Osama used to gorgeously retake exactly ten times the number of misorders he was pressed into in the "End of Branch".

There were three other intentions, even more important than this, which meant 'ten times the return of interest'.

I. Towards The One, A Message

II. Direct 'Some' to 'Some Thoughts'

III. Concealment to prevent the guidance of the second, 'an idea', from being enlightened by the 'some'

Osama was using the wisdom of the 'One' to send a 'certain message' in a way that only he would notice.

He probably noticed that, one day, he said this to his father.

"... Oyaji, when this happens, we have no choice but to resume operations in Lutanvesta and Torqurum. There are no more stores that were rentals, but there are still stores that were our land, right?

"What!? I do still have the land, but the building is worn out by the fire and riot noise and it's not a use thing!?

"We're just going to reopen business on the land that's left. Let's fix the store."

"But what about bad reviews!? They still resent their sons in that territory!

"As long as the payment to the minister is not back to normal, the push of goods from the minister will continue. And the only way to get the money back on track is to resume business in other territories. The payment was originally from three territories."

Here 'some' separated words with 'phew' and exhalation.

It is his scumbag to take a beat with a sigh.

"Besides, it is no longer the limit of the goods now being pushed by the minister in this Halbury territory…. No, it's over the limit, by the way. There must still be demand in other territories."

Smart as a leopard, he makes his place right here.

Speaking obliquely to everyone, he stares up at his big father in an uncommonly positive and opposite position.

It was quite a forethought of how serious he was going to say it.

"I need you to reopen your business in Rutan Vesta and Torqualm. And those two territories will be commanded by the Yazis."

"What!? Me...!?

"There will be no hippos or anything else that employs a new aspect manager. And now that we've both lost our brothers... we just have to work together to get through this phase with the rest of the 'family'.... Please, Oyaji"

His theory is so utterly authentic that there are no nasty or murky sounds.

And it was always unimaginably hot and passionate from him like ice.

There's no way you can't even break that jerk for this.

... Genocide Lower was aware of a 'certain message' from someone.

The more true and false it was still unknown to him, but at the same time it would arrive at a 'certain conclusion'.

'The only way to stop the tyranny of Oyaji is to kick him out of this Halbury territory'...!

Genocide Daddy ruled Lower's storekeepers and ordered inventories from ministers in my horror politics.

But whatever there is demand, there is also a limit to selling anything that is not at all.

The clerks wear out to do the given norm.

I finally relied on my kinsman relatives and even cut my own stomach off.

As it is, everyone will be crushed by a jerk......!

That's what I thought. He hit a play.

If Oyaji gets to the Rutan Vesta and Torqualm, Halbury's command can go back to him and save the clerks.

The goods sent by the minister can also be pressed straight against the oysters for the reason that "there is more demand than Halbury".

And... you can also be sure of the authenticity of 'A Message' sent by someone at the same time...!

It was a perfect plan.

Goldwolf's invisible hand, "The Halberry Fall of Civil Conflict," he used his real father to evade Hilary and gloriously.

Gorgeous Smart's superiority in Halbury will not shake unless he falls with Oyaji.

The minister is no longer allowed to operate the slum dog mart, so if he continues to wield bad reviews like this, the wild dogs will have to disperse to the countryside.

And if only Halbury territory could be protected from the hands of wild dogs......

The brave upper management will appreciate him, the head of the department...!

Exactly, he...

They were all the killers, the prettiest...!

He was a beautiful man......!

... was...!

... There it is...!




... If you're a good person, it's time you noticed.

Rather, that's what Osama is after...!

Osama burned the minister and entrusted the minister with a list of orders he had once misplaced, which he had multiplied tenfold.

This list is a 'certain message', and the only thing I realize about it is that 'some' … Genocide Lower is also calculated.

I. Towards The One, A Message

'Some' noticed the message… Genocide Lower would naturally try to ascertain its authenticity.

And at the same time, to 'an idea'.

"The only way to stop the runoff of the wolf is to kick him out of this Halberry territory"

That even seemed like a name I had thought of myself, but he hadn't noticed.

Getting to that thought is Osama's true aim......!

II. Direct 'Some' to 'Some Thoughts'

... people try to find out what causes it when they notice a certain discomfort.

And when I find out what caused it, the more certain it is, the more I stop thinking about whether there is any other cause for its discomfort.

Because we already know the cause, we change our consciousness from thinking about the cause mode to crushing the cause mode.

III. Concealment to prevent the guidance of the second, 'an idea', from being enlightened by the 'some'

If he had stopped once and wondered if there were any other causes of discomfort, he might have noticed.

Someone is in their hands, don't just rattle the big pawn named 'Legendary Salesman'...

To take it out to the bomb and try to tear it apart.


The fallen soldiers of the Genocide Family, all of them, were hunted down by the landmine fields at some point...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Oyaji, who was put in his son's mouth truck, strained as if he had regained his youth.

He gathered manpower at the brand of 'Legendary Salesman', still alive in Hurlbury, and rebuilt the Lutanvesta and Torqurum stores.

It will be an unprecedented project in the same store in the small Halbury country.

I've been forced to spend quite a bit, but as soon as I'm on track, I can get it back... all the people involved, that's what I thought.

Preparation is advanced by a steep pitch through the night, and in just a few weeks, we rush to the birth of the nascent 'Gorgeous Smart'.

And the opening ceremony took place on such a massive scale that it made rival stores laugh.

At any rate, nearly 150 stores will reopen.

The topic of "The Legendary Sales Associate" delivering a full restart was combined with this, which was also addressed by the media.

And... in front of a brand new gorgeous smart, in the city of Halbury...

The moment Daddy, full of joy, made the tape cut......

Mine just burst...!!