"Here you go"

Accidentally shaking his tympanic membrane, Genocide Lower is pulled back into reality.

He moved his face toward the window and turned back toward the round table where he was sitting.

Beyond the white hot air, a man of the same age sits down, loosening the thread with a human cling.

Genocide Lower shook his wear as he shrugged toward him, who just chopped up his omelet.

"Phew, is that a day clowler? I like stealing."

"I have two minutes, so I thought it was mine. And I can't believe you knew until it was time for me, right?

"Then why don't you knock when you go into the room?"

"If it's a knock, I've been doing it. I haven't heard back, so I thought you weren't there, so I opened it, and it's normal."

"If it weren't for me, I'd be trying to find out if there was any scandal stuff"

"I can't believe you doubt your best friend. You're still dry. Speaking of scandals, as you told me, I did it perfectly."

"Phew, then you don't have to come all the way here to report. I saw it in the newspaper yesterday evening. Looks like you've collected some other newspapers."

"Yeah, that's why the Slumdog Mart stuff was so moist at first. This is still an anonymous shop in Wangdu, but the newspaper has come to interview me."

"But when the store opened, the guards stopped me, so..."

"That's when the slum dog mart was dry. You didn't. Especially that Virgin...... is that Master Primla? I had tears all over my eyes, and I was about to cry."

"Phew... why does the Holly Doll family Virgin grieve?

"Hi. Looks like she was filing an application for a business license. The guard pointed out the paperwork was missing, so you must have thought it was your fault."

"If the Holly Doll Virgin wept, wouldn't it be a special dane? But there didn't seem to be a picture of it?

"You didn't just moisten there, did you? Me and the reporters surrounded Master Primura and said, 'How do you feel right now, how do you feel right now?' I incited it, but Osama, the owner of Slumdog Mart, interrupted me. Come on. '

"Huh, right"

"But come on, even if your father was working with the Guard, the minister used to revoke the authorization just before opening the store."

"Sounds like you've had a rough time for that. He looked terrible when he came back to talk to the minister."

"But come on, if that's the case, why don't you just ask me not to let you accept your business license from the beginning?

"Phew, that's not good enough. Slumdog Mart set up a store on Halbury territory because he got a business license. If we don't get a license, we won't let the store out... then it's no different than what my brother did, putting pressure on the realtor."

"What difference does that make?

"Think about it. If there was a new store but one that wouldn't open forever...... What do you think, Day Crowler?

"Um, I wonder why it doesn't open.... Oh, okay."

"Huh, that's what I'm talking about"

"Well, that would do more damage to Slumdog Mart than put pressure on the realtor. That's Genocide Lower, you're moist. Sometimes I've just been a top grader at school."

"Then you know what to do next. I asked you to keep going."

"If that's the case, it's my specialty."

"Phew, I'll leave the method to you. But don't overdo it."

"'Cause it's bullshit. Compliance, right?

"That's right. The guy who keeps the rules is third class, the guy who breaks the rules is second class... and"

The two young men speak up.

"" The guy who breaks the rules when it's here is first class......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A business license is required to open a store in this small Halbury country.

You must notify the Lords if you want to open in Lutamvesta territory, in the city of Antrea, and in Torqualm territory, in the city of Hornmack.

There is no rigorous scrutiny of them, nothing to be said as long as they abide by the law and even pay taxes.

The business permits issued are pooled in Royal Castle and centrally managed by the Guard Bureau.

By the way, jurisdiction differs over so-called sex sales, such as taverns and casinos.

This one is in charge of the gendarmerie bureau, and in part has been wowed that its inflexibility is applauding them for their misconduct.

And things are even different in Halberry territory, the capital of the king.

There must be no displeasure at the king's knees, and he needs to be subject to the scrutiny that the minister has enacted.

However, this also ensures that business can undoubtedly begin if there are no problems with the field inspections to be carried out before the opening of the store after the guarantor has been set up and the pledge has been filed.

It is because of the consideration that if we make it too strict, there will be no one to do business with.

This time at Slumdog Mart, Primla prepared an application without a minute of skimming in order to obtain a permit to operate on Halbury territory.

The guarantor asked for reincarnation.

"If it was Gol and Primla's favor, Mom, it would be anything"

and she pressed the pompom and demon wax stamp (tarp) on me without even looking at the paperwork on Locke.

Trust as guarantor is a candidate that there is no one more.

Even an on-site survey, conducted the day before the store opened, said, "I've never had a store so well prepared. It's still before the store opens, but I want to designate it as an exemplary store," the representative also gave me a heartbeat.

Nothing to disturb anymore should have...

But on the day the store opened, and more importantly, while there was a commemorative ceremony, the guards pushed over.

"... don't move! We are the Halbury Territorial Guard! You can't just admit it!

It was as if they were going to take down illegal sales, and they kept me waiting.

If you listen carefully to the guards who put in the injunction,

"The application found deficiencies! Until that's corrected, you can't just admit to opening a business!

Neither the paperwork screening nor the entry screening will get you listened to when you say you have both passed.

Besides, even if you ask what was deficient,

"By the rules, you can't reveal that!

of a stiff.

Too unreasonable, a unilateral proclamation.

Not only the clerk who was there on the spot, but even the regular customers came together to protest, but the decision made by the bureau couldn't possibly be overshadowed.

You know that, only Goldwolf didn't say anything.

"Okay," he nodded, pulling back quietly.

"Shh, excuse me! Uncle! Because of me, because of me...!

Primla was so disturbed that she thought she was on the verge of going mad.

He shakes his hair with his broken faucet-like eyes and his dead face, trying to fall on the ground.

Osama hugging on the brink of it.

"Please calm down, it's not Mr. Primla's fault. Let's postpone opening for a while. Apparently, it's going to be a long fight."

The reporters struck their tongues as they were interrupted by a dramatic moment called "The Dutchman of the Virgin".

The key to the special dane is in the primula. They begin the interview surrounding the grieving girl.

But the question was mostly answered by Osama.