It was in a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, as opposed to the city of Yardhock.

"Gorgeous Smart Yard Hock End Branch" … that is the only name of the store left in this Turklum territory.

At the top of a chopped rocky mountain, a dilapidated shack that snaps like a tanishi.

Without the standing sign of a roommate, it would be more of an abandoned house than a store. That was the new fort of the Oyaj.

He climbed to the summit trying to reach the wand, complaining, blown by a high wind with nothing to block him.

While doing so, the roof slab peels off and falls under the cliff like a petal.

He returns to me the sound of a freshly slated galangaran.

"... how did you end up like this..."

And without wiping the sweat off my forehead, I get all over my heart.

- I was framed by the dirty trap of the wild dogs at the rival store, and I got stuck and rammed.

But that's my "Secret of Ramblings," which I could turn into a handful...

I can't believe the rotten newspapers wrote it up to their liking and drove me to such a remote place...

Besides, even that Dorothy minister came together and freshly made a scene...

What do you mean, "Genocide Daddy sells legends in the back of the mountain, and I want to see boxin 'too. I saw' em!"...!

I'm not going to stab you all over the body with a bull horn stuck in your ass, Gorgaah!!

Oh, Chickshaw!

Genocide fang debt and the noise of the newspapers and the fucking minister's prank......

If those three hadn't overlapped, it wouldn't have been such a cot......!!

... Daddy was alone, cursing the wickedness of his own roundabout of luck.

But this is not "fate" where "coincidence" was born overlapping.

A chain of 'inevitable', set up by one Osama......

It was' fate ', led by an invisible rail...!

The first to be manipulated by an invisible thread was Genocide Lower, the eldest son of the Genocide family.

He was quickly hitting his next hand as soon as he was informed that the property of Lutanvesta and Torqurum had become Slumdog Mart's in his second son's debt.

The only thing left was to lay eyes on the mountain with the "End of the Branch" where the ownership remained, and plot to be able to push the jellyfish in there.

The media reported that the mountain did not serve as collateral for debt, but this was simply not bought by Goldwolf.

If it belongs to the brave, Osama takes root in everything.

There is no way he would leave such an important item in the business of 'land' without meaning.

Yes, this was also to guide my oldest son's thinking.

If what was left was ordinary land all over the city, etc., the eldest son would have also been suspicious.

But the mountain with the 'Endless Branch' is where Daddy originally bought it only to island Goldwolf.

It wasn't unnatural that Slumdog Mart didn't buy it, even though it was in a remote area where only squirrels and rabbits would come when they left the store.

Either way, Genocide Lower starts to move exactly as Osama intended.

Instructing Day Crowler, Daddy's sincerity made him write the article as if it were in "The End of the Branch Reaction".

"Legendary salesman" finally takes it seriously to rebuild the unwell 'gorgeous smart'.

In the most endless land where he was inspired to be born, 'Legendary Sales' erupts fire again...!

Is there anything so dramatic?

This topic was initially the only newspaper in the Day Crowler, but other newspapers soon took a ride on this fascinating muscle piece.

That would, naturally, boost public opinion......

Even as a genocide lore, it makes it easier to persuade the father......!

"Oyaji, we've been stripped of our land, but only where the branch was at the end of the day remains. You should think of this as an opportunity on the contrary. Oyaji gets in there alone and does his legendary reproduction. As such, every newspaper will be featured on one side at the top. In that way, the reputation of 'gorgeous smart' in this country can be increased and reversed to 'slum dog mart'...... That's all we're talking about, that's all we're paying attention to."

But still, Oyaji refused to go to the branch at the end.


What a fool to do business in the back of a mountain like that, because I knew it was tantamount to selling sand in the desert.

It was the popcorn chaser who stabbed the todome in its wasting.

"Mr. Genocide Daddy was really a legendary salesman! Even if my nasty boss pushed me into bad stock, I was totally selling it!? Besides, I heard you were the top seller, even if you were run over by a store in the back of the mountain where no one was!? How the hell did you do that!?

Where did he hear it from, he even brought up the birth secret of The Legendary Salesman...

"When Mr. Genocide Daddy makes a legendary sale in the back of the mountain, I want to see boxin too. I saw it! It's okay, the purchase is just the way it's always been, because Boxtin will do it! I think it's a lot better than my old nasty boss! I think you have the gift of a boxin 'brave man!

I pushed Daddy down to the bottom of Naruto, who was stuck in the abyss...!

"... how did you end up like this..."

Oyaji also snapped one.

But to tell the truth, he is not alone.

From the meadows, the exuberant bushes, a little down from the top where he is, there are a number of unnaturally swaying branches popping out.

It was reporters turned into grass.

They camouflage and take hidden photos to convey the legendary salesman's end-of-the-branch activities in a more realistic way.

That's right.

Oyaji had already been turned down to exit.

"Ahhh, I'm suddenly out of shape -! You're blind, and you can't hear anything -! You mean you can't beat your age anymore -! I was so motivated! Oh, too bad, too bad! Come on!

Earlier in the day, he masqueraded as mindless, using pseudosis, and plotted to return to the mansion, which was situated on Halbury territory.

I've been trying to pull it off for a while until almost as it is...

"Oyaji, you don't have to worry about your body. I've arranged for some of the finest healers for this one, so you can be as violent as you wanted when you were younger."

Even that last resistance was sealed up by the eldest son ahead of time.

In addition to the reporters, the medical corps was accompanying them as rescuers, so that they could avoid the worst.

This is precisely because of the exhaustion.

Challenges include the ideal best condition......!

Of course if he was a 'legendary salesman' they wouldn't need them.

Such a thing must fulfill the legendary comeback without giving me sides.

...... "The End of Oyaji Branch Life," Start Whoa......!!