Genocide Fang, the male of rumbling by making it the next stroke of the Genocide family.

Once he tried to frame Osama.

The flow required as much as $5 billion (ender).

As you already know, that was just Osama framing me...

Nonetheless, he owes more from the bank after he hands on the 'forbidden gold' in order to collect the gold.

As collateral for that, he had mortgaged the land of Lutanvesta and Turkulm, owned by the Genocide family.

To my parents and brothers, don't tell me...!

He was then charged and placed in detention.

The debt remains unpayable for less than $1 (ender), and the land goes to auction.

Of course he had been informed of the fact by the bank, but kept it a secret from his parents and brothers.

Yes, this is... this is the culprit.

This time it brought the worst fire to the Genocide family, it's a spark......!

'Gorgeous Smart' was originally built on the land, but the scandal continued, turning it into an abandoned house.

The incident was also new to popular memory and the image was too bad, so the buyer didn't come along......

That Osama bought it.

The price was instant money (cash), which was paid by chopping up part of the $5 billion (ender) received from the second son as the price for the famous painting.

I could have bought it cheaper, but if my second son's debt could not be covered by this mortgage sale, the bank take-up would go to the Genocide family.

Then the fact of debt is discovered, and the family finds out what later planted it.

With that in mind, Osama bought his second son's debt just in the amount he could pay off.

But still a good price for the carpet.

Osama succeeded in obtaining 150 highly invested properties.

In the end......

Genocide Fang just turned that (●) Osama against the enemy......

It wasn't just the money, it was even the land that had been uprooted...!

Horrible, Osama......!

Horrible, wolf......!

But... but it is!

This was not the end of the wolf's pursuit......!

Osama further uses an operation.

Through the minister, he forced the Genocide family to push the defective stock and inspired the 'wise men' in them.

To the unique thought of a good merchant: 'These inventories are not in demand in Halbury, but will be expected in other territories'......!

"And if you resume your business in Rutan Vesta or Torqualm, you can make a mess of your dick", to a worthwhile thought...!


I led the sage Genocide Lower...!

And so the slaughterhouses began to repair the buildings that were in the land of others with pleasure.

The people who saw the sight, who didn't know the circumstances, would have thought.

"Are you going to resume 'Gorgeous Smart' before the roots of your tongue are dry, to the scum that withdrew after doing so?"

And knowing the circumstances, Slumdog Mart and bank officials will have wondered.

"What are they doing in a land that has lost ownership?".

First of all, they assume that the fact that the second son is in debt will naturally make Oyaji aware.

Because the second son even had billions of dollars in debt......

Because if you're a regular family member, it's "talking to you beforehand."

Yet Oyaji is trying to rebuild the store on land where ownership has moved to a rival store.

Everyone was twisting their necks, but with one word from someone, they fell to Ston's heart.

"I guess Mr. Genocide Daddy is trying to atone for your sons' sins. Business scandals are returned in commerce…. Things to do are out of standard, but that's just great. That spirit, we must also apprentice."

... This is a tragedy that just lacked 'communicating information' between families and was born...

No, Osama, who knew all about the characteristics of the killer family, set up a comedy...

Yes, it is...!

If only my second son had talked to his family about collecting as much as $5 billion (ender)...

On the advice of my oldest son, maybe I noticed Osama's trap......!

If my second son doesn't shut up and make a debt, and don't keep it to himself and put the family's land in collateral......

At the very least, if you're telling your family without at least keeping it to yourself just the fact that you've been mass-flow......

He said he paid more money to strengthen the enemy's fort without...!

Then why was the second son silent?

The reason for this is simple and lucid.

Because I wanted to be the only one who framed a wild dog......!

But why were you keeping your mouth shut even after you failed?

The reason for this is also extremely clear.

Daddy pisses me off because I didn't like it......!!

… this is equal to the act of 'informing only the enemy of the location of the mines that have been laid', to paraphrase.

The enemy will, naturally, lead those who know nothing underneath it.

I assumed it was a safe zone, the manicured ones......

Step on the mines on your side and get blown to pieces......!

That's too ironic......

and was too, in contrast

Osama, general general-in-chief of the "Wild Dog Army," spends almost zero.

Chocolate-loving enemy reinforcements, a few chocolates.

All I had to do was give the Wild Dog Army service nurse a few service tickets.

All the rest, the assets and weapons of the enemy, the 'Beast King's Army'......!

That's it, blow them to pieces of wood......!

Even the newly occupied New Heaven and Earth had brought the Beast Kings to work and the craftsmen were reborn into surprising dramatic aftermath...!

Horrible, Osama......!

Horrible, Golden Wolf……!

And the fool is the 'Beast King's Army' General.

Oyaji had not yet realized that he had been framed.

"fg hey sdlfk then sd hey it looks rt then sdf po; @ puy and rtfy gu ju gf it kills hey j-2t - dont die hey vblk; Riggu wow f gu ds fu j- - - - - - - - - - - -!!!"

Out of all the crowds gathered at the opening ceremony, they just rumble around like crazy with their odd voices.

Built as a memorial, he repeatedly smashed his head into the statue of the 'Legendary Salesman'.

He takes the sign that was about to be replaced and starts to buzz around like Marutai.


The customers, who were shopping for the sale, flee with screams.

Even the Kramers, who were visiting to obstruct it, freaked out in its stormy rampage.

This is surrounded by special danes, and reporters trying to take true photographs are blown away one after the other.

The guards who had been ordered to miss out on what they were going to do are just going to stop.

But they were also swept away, and the place panicked even further.

"mlk · 4350p9 - wtjgy fugi ru pi potsukura ru l k then dsf ju su fu ayaba store let's f su ru punch something kick ds fu ai jf giuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!"

I was wondering if anyone could stop a jerk who was no longer turned into a mad warrior.

But he was evacuating clerks and visitors, a grey robe man... as someone in a deep hood walked past him like a ghost...

All of a sudden, Oyaji loses his balance and turns to the store's show window to step on.


...... Gah, shahhhhhhhhhhh!!

He entered the store dynamically while detonating a piece of glass.

... no one would have imagined.

The newly opened 'Slumdog Mart'......

I didn't know that first customer was going to be a rival store greatness......

Himself, I wouldn't have imagined.

I didn't know I was going to be framed by the guards I had called to seize the mob...

And I didn't know you could turn your body into a reverse halibut, just like my son who once rammed on "Slumdog Mart"......

… sarcasm is the irony of making.