The dining table next to the study desk was lined with a fine hotel breakfast.

A perfectly shaped omelet and a clear candy soup.

Glossy rolled bread served in a cage and a colorful warm vegetable salad.

All freshly baked, freshly made hot air, just about ready to eat now.

But the young man sitting at the table, blind to them, looked out the window covered by a depressed cloudy sky.

"... mother"

His words did not make him a voice.

But only the lips, they did move that way.





The flowerbed was in the shade on the back of the mansion, with the warehouse.

Even though the garden on the surface is full of light and spacious.

Still, the woman sitting there seemed satisfied.

I love the flowers as if I were working on my child.

But the boy, he wasn't convinced.

garden as if it was being driven to this corner and to her.

'I heard that, Mother. What do you mean, he's trying to decide on his real wife?

"Yeah, looks like it."

'Sounds like it,' said every person like that... Me, no, I can't believe these savage women like me around the house. '

"I'm not saying that anymore."

"You don't even like your mother, do you? I can't believe I'm in such a gold hobby house. Golden wallpaper is a sauce."

'I can't help it. Other mothers like gold. "

'Even my mother isn't in the house, she's always in this flowerbed. Even my mother is one of her mothers, but she can't let me like one thing... In this corner of the garden, I can only make small flowerbeds...'

'I can't help it either.' Cause other mothers say they hate flowers. '

"If one of them turns into his rightful wife, this flowerbed will be crushed, too."

"If that happens, I'll have to replace these kids with flower beds in the park."

"How could my mother do that already? He's my mother, my oldest son, but always shy away from them... '

'Cause I'm not as powerful as a knuckle mother, and I'm not as good at chatting as a fang mother... I can't be a real wife. But Lower, you resemble Master Genocide Daddy, and you've become a smart girl, so be it. "

'I don't like watching my mother get bullied any more. That's why I'm here. "


"With my operation, my mother can be my rightful wife. All you have to do is motivate your mother."

"Mine, motivated...?

'Yeah, yeah. Assuming your mother is an athlete, I'm a second. Together, we appeal to the dude to win the seat of his rightful wife. "

'You're going to win and lose, though your mother doesn't know very well.' Cause right now you have the same eyes as Master Genocide Daddy when you're working... And you're the same as Master Genocide Daddy, which I wouldn't ask you if I told you. "

'Hey, that's good, Mom. Let's give them back. And be a proper wife, and make the house feel more elegant... and fill the garden of the table with flowers.'

'Ugh, that would be nice if it did. If you say so much...... ok. What's your mother supposed to do?

"Yay! Well, first of all, you're gonna have to put your brothers on our side. You say you start with a horse to be a general, right? Let's start with knuckles. He's simple, so fish with food first... '

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Ha, let go! Get off me! In that warehouse, my mother...!

'If it burns so far, it's too late! If you jump in, you'll burn to death!

"... oh, my God, what the hell is going on?

Lower's mother locked herself in the warehouse and then started a suspicious fire.

"Oh, scary zasu wow"

"I left so many melameras and burning things inside the horticultural warehouse."

He must have tried to use it for something that wasn't even Locke. Wow.

"Yes, because lately it seemed strangely that Genocide Daddy had been using color eyes"

"I'm sure I was trying to get into Master Genocide Daddy and be his rightful wife. Wow."

"Oh, weed-born cunt, and do that? I did something that didn't fit my height, so heavenly punishment went down. '

"It's a weed, so I grew so many flowers in my life."

"Oh, ma'am, I haven't decided you're dead yet. Oh. But well, even if you were alive, you'd never see it again. '

"Where the weeds have burned, there is no one to grieve." And how much I admired flowers, and weeds can't be flowers. "

"Oh, that flowerbed is starting to burn together."

"Ohoho, just the right thing to do. My wife and I hated flowers, didn't we?

'Yeah, yeah. Because flowers always have bugs, don't they?

'Yes, yes. Enter the Mansion and try not to, bad bugs......!

'But if the flower burns, it must be gone, too. Don't worry, my knuckle won't eat it by mistake.'

"Oh, that's so delightful. Fang at home will be delighted. '

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Oyaji, listen to me! That warehouse was held by a stick from the outside and kept from opening from the inside during the fire! That's where they set the fire!

'Well, don't make such a scene, my son. You're not old enough to miss your mom's dick anymore.'

"Become...!? What are you talking about, dude...!? Your mother was killed!?

"I guess I just overdid it a little bit because of the feud over choosing a real wife. Besides, I told the women I could do anything. I'd rather not be the real wife of this house if it weren't enough to kill them. '

'Ohh... Oyaji... Oyaji didn't love her mother anymore...!?

'You didn't say that. But it's just the right time, so I'll tell you what. I don't know about the woman after she had the baby, it's like a non-performing loan. Year after year, the value becomes negative. So this is how you do it. Sometimes, you have to amortize it.'

"Ku......! Ugh......!

"... I always say that, don't I?

In living as a human being, there are only two things you have to take care of most...

"Blood connection" and "Can you produce gold?"

Because "blood" and "gold" don't betray you.

You and I are connected by blood, and you are going to work at 'Gorgeous Smart' and produce gold...

That's why I have to take care of it.

But the women and I, we're not connected. So they will betray us one day.

He didn't lay me a golden egg called my sons, but it's over.

And then eat and sleep......!

I don't even eat flowers, I don't even grow flowers, I don't even know if they're alive...!

So it's just about as good as crushing them together.

Remember, this can also be used to manipulate clerks in store management!

...... hmm?

What the fuck? Are you crying?

As much as a woman has become a barbecue, don't cry, Golja!

I don't know about tears, they're with gold.

If you pay when you're here, you can buy sympathy...!

You want to be a "legendary salesman," like me, don't you?

If it were, it wouldn't even be $1 (ender). I wouldn't be crying!

You have no power, no voice...

But I'm sloppy, brainy and calm...!

So always make a cool decision for him!

Whatever happens, don't move, stand on the slope and follow one of your sighs!

That's right, the value of tears goes up gnarly, too!

A good salesperson sells stone......!

Legendary salesman even sells tears as diamonds......!

Got it, gorghhhhhhhh!