'Slumdog Mart Headquarters' in the city of Antrea, in the territory of Lutanvesta.

A new plan to open the store was about to be discussed in this place, which could also be the heart of the store.

On the table are narrow swords and shields wrapped in gorgeous wrapping paper.

Looking around at them, Osama cuts out.

"This is how I've bought the item around several 'gorgeous smart' stores in Halbury territory, have you noticed? Mr. Primla.... Mr. Primla?

Primla called in and returned to me haha.

I was immersed in the dreamy events of earlier, floating all the way to Yodale at the edge of my mouth.

Take out the handkerchief in a hurry and wipe it.

"Shh, excuse me, uncle. I'm so bored."

"Are you all right? If you look tired, you can leave early today..."

"Yes, no! It's okay, it's okay! I can't believe you and your uncle are shopping together, it's like de... Oh, yes, no! Nothing!

The girl shook her reddish face with a boom as her hair whirled.

And continue as soon as you can.

"Yeah, well, Halbury's" Gorgeous Smart "thought the products and displays he was dealing with were very different from the previous Lutanvesta and Torqurum"

"Right. Why do you think that is?

Osama in a gentle tone that will relieve tension.

But I don't even know it's making her roar the other way around.

The girl replied as she pressed her hand against her chest, which had recently grown up again, so that she could push her heartbeat in.

"Yes. Perhaps Hurlbury is home to wealthy people like royalty, nobility, and brave men. I thought they were displaying a range of products that they could buy."

"I think so too. The weapons handled are more costumes than adventurer essentials. Parrying daggers more than knives, and Rapier's assortment more than swords. This is' gorgeous smart 'so far... no, it's very different from our assortment"

"Does that mean there are more aristocrats in the realm than adventurers?

"No. Even though there is a Halberry territory with a king's capital, there are more adventurers when it comes to numbers alone. But as a ratio, you seem to have a higher proportion of the wealthy than other territories. So they're the main target, and they're dealing with high-margin products."

"Oh, that's why you're packaging the product."

"Right. Adventurers wear the items they buy right away, but once they take them home. That's why they're packaged."

"I see...... You're well thought out."

"Yes, and that's where it matters. I don't just tease you about the status of a brave person, but I understand and practice your needs…. It's very different from the 'gorgeous smart' we've been competing for."

When it comes to business, Osama's gaze gets sharper and sharper.

The girl was also being plucked out of her soul by precise analysis, which rolled out one after the other from its rugged face.

"Ha hoo... Your uncle's, you're right..."

"The department manager in charge of the territory must be very good. So we need to keep our heads tight too...... Mr. Primla?

"Ha!? Ha hoo!? Shh, I'm sorry, it's nothing!... Okay, so when 'Slumdog Mart' in Hallbury makes it a store for the aristocrats to be happy with!?

"No, I'll leave your target at once. Luxury orientation is important to anchor your brand image, so you won't be able to fathom yourself with the 'Slumdog Mart' you just opened. Let's start with the adventurers who are our customers, as always."

"Or... maybe, so for one thing, as usual. What would you do if you were to open a store? Then, let's go to the workshop and warehouse where the production will be based…"

In his Halbury offensive, Osama first instructed Primla to relocate his headquarters to the King's Capital.

Wang Du has a high rent, which leads to an increase in sales and administration costs, but he decided it was essential to attack this country.

Then he opened one store in Wang Cheng, from which he instructed the store to open in such a way as to triangulate Lutanvesta and Torqurum.

This is in order to use the relay warehouse on the territorial border to efficiently transport goods to Wang Du.

In the pricey Wang Dynasty, it was decided that it would be more economical to transport goods in workshops and warehouses while the number of stores was low.

'Slumdog Mart' has already gained an overwhelming share in two territories, plus some assets worth more than five billion.

I could have put things on the money and go on offense all at once, but Osama didn't dare to do it.

Probably waiting for you by hand, oldest son......

Because I foresaw obstruction from Genocide Lower Gorgeous...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Finally, the day has come to enter the King's Capital, Halbury.

Start by opening ten stores on the same day.

The operation of having an opening ceremony sale throughout the store and calling adventurers from other territories to make a topic.

If newspaper reporters keep an eye on the crowd and turn it into an article, it will lead to further cognitive expansion.

But Goldwolf thought it would take more sensational events than a sale to get the reporters together.

Because none of the newspapers in this little Halbury country publish only in the territory.

This is also why the scandal perpetrated by Gorgeous Smart does not affect Gorgeous Smart in other territories very much where it was featured in the newspapers.

The reason for this is simple.

Newspaper subscribers in this country show little interest in events in other territories.

Even the biggest newspapers in the country publish different newspapers for each territory.

Thus, for reporters and readers in Halbury territory, Slumdog Mart is still the only newcomer (paper).

If this is the other way around...

If the shops that had gained a reputation in Wangdu were to expand to other territories, this would have been the case.

"Finally landed in Lutanvesta, a hotly talked shop in Wangdu!

Because it feels like, for readers who admire the city, they take it away.

The flower capital is always cold for the countrymen.

Just because you hit in the region, you're greeted more like a baptism, wondering if you're going to do the same.

That's what Osama expected, but surprisingly, it's going to come off a lot.

It's opening day and if you open the lid......

In addition to the many regular adventurers, reporters packed this for me...!

An unprecedented, ideal start to "Slumdog Mart".

A tape cut of the store opens after a celebratory dance of the Grand Virgin with her breasts tumbling.

Right now, a lot of customers tried to get into the store, that's when...

"... don't move! We are the Halbury Territorial Guard! You can't just admit it!

A large number of guards showed up pushing the crowd and blocking it like a wall at the entrance to the store......!

An anomaly occurs where the curtain of battle is cut and dropped faster than the curtain of the opening......!


The wild dogs in the Flower Capital were already locked on by their eldest son...!