Primla had taken care of the preparations to open the store on Halbury territory.

She worked so hard to do that that that just before the store opened and the license was taken from the Guard Bureau, there was no one to blame for her.

But she blamed herself.

Because the roots are serious, and for the girl who has done everything without, it was a setback for the first time.

From the day of the incident, the girl begins to revise the application documents after a thorough evening.

Osama stopped it.

Because he knew it wasn't this mess, it was another factor, that didn't get his business license.

But the girl kept crying tears that didn't wither in her sobbing eyes, and didn't try to grab onto her desk and leave her like a wandering life without afterwards.

In the end, Osama ends up sleeping in her room between that day and the moment to put the girl to sleep.

The top of the line, of course, is the eldest daughter of the example.

Osama is a bedroom filled with floral scents, in a river lettering......

Or stuck like a single stick, and the days went by to put the three sisters and the bed together.

Primla to the right, reincarnation to the left, pine pack around the face.

And on each chest lie angels and demons like 1/16 figures......

A sleeping pine pack sucks Osama's nose choo-choo.

Lincolnation with a hugging habit is about to get hugged and suffocated with his chest.

Primla, who can no longer distinguish between dreams and reality, is approaching with a kissing face.

Osama's battle, "Sleeping with the Beautiful Girls," extends day after night.

But as if to laugh at the corruption, one newspaper wrote an article every day that didn't allow Slumdog Mart to operate.

"The best slum dog mart in the country town, not opening in the city center...!

'The lack of business licenses is due to the country smell......!?

'Slumdog Mart defeated before we fought, also the view that the damage was minimized......!?

Needless to say, this is the work of the Day Crowler.

And they are all at the mercy of Genocide Lower, the best cutter of the slayer family.

He used his father, Genocide Daddy, to work for the Secretary of the Guard to have Slam Dogmart's business license revoked just before the store opened.

I dared to have it revoked just before because of the aim of turning a store that I could not open into a popular exposé.

Regardless of how long the store will not open at first, it will lead to a negative image over the long term.

Yes, people start exploring their painless bellies.

"That new shop is always closed."

"When will it be open, could it have been some big deal?

He said, "Well, they opened it, but they dropped his license from the guard office."

"Heh, yeah, what went wrong?

"Well, I'm sure it's up to you because you were up to something never...!

"Oh well, then you don't have to have a business license all the time, it's not weird......!

If that's the neighborhood's level of public discourse, it's still fine.

What would happen if the media for the masses took it up, like chasing it there...?

Negative images jump over public discourse and rank up to reputation.

But that's not enough punch yet.

Because the public doesn't care if a shop that was famous in a country town opens.

I just covered it in the newspaper and it will soon sedate......

The trickster, Daycrowler, also knew about it.

After he wrote the first article, what happened...

Next, he sprinkled a spice named 'Personal Attack on Owners' and let it go into the world again...!

"The revocation of Slam Dogmart's business license is caused by the owner's personality!?

"It will now be revealed, the old days of the owners of Slumdog Mart......! A former colleague speaks!

"In the shadows they called it a waste dog, the owner of Slumdog Mart, approaching its truth!

Yes, move the target from 'store' to 'people'......

Spread 'Speculation' as a more exciting scandal......!

Day Crowler fanning doesn't know where to stay.

In addition to the spice named 'Speculation', he released it as a third round......

"Slumdog Mart owner, Midnight Bizarre!? unusual obsession with wild dogs!?

In the darkness of the night, it was a true photograph of a man, throwing his gaze tangled from the shadows to wild dogs...!

It is not Goldwolf in the true picture.

It doesn't even look like Goldwolf. It's Osama.

But midnight hidden photography really makes sense, Mysterious......

And then, if you devise a headline, oh wonder.

of Slumdog Mart owners in the vortex, for further gossip......!

The exquisite thing here is that Day Crowler stayed only in the 'gossip' area.

If you want to do a lot of damage to Goldwolf, you can create a niceties and truly celebrate the moment you're committing a crime.

But if you do that, the Gendarmerie Bureau will move for an investigation.

Of course he disguised himself not to find out and was confident that he would sin against Goldwolf, but the risks and returns do not mesh.

Yes, this is what Genocide Lower calls' compliance (compliance) '…!

While it just doesn't work as well as it does, I won't do anything bad......!

Day Crowler used a fuel named 'fabrication'.

But that's not 'petrol'.

Flashy but not dangerous to scorch yourself, only 'seasoning oil' levels.

Not a crime, but with such a good twist and drop that it attracts people's interest...

I burned up this topic even more...!

"The wild dog owner's, who are you tonight......!?

"Slumdog Mart image character, that's the manifestation of the owner's sexuality!?

"I can only love wild dogs anymore, approaching the owner's childhood......!

On the day after day, headlines appeared in the newspaper that also showed hair.

It goes without saying that this abnormal and sensational article grabbed the hearts and minds of people.

Because a successful man is a man who is stoned by a stranger.

In the meantime, if you become a grower in a rural town, you're dressed for an urban human being.

For them, truth or truth doesn't matter.

All you have to do is give your jealous opponent a stone that he can throw with dignity.

Speaking of the original, it should be the revocation of the store's business license….

Soon, Goldwolf himself was to be bathed in countless stone crushes......!

This is, by analogy, a method of sparking the hatred of the audience and bumping the athletes by the hands of the audience before they rise to the ring.

The opponent, Genocide Lower, looks down from the top of the ring and shrugs his shoulders only with "Phew".

He did not fight and succeeded in slapping Osama.

But... he hasn't noticed yet.

Osama's gaze as he solidifies his guard is that he hasn't seen him on the ring.


The wolf's sharp gaze is behind him......

The great shadow behind it was pointing at me...!

... Actually, Osama, this attack was within our expectations.

Of course, I was thinking of measures, but it only took a little time to activate it.

This is why Osama was saying to Primla, "Because it's going to be a long fight".

In the meantime, I was made to do only one irregular thing and a painful expense (), but leave that alone...


Finally, the 'time' came.

"Lord Goldwolf. The Halbury Small States Guard Bureau has picked you up. The Secretary of the Guard is here to see you."

Osama's...... the moment the snake punch bursts......!