This time it will be a long fight, Osama said.

And that goes on even further...

On the way to Osama, there was only one irregular thing and a painful expense.

"Hand Painful Expenses" is already more obvious, so let's talk about 'Irregular' events this time.

The beginning of the matter began with the wheel placed on top of the desk that Osama always used at work.

It was one at first, but that goes on and on... enough to fill the desk.

I can't work with this, so Osama is cleaning it up for granted... but after a while, I'll be back in position again.

The wheels were made of black leather, or decorated with white lace braids, or carved with the knight's crest in goldsmiths, and so forth.

But none of them are chokers for humans, not collars for dogs...

Primla, Osama's secretary,

"Oh, then you can't work, can you? Let me clean you up, okay...... ok...... ok one?

With unnatural tension and narrative tails, he tries to leave only a white lace braided collar at his desk.

But seriously, she doesn't think it's a good idea to just run out on one of her own, or the other collars were rearranged properly.

And eyes full of anticipation and shame, a little upward.

Katyusha with dog-like triangular ears, no matter how you look at it, is at the apex of more long-haired without a crust.

As you put your gaze down on your flowing hair, from the side of your hips, the sippo of your blockage is hidden.

These two accessories are The One Chicken Goods, planned by the Grand Virgin of the Example.

He said it energizes the wearer's magic and moves in line with the wearer's emotions.

It's a magic item at last, but it's also rare to have such impractical magic items.

It is only a waste of magnificent magic, but now Primla's Shippo is wasting even more magic.

Like the dog sole I wanted you to play with, he was shaking with a patsy.

"Kew... Kew..."

After imitating the sounds of loneliness, he is turning his face bright red like he was on fire.

It was a cute one play... but for Osama, it's only bizarre anymore.

"Um... Mr. Primla, don't swallow too much of what the paper says. I'll see how the store goes."

That's all I'm saying, Osama leaving the room.

Then in the hallway, there were three jeans.

He leans against each other in a box that says' Hit me '.

"Aside from Atashi, I don't expect you to pick it up. One. Well, if you don't mind, I can give you a hug."

Twin-tailed dog pointing that way with Puy.

Back to back with cold, twinkly words, Shippo is bummed and rampaged.

"One, one, one, one."

Keep barking in the face, sleepy-eyed (naked) dog.

Yurayura and the demonic rocking Shippo, and the tail of the story, are pretty weird things, as if they were hypnotized.

"Wow, wow... oh, the hungry one... I'm glad you picked it up, the one. Ki-yu, Ki-yu, Ki-yu."

Eyeglasses dog with both ears and sippo.

The moment you make a lousy squeal, at the same time your stomach squeaks with queen.

The belly worm was more of a famous act.

"Dr. Glasparine, if you're hungry, Mother's lunch is in the office, so go ahead."

When Osama gives his advice clerically, he leaves behind the sleaze and the hallway.

Then the box grew a nuzzled leg, and it was there that followed.

When Osama shows his face to the store,

"Wow, wow!

Like a dog waiting for his owner to return, there's a shadow flying in without thinking about it later.

Osama is familiar with who he is, so he also knows that if he does the right person, he won't have the body.

If I didn't take it, it would clash to the ground in bold letters as it were, so I cleverly embraced her with only the chest that was supposed to touch first.

"Woe to me!

Like a coordinated attack, a baby dog crawls out of her back and sticks a pitch in her face.

The Grand Virgin, the influencer in this case, and her sister.

They both have their ears peened and swinging to the point where they seem to rip their tails off.

Motherdog pressed his head around Osama, not even his eyes.

"Your husband happens to be the one who sold again! Praise me, praise me, one!

I'm going to stroke her, and she's going to nudge her face out.

With the look of coming batch, whether it's your head, chin, or a stroke of washa washa.

But you can't stroke the Grand Virgin no matter how much you're kidding.

"Really, that's amazing. But don't push it too hard."

Osama cleaned up verbally.

In the fight against the Genocide family, Osama is at the forefront.

He doesn't seem to know or anything anymore, but all this was incomprehensible.

Why are the women peddling newspaper gossip articles?

Why did you suddenly start the whole dog thing or something?

No, those aren't good yet.

They used to dress up as deer on Holy Day, so it's still convincing to think they wanted a cosplay kick-ass.

But... but why...

So why is sales skyrocketing......!?

First, reincarnation began to wane.

Next, propagated to her sisters and elementary school trio.

Angels and demons flying around like flying mosquitoes are also sometime one-of-a-kind specifications.

At last, around a circle of flowers, so that the flower gardens can spread......

The female clerks also began to imitate, and at last even the male clerks......!

"Slumdog Mart" literally became a wild dog store......!

If you are adhering to the store clerk's clothing policy in the store's manual, you are also acquiescing as Goldwolf if it is some accessory.

But if this dog's earring and sippo is repugnant by the customer, even if it comes from the spirit of service, we have to make it stop as the owner's position.

But popular............!

Plus, it's big enough...!

Even he with a thousand foresight, all this was unpredictable.

Furthermore, this is not the end of his surprise.

This one kicks ass, and tickets to the 'Gollchan' series are going into the new season......

And to the same store later, there will be a lot of impact...

Osama, surrounded by abandoned dogs, hadn't noticed yet......!