Osama was among the white, blurry spaces everywhere.

It was a sightseeing place for the first commoners to come, but Osama remained facing the person in front of him.

The invisible fairies of the escort are more intrigued by the furrows that are only slightly different from the rest of the carpet than by the sumptuous condiments.

'Seems beautifully organized, but only marginally unnatural here'

"Cunt, I smell blood."

'I know you intend to wipe it off completely, but the blood response remains firm'

"Whose blood is it?

"You're close to Mr. Genocide Fang I've looked into before. Mr. Genocide Daddy is the one in that family who goes through with the Minister of the Gendarmerie, so it doesn't seem wrong with his blood '

"Why did Daddy bleed in here?

"The carpet fiber was stained with fluid other than Daddy's blood. From the shape, it looks like he was grounded here. He seemed to feel more hateful than fearful because of the sweat component, so he could have even been badly jerked off by those in front of him '.

Luc's analysis was brilliant, but 'those in front of him' don't know either.

He swoops back on the enamel white sofa and looks great with his legs.

The young man looked around and cut out everything from Osama's well-groomed all-back to his polished shoe toe so that he could make the ordinance.

"Um, what's your name, Osama?

"It's Goldwolf Slumdog."

"Phew, Mr. Goldwolf is the owner of that Slumdog Mart. That much problematic," Slumdog Mart. "

"We have done business in the territory of Lutanvesta and in the territory of Turkurum, in keeping with our decisions. What the hell is the problem?

"More than that. Come on, boxin ', I love chocolate, you know, there's amay-amay chocolate. Chocolate. Come on, you can have it all by yourself - but if you eat it half dusted, it tastes better."

"... if you want a business license, give me 50% of your sales on Halbury territory... is that what you want to say?

Popcorn chaser, minister of the Guard Bureau.

One day he called the owner of 'Slumdog Mart', where the suspension of business continued.

Its purpose was… to cause sales to be made in lieu of the lifting of the suspension of business.

Yes, he was not only selling thanks to Genocide Daddy, but also trying to fatten his own personal belly even more......!

"I didn't say that. Oh, who told you to give me the money? Oh, scary scary scary. I'm just saying," Come on, give me half the chocolate. "

This young man...... he just looks like a bong and he can't get out of it.

I never asked for a bribe from my mouth.

It's just a golden chocolate...

The only answer Osama could give back here seemed to be "YES".

Otherwise, this permit to open in Halbury territory will not go down for the rest of your life.

If you say "NO," that's it. The fight against Genocide Lower is over...

Because before you go up to the ring, you will be undefeated......!

Does the popcorn chaser know about that, too, nimmating at the tip of his bounced hair?

But what popped out of Osama's mouth was something he hadn't expected at all.

"... in Hanbunko, okay?


"Absolutely, I'll give it to you"


Osama's offer is just 100%......!?

The youth is plunged into the void and taken away by the darkness.

"Yes, okay? Seriously...?

"Yes, because I meant it from the beginning"

After making sure the young man's eyes met expectations, Osama took something out of his jacket's inner pocket.

"Go ahead, give it to me"

tons, and what was placed on the table, which......

Thick bundle wrapped in purple silk cloth......!

"No... that's a lot quicker! Because Boxtin is younger, there's a lot of Osama to underestimate at first. Come on. I've never seen Osama so soft in my head!

I didn't know there was a sudden appearance of a freshman (Gennama)......!

Youth expectations rise to even happier surprises.

"Haha! Fine, fine! Mr. Goldwolf, this is amazing! Let's keep getting along, hahaha!

Try to unwrap it and it will flood with golden light.

I feel a joy that can no longer be considered the pinnacle, I appeared before him......

"Hahaha......! is... is...? What, here."

That's a wild dog's stubborn face.

It was a wild dog-stamped board chocolate wrapped in silver paper.

"This is something I am currently selling on a trial basis in my store. The gold paper one is milk chocolate, which is a little expensive at 150 yen (ender) a piece, but please use it as a sign of your closeness. By the way, I give one free slice a day to Slam Dog School students as a guy. I say sweets are good for the brain."

For the record, Slumdog Mart is an elementary school student, and the monthly rate is 3000 yuan (ender), so if you take a 20-day class, you can get the original just for chocolate.

"Ha... ha..."

A popcorn chaser completely detoxified and stunned.

It was visible that he would be furious after this, but earlier than that, Osama would take control of the lead with even more poignant remarks.

"This is my answer. If you still want sales, I suggest you take it from the right place."

"Naturally, where...?

"That's right. I don't think you know Mr. Popcorn Chaser because he's young, but there's a lion in this hallberry who's got a capable nail, but he's hiding it."

"I'm hiding a possible nail, lion...?

Forget to be angry, too, and the young powerful listen to further words.

Already, he was taken in by Osama's art of speaking.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next day, "Gorgeous Smart Hallbury HQ" was surrounded by the hustle and noise since that incident.

The press is surrounding a crate piled up on the street in front of headquarters.

Genocide Daddy, who was looking down bitterly in the director's office at that.

The door behind me opened in momentum.

"What's that all about, dude?"

To the words of his son, who is obviously blaming him, his father looks back in the shape of a ghost.

"I'm listening to that, Gorgaah!! The popcorn chaser bastard suddenly sent me!!

"Huh, that pile of inventory, was it the Minister's order? I hear the minister hated the fact that his payment was down."

"That's right! I don't know how that Bonkla got wise, but he started something like a premium...! The message said, 'Legendary salesman' would sell them all...! That kid, I can't believe I'm the 'Legendary Salesman' I never knew before. Fuck you......! Who the hell blew it in?

"More than that, Oyaji, what are you going to do with that inventory? The contents are mostly Battleax, and there are 5,000 of them. Fifty bottles of Battleax in this Halbury territory... no, you should sell five."

... 5,000 Battleaxes delivered to Gorgeous Smart's Hurlbury headquarters.

It will be wholesaled to restaurants, etc., same as a squeeze......!

The person I've been selling is the Minister (Yakuza), so I can't even refuse...!

And don't you remember this item and the number of purchases?

Once in Torqualm territory, "Gorgeous Smart End Branch".

The first item purchased there was Battleax, 500 bottles......

You know what I mean.


Osama was hitting on the minister and re-ordering a mistake...!

Instead of doubling it back too, give it back ten times...!

Besides, this is just about a greeting.

Because the false order Osama once received, taking into account the fact that it is a secluded land, does not even yield an interest for about a tenfold return.

Yes... yes...!

Now... now exactly...!

The howl of a werewolf's counterattack was about to echo into the kingdom...!