"Legendary salesman"......

It is the two names that Genocide Daddy once created by his own hands to brand his handles.

Technically, I even took that handle from people......

As a prospect, it was a great success, and his fame swelled to the snowman ceremony.

Now the existence of a 'legendary salesman' is worshipped and served like a god among those who do business.

God at the head of the gorgeous smart in the Hurlberry Small States later became the position of a leader who would leave the scene to train backwards.

God is at Gorgeous Smart Hallbury Headquarters.

It was exactly a building made like a temple, but one day before that, suddenly, suppose a pile of inventory was piled up......

There's no way the press that was sticking around in my second son's case won't eat up on this new feed.

And even if you tied it to a certain keyword and treated it as a side of a newspaper, there would be no surprise whatsoever.

"Massive orders piled up in front of Gorgeous Smart HQ! That" Legendary Salesman "is coming down front!?

"The" Legendary Salesman "finally stands up at the slam dog mart chasing hard!

"Dear Genocide Daddy, drink to the impudent clerks! Look at this" legendary sale "of mine!

Treat it as if a famous athlete from previous years had cummed back.

Daddy still had suspicions of scandal attached to him, but when he returned to active duty, it was a welcome argument everywhere.

The outer moat is no longer completely consolidated, in a situation where you cannot escape.

Still, Daddy was clearly caged in the temple, barking at his son.

"Whoa! Genocide Lower! Send Battle Axes of Inventory to all stores in the Territory now!

"Are you insane, dude...? Instead of Battleax, no one buys a two-handed weapon in Halbury territory, right?

"Ugh! Just do as you're told! And tell the storekeepers they're dying to sell it! If it's sold out, I'll slash your wife and kids in the neck with that Battleax!

"Phew, I'm sorry, but I refuse. I don't intimidate, I don't push bad stock. Neither is smart."

"Temeye......! You're going against me, you jerk!?

"It's because my brothers failed and my payment was reduced. Besides, Oyaji, who couldn't stop the minister from rambling, would also be responsible. Isn't it muscular that the old man should take on this inventory?"

"Gu......! Who do you think made you the head of the department? You can demote him now, gorghhhhhh!!

"Phew, that's it as soon as I know I can't make you listen. But if you can do it, do it. Regardless of my brothers, I have due diligence as head of the department. If you fire me now, the gorgeous smarts in this country will be over."

"You kid............!!

"Relax, Oyaji, this won't be the time for a parent-child fight. I can't sell 5,000 Battleaxes. But if he was a" legendary salesman, "isn't that possible? I'm sure the clerks will go on later if Oyaji comes out and sells Battleax."

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Send Battleax to each store now, as I was told!! Temei or I have to do it, I'll do it instead!! Get out of the way there, golhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Genocide Daddy poking his son and leaving the department manager's office.

Finally, a storm of Daddy's management skills blows away in the gorgeous smart of Halbury territory...!

Battle Axes sent to each store are allocated 50 bottles per store.

Since the whole store is uniform, it is obvious that it is a push, not a mis-order, etc.

Having to sell things without a buyer leads to a lot of stress.

It was the moment when the frustrations of the store managers began to build up like snow at night.

Still, they may be giving themselves a test, which is what the 'legendary salesman' does...

interpreted favorably and worked hard to sell them off.

but that's the bad hand.

Everything, everything...!

Genocide Daddy said, "Hey, you can do it if you want!" and at the same time doya face his eldest son......

"Wow, I sold them all! He was really a legendary salesman!" And the popcorn chaser is thrilled too......

A new "product" will be sent from Osama according to the purchase order list he received with the chocolate.

So much so that it fills the street in front of headquarters and renders it impassable, what...!

"Plate Mail (Heaviest Full) 100K Set"......!!

Genocide father and son also freaked out about this.

Not once after his mother's death did he abhor his voice, enough to reach the brink of it.

"Phew... Oyaji no...... What are you gonna do, what are you gonna do... There's not a single person in this realm who wears a full set of plate mails... Now it's time for me to even sell the legend..."

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! If it's just a few, it's only twenty times the Battleax! If you're willing to die and sell, you can still do it!! So Temei, beat the butts of the clerks, beat them, beat them, beat them, beat them to death!!!!

