oden' with molten iron.

And in no time at all, it began.

"Wow, okay! Say it! Last month, I received an unknown envelope! I didn't know what it was then, but now I know! That letter was addressed to you! Heh, the envelope's in the top drawer of the desk there!

"Right, all the time. Hey, Saucony, check the drawer outside the top."

"Huh? The man says it's at the top...?

"Baka. I'm purposefully saying it's 'top of the line', you've decided there's a trap set. He's going to fuck you in a drawer trap and fuck me while you're distracted, all the time. And look at his hand. You're stretching out to a burning stick..."

Gunhound used his legs to kick the man's last hope away.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

As the hounds read, there was a large envelope in the bottom drawer of the study desk.


'This is the "goal". As a reward for coming this far, I will give you what's inside. It will be a trump card to shake off the great "disaster" that is coming down on you now'

There was a letter in it that

If you stick your finger in the envelope and pull it further......

I showed up, what a......!

It was a single picture and a bloody mask......!

... I wonder, wouldn't you have?

When Genocide Fang is carrying an antique scam on Goldwolf… what was the hound doing?

Hounds are after wild dogs.

As the true culprit of the recent disappearance and death of the brave.

There's no way he won't get caught up in an unidentified antique merchant walking by a wild dog.

I'm sure he was tailing a merchant and uncovering who Genocide Fang was.

And when Goldwolf's next target was Genocide Fang, he would have figured it out.

... goldwolf was secretly taking measures.

To distract the hound from surveillance, he was sending another word of sauce to the gendarmerie station using "The Skeleton of the Clouds"...!

"The site of a torque realm fire blowing mountain. Under the golden triangle, it sleeps.


He was setting up a 'treasure hunt game' on the hounds to keep the surveillance out of sight...!

If accompanied by a fragment of Angel Hylow's bullet, the same as when I did the tale of the Genocide Knuckle fire...

Whatever ridiculous sauce it may be, the hounds will have to move......!

The hound took his men and acted as directed in the letter.

It was unintentional to them, but they believed that they would get a clue from the Lord of the Letter.

In the meantime, no one will be watching, and the wild dogs are in a completely unmarked state.

The hounds had guards in their place, but it was easy to cage, such as pawns with such rotten roots.

Then inevitably, there will be no one to interrupt the cross ragging match with Genocide Fang......!

It will even be possible to give the hounds the trump card for Operation Gas Chamber (Dreambox), which will be set up later by Genocide Daddy......!

Yes......! It was...!

Everything......! Everything, um...!

Everything was only on the palm of that (●) Osama...!

… the morning after the battle was fought in a club that was an aside of demon king followers (sanitasts).

The concave (decomposed) combo dragged his hungover body to court.

Then use 'conclusive evidence' against Genocide Daddy to win the trial.

They were honored as heroes who saved the Gendarmerie Bureau and made special advances.