Day 1 of Oyaji's End of Branch Life, Can Fulfilling Oyaji Reproduce a Legend Once Upon A Time!?

This time, during the legendary challenge of Oyaji, the situation at the time is reproduced with reference to Oyaji's book.

Right now, Oyaji is across the street from each other is a borough hut that manages to be built at the top of the mountain.

This cabin, made of simple boards, was said to be the only piece of equipment given to him.

The position he was in at the time and the kind of situation that would convey his boss's livestock.

It shouldn't be strange for a regular person to run away at all, but our Oyaji was positive!

When I take the hammer out of my rucksack, my God!

"Wow, I'll bust him first! You shouldn't come to such a shabby store! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Like a primitive man attacking civilization, he went into a borough hut!

"He's always kidding me! Die, die, die, die! Gorga, gorga, gorga!!

Wall plates, floors, and ceilings shattering like wafers!

This is also supposed to be a valuable material, but it's the jerk who doesn't get it from his boss!

But here, my God!

"Gol...... golhhhhhh!?!?

I stepped off too much excitement and fell off the shoreline. Ah!

Rolling, rolling jerk!

Falling off the top of a rocky mountain, clashing like a ball of pinball on a protruding rock!

"Damn!? Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!?!?

Early in the opening, the screams of the wolf stick to the legendary land!

When the medical team rushes, there's a dusty and blood-soaked figure of a wolf......!

As a rule of this legend, you can only receive treatment from the medical team if the oyster is seriously injured.

Oyaji received healing magic and rose again like an immortal bird ah......!

"To this extent...... fuck you. Hey, gorghhhhhh!!

And even trying to bravely grab the hammer again......

Here, the mistake of hatred is discovered!

"What!? You don't have a hammer!? He's gone somewhere!

True photography captured the moment!

To the clap of the jerk falling off, flying far away, the appearance of a golden hammer...!

"CHICKLES! Well, the backpack should still have had the tools!

This speed of switching may be why he became known as the legendary salesman.

The next time Oyaji takes Nata out of his backpack,

"Yeah, let's get the wood ready first! To make a great store! There's just a forest!

Now he went into the woods nearby.

And after a short wandering walk,

"Oh, I like him! From this fine tree, you're sure to pick amazing wood!

Oyaji has eyes on the tree, a thousand years old!

This tree, in fact, is a legendary tree considered a nussie in this mountain.

There was once a great fire coming from near the top of this mountain, but it has an anecdote that this great tree prevented it from burning to the foot.

Oyaji has had the experience of escaping from this mountain fire with his life, and he should be saved by this tree...

Oh, my God!

I was relentlessly poking you in a tree that could be considered the benefactor of your life!

"Damn it! He's always kidding! Die, die, die, die! Gorga, gorga, gorga!!

When you're the god of the wolf, you scrape away the bark relentlessly!

But in half an hour...

"Ha, ha, ha...! Ko, you bastard......! Oh, my God, you're not falling!

Oyaji was completely snagged and rested on the roots.

This nussi is so big that the oysters spread their arms and the ten won't arrive unless they get together.

Little Nata can only shave off a little bit of the surface.

The first battle between legend and legend is arming Nussi!

And here, a certain anomaly occurs!

"... hmm? What, rain? But well, if you're under this tree, what the... heh heh heh!?!?

Heavy rain like a waterfall strikes a jerk!

It rained as if it had touched Nushi's wrath, and Oyaji ran out of the way!

"CHICKLES! What the hell is this, suddenly you come down for a fool!?

Leaving the woods, Oyaji returns to the place where the backpack was kept.

But there's more damage...!

"Ahhh!? Chickshaw! Your backpack's left open, and you're flooded inside! Who is it, the guy who left it open?!? Come out, I'll buzz you, gorgaaa!!

It's, Oyaji himself!

Oyaji yells around and then grabs his backpack and rushes into the rocky mountains!

"Ha, ha, ha... and this guy all the time, you idiot! Ugh... it's cold...! Cold, cold, cold...! Oh, yeah, there must have been a match in the luggage. If you start a fire in Germany..."

Oyaji flips his backpack and takes the match out of the tools that spilled out with the water.

But no!

"Ahhh!? It's useless, isn't it? Goraaaaaaaa!!!

At last, he burst out like a vampire!

Pull off the backpack and buzz around the contents!

A bottle hits the stone wall and cracks, bathing the contents all over your body!

What a stimulus smelling sole, oil......!

I don't know if it's a coincidence or if I'm after him, but the jerk is even more violent!

I let my anger shake up the firestone I grabbed!

"Golllllllllllllllllllllllll!! He's always kidding! Die, die, die. Hey, hey, hey! Golluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

The moment I tapped the stone to my feet along with a phrase that I'm totally familiar with......!



The economy burned up well. Ahhhh!

Though how much warmth to get, from scratch to ruin, from scratch to luxury. Ruuuuuuu!!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!?!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

He showed me the art of stretching my body, wandering around in flames!

The legend of his life is yet to come......!

Our Legendary Sales Associate's, at the very end, branch life has just begun!!