What the jerk shakes is his anger and fist forever......!

And only gut theory......!


What he has been doing in the life of a salesman was only intimidation and violence against his employees, the clerks, and misordering.

None of the business know-how that can be legendary or innovative ideas like hitting the knee......!

Stuck in him were 'ramblings', 'fabrications' and 'falsehoods'.

Only to take the success of others, kick them down, and appeal to them that it's their way of doing it.

There was no such thing as "wisdom"...!

It was impossible for the clerks who sold out the first Battle Axe and the next 1,000 sets of platemails that were sent.

Finally, those who rely on kinsman relatives and cut their bellies begin to appear.

Oh, that's the worst hand.

Bad hands in the wrong hands.

He says he's a bad guy/of bad...

The devil's hand and the guttural handshake......!

When that happens, you can't run anymore......!

The demon named Popcorn Chaser gets even better and sends more and more trash.

Possible defective stock or critical medicinal herbs with expiration dates.

And even a frightening number of bamboo light swords and potions of glass containers that are as fragile as raw eggs...!

Anyway, the more you send, the more Gorgeous Smart sales will recover.

To him who doesn't know the inside of hell, it was like a money game he knew he was going to win.

The storekeepers' minds cooled rapidly as if they were inversely proportional to the sales of that hot ass.

Finally, they were also told rumors that the push from Headquarters here these days was not a trial or anything, but a minister's impotence.


Why is the 'Legendary Salesman', Master Genocide Daddy not moving......

If Master Genocide Daddy was once supposed to have received the same treatment from his boss......

This bitterness, as you should know...


Why don't you help us in 'Legendary Sales'...

Well... you've already noticed.

That (●) Osama's, to aim...

During the Wang du Halbury offense, Osama was not the Genocide Lower on the ring, but the first to target its second, Genocide Daddy.

Because Osama was feeling it.

"Unlike the second and third sons, the eldest will be able to use his father well," he said.

Unlike the knuckles and fangs Daddy tells him to stay, Lower was using Daddy to have his slum dog mart business license revoked just before.

This means someone who knows how to use a pawn in hand to maximize the results.

All of Lower's great pawns have the characteristic that the pawns themselves are truly foolish, instead of having immense power.

Father only, minister only......

That's why it's so easy to manipulate and it works so well when you manipulate it again.

Osama used those two forces in reverse to peel the pawn first.

to ministers summoned in separate cases,

"With the power of the 'Legendary Sales Associate', Gorgeous Smart sales will recover and the payment will go back to normal...... no more. Only Mr. Popcorn Chaser can motivate him."

And so it was.

Thus, a defective product that can be sent to 'Gorgeous Smart'.

It was clear that Daddy would push it against the clerks under his command.

In that case, inevitably......

Plating as a "Legendary Salesperson" begins to peel......!

As a big pawn, he becomes useless......!

Lower hasn't noticed yet.

Opponent Osama is still under the ring and thinks the audience is slapping him.

But behind it, I don't even know my second is getting bogged down......!

... For the record, Osama was made to 'spend painfully' in this operation.

That's something...

"How could Gol's shop not work!? Mom, Mr. Lead Minister...... No, I'll be meshing to the King! Meh! Meh! What!"

The Great Virgin of Example, whose cheeks swelled like a fugue......

She was using further power to withdraw the suspension.

No matter how much you make a name for yourself in two territories, such as the Great Virgin of the Famous House moves for the owner of a personal store.

Besides, it's impossible if it's not even a big enough incident in history, such as a direct lawsuit against the King… of the "Death Penalty for Beloved Braves" class.

But there is no way that the reason (proverb) of the world can work for her, who is out of standard in body and mind.

Gol, too, managed to stop his younger mom verbally...

That was so reckless that it was tantamount to stopping the Rampage Express with one body.

But if we let her go wild here, we'll use any hand to get a business license.

If that happens, there will be no more calls from popcorn chasers.

Osama is compelled to present herself (Gennama) to keep the Grand Virgin in mind…….

I had to give them all kinds of tickets.