When starting business in a Halbury small country, notification to the Lords is required outside the King's Capital, and ministerial approval is required in the King's Capital.

However, that is the law applicable only in the case of 'setting up a store', and not in the case of non-store operations such as' shopping '.

Incidentally, the obligation to pay taxes also arises in the case of 'traffickers'.

However, it is the reality of this country that no taxes have been paid in 'traffickers'.

Because the pedestrians flee to other countries without paying taxes.

Let's get back to it.

Goldwolf looked at the fact that he did not need pre-opening notification if he was in the business of 'merchants'.

And in Halberry territory, I came up with a carriage to do business with.

Like a cartoon cartoon, Gold is marked by running with his legs glued around......

"Running Slam Dogmart," it is the moment of birth......!

There is a definition of 'merchant' and two requirements must be met: 'do not make sales by spreading the goods to the ground or elsewhere' and 'if instructed to do so by a guard, stop the sale and move immediately'.

When it comes to legal business in this country, it was common to ask each and every house in charge of the goods.

When it becomes illegal, there are guerrilla outdoor shops where goods are traded side by side on the side of the road, etc.

Of course, I waited from the guard, but if I had nose drops (Wairo), I would miss them...

Goldwolf wasn't going to do either of that.

First of all, the traditional way of "doing business" is good for selling and walking with a small number of items.

If it's vegetables, fish, for example, you can sell it if you pack it in a cage, carry it on your back, and go around every home where you start preparing dinner.

But 'Slumdog Mart' customers are adventurers, not housewives, etc. who have always been at home.

They don't even have boarding houses, and they have a wide variety of things they need.

I thought I'd cook meat for dinner today, but I'm here to sell some good fish, so let's turn it into fish food. Doesn't.

Swordsmen must be swords, and wizards must be magic wands.

At last, demand (needs) varies.

It's more or less impossible to do business with as many items as you can meet them......!

By the way, if it was another 'illegal way', that problem would be solved, but it was out of the question for Goldwolf.

By analogy, the Guard Bureau, which revoked the store's operating license, thought it would come to a leap and take control.

So Osama thought, 'mobile sales' using carriages.

This solves the problem of the number and transport of goods, and it is becoming legal.

"Running Slam Dog Mart" was born.

It was a groundbreaking invention in this world.

Starred beforehand, boarded a carriage where guests would be, and opened the store on the spot.

Where the guards have found us, the requirements of 'Merchant' have been met, so there is no stopping them either.

Recommend merchandise to people who have gathered in rarity and can move quickly to the next destination once sold in advance.

And it still has its advantages.

We can use stores that have been discontinued as' supply sites'.

If you're running low on carriage stock, stop by the nearest 'Slumdog Mart' of our ten locations......

The clerks who waited there loaded the goods for me...

Fast as a pitch in F1, you can fly off for sale again......!

It is forbidden to 'sell' in stores, but this is also legal because 'transfer of luggage' to carriages cannot be regulated...!

Rather than grey like a dove rat, like a dog who married a human woman and had a family, white......!

... but here, do you have any doubts?

If there was such a good way, why didn't you do it sooner? … and.

But if it's a good idea, you've already noticed.


This is what Osama once did in the End of the Land, "Legendary Sales"......!

That's because it was a powered version......!

What would have happened if I had done this business law right after I was suspended...

Hearing his reputation, Genocide Daddy would have instantly tailored 'The Gorgeous Smart of Ancestors Running'.

And shaggy,

"This is the first one I started! This groundbreaking mobile sale is the way I thought about it when I was a" Legendary Sales Associate "......! That filthy wild dog imitated it! He looks like he's thinking about it! He always did! It's not just the outside, it's dirty and rotten to the heart! He's a bastard who's looked down everywhere, gorgaaa!!

Further, you must have tried to embezzle Osama's feat......!

… to this point, you will already understand.

Why did it take so long to resume the Halbury invasion?

And the reason I drove Genocide Daddy to The End Branch.

Osama blocks information by placing Daddy on the peripheral land......

Without telling him 'Legendary Sales', and without being so cocky, he was able to move on to execution...!

Of course now in the back of the mountain, Oyaji, who is reproducing a false 'legendary sale', does not know this fact.

I don't know if there's a real 'legendary sale' going on in his home base while I'm on fire etc......

Hair that chills all over my body. Earlier, I didn't think...!

But there is still a Genocide Lower in the king's capital, his son.

There's no way he can't be unaware of this' mobile sale 'as it marks Slumdog Mart's move.

Of course Osama has taken action on this….

Or I didn't think I needed to do anything about my oldest son.

Because I had already spotted it.

Ruling the king's capital, his' gorgeous smart '......

Osama and his secretary had examined the store structure, range and packaging in advance, which had been conceived and refined….

That the man who built this would surely say this to 'Running Slumdog Mart'.

"Phew. I thought you were using a carriage. You don't need a business license to do this."

"Then I wish I could imitate even Gorgeous Smart. But it's you who don't do it."

"Exactly, Day Crowler. Customers do not rub away, they attract…. It's not a smart place to move. If I run around like a hungry wild dog, the image of Gorgeous Smart that I've built will be ruined."

... This' Running Slumdog Mart 'was also, for Osama, a litmus stone thrown at the Genocide Lower.

How does he react to a tricky commercial battle (ring-in)?

As a result, the judgment he made was static.

Against an opponent (Osama) who takes disillusioning steps….

I didn't get on that provocative pace, I pierced my fighting style......!

Goldwolf vs Genocide Lower

Blue Corner, called 'Free Market for Moves', Skilled Challenger……!

Red Corner, called "Brand Company of Moves," Young King (Champion) ……!

Gong of the two targeted fights, now......!

Now finally, it rings......!