Osama, already on the other side of his memory, who was his fruitful son and his former subordinate......

Genocide Daddy has been forced to live on an island on land by two invisible collaborative plays with no connection whatsoever.

Being wealthy since his birth, he had never even skinned fruit himself.

There's no way he could have survived in the back of the mountain.

This is the last return of interest from Goldwolf......

... So long, nah!

Not yet...... his turn still goes on......!

The player stays that (●) osan all the time......!

This inmate's intentions for Osama were hidden.

The first step is to "let the legendary salesperson know what's going on".

Until now, Osama has continued to strip the 'Legendary Sales Associate' plating exclusively in each territory, and exclusively in Gorgeous Smart clerks.

I have dared to confine myself to a grassroots activity-like scope only for one reason.

Where the hustle and bustle of fraud-like commercial practices and black tricks on clerks, the effects are limited......

Besides, Oyaji is just giving instructions, not directly involved...

Oyaji, the main circle, is still flirting in the bed behind the room......

That's why Osama took the time, used a chain of teasing device-like tricks, and dragged him out.

Arson made by genocide knuckles.

As if the alarm that rang across the city were yet an alarm clock in his bedroom......

Shitty bell signaled, 'Osama Switch' roared...!

And Daddy is thrown out of his house, like an inventor who hath breaded his pajamas.

All you have to do is lay it down there in a carriage named 'Talkability' and go to the back of the mountain.

That topicality is, of course...

It's a story called 'Legendary salesman, resurrected like an undead bird'......!

This instantly became a topic big enough for all the newspapers in the country to reward.

Naturally. Speaking of "Legendary Salesman," a great person like the one in the school textbook.

There's no way the press would leave that alone.


The greater the interest gathered, the greater the disappointment when it didn't work......!

The more weight ridden full body punch......

As the damage when eating the counter is serious......

If an immortal bird is exposed to daylight as he glimpses by his own fire...

Instead of plating, even raw skin must peel off when scratched...!

... but I hope you don't misunderstand me here.

Osama's purpose is' to let the legendary salesman know what's going on ', not' to stab him with a todome '.

The Genocide Daddy is already at the top.

The chickens with their wings peeled off look alike.

All you have to do is shake down the chef's meat-cutting knife.

But that moment of beheading, it's hard to come by.

It's like giving despair just means the meat tastes better...

With the ease of waving salt and pepper, they continue to inflict fear and pain......

We continue to ridicule the people named Guests for suffering in ridicule...

Far enough beyond the stars, until the last moment (when)......!

There is a hidden intention here to make him count the number of sins he has committed.

And last but not least, Mitsumi's intention.

The two so far have been the liquidation of the past, but this is a hand in the future to break the status quo.

What Osama has been turning all along is the fabric stone for this.

It's an "invasion of Halberry territory" …!

At the expense of the Genocide family, the slum dog mart on Halbury territory continues to be without a business license.

As opposed to opening and closing… the entrance to the store remains heavily candled.

The topic of "The Legendary Salesman" reviving the public is obvious, and gossip to Osama is hissing......

Osama has not yet been able to rise to the ring with the Genocide Lower.

We can finally break that blockage...!

Driving Genocide Daddy to the 'Endless Branch' and invading Halbury territory......

These two don't seem to be connected, but the causal link will soon become apparent.

Nonetheless, Osama assembled a selection of clerks to declare.

"From now on, Slumdog Mart will begin operations on Halbury territory. To that end, we have received special training."

Osama addresses the Royal Castle back in the Plaza of the King's Capital.

Beside, the three Virgins to follow.

A large number of young people in aprons, aligned sloppily before them.

Are they already ready, everyone looks up to Osama with a brave face?

His ears were picky and his tail moved patsy and he seemed to be a dog going out to doggie with his husband from now on.

Behind them, carriages lined up like tanks.

It tows something like a house with wheels, not a front.

It had dog ears up to the horse, which was kind of odd, but matched the wild dog illustrations painted on the saddle with wonders.

"Your area of responsibility is as we've already informed you. I will tour the school that I told you about earlier, so if you have any problems, please let me know directly or through a message by calling 'Skeleton of Clouds' with a whistle. And don't ever be impotent. Although Halbury territory is safe, there should be theft and so on.... Then, please!


The wild dogs scattered in unison with fists raised against the blue sky and the voices of the emitted (when).

After I dropped off how they scattered across the carriage, Primla said.

"Then uncle, sister, and pine. Shall we go too?"

"Yeah, Mom, it's clear! Yeah, yeah, ooh!

Reincarnation banging like a toddler while letting his chest bounce like a bow.

A pine pack on her shoulder says, "Ooh! Endorse."

The Virgin Sisters were norinoli, but Osama still seemed stuck.

"But are you sure? The Virgin did this..."

The fact that the Virgin, who is supposed to serve the valiant, is better suited to Osama in the shop and better suited in the house is something that can't be helped by a misunderstanding.

Yet I didn't know it would extend to acts that would make it even more known to the public......

"I am your uncle's secretary, so it is only natural that I should be by your uncle's side for now!

A primula that solidifies her little fist all the way in front of her chest and nods with eyes full of mission.

Does Reincarnation flatter its statement of determination, imitating it while burying Genkotsu in the valley?

"My mom is Gol's mom, so it's natural to always be with Gol!

"Pandan rice noodles..."

The pine pack also continued later, but the dialogue did not continue, after a while of roaring,

"Ugh! Come with me, O-Ritan!

He jumped off Mother's shoulder and jumped into Goldwolf's chest.