Goldwolf travels around the city in a rusty wind carriage, a horse lover.

I was actually going to do business on my own, but I didn't hear the Virgins say they were going to follow me.

"There is nothing in this' Running Slumdog Mart 'that can be called a seat. So the merchant squad will walk quite a distance a day. It's pretty hard on the Virgin. If you still want to help, you can help the Supply Squad in the store."

That's what I convinced him to do, but he couldn't hear me.

Those Virgins are now shivering at the rear of the carriage,

"Running Slam Dogmart, it's opening today! If you don't mind, come!

"Ha ha, I'm giving you flyers and balloons! Everyone's coming to my mom, good boy!

He touches people who go on the road aloud, sprinkles flyers and distributes balloons.

Such is not so much a prestigious Virgin as a complete chindon shop.

Plus, dress like a dog.

But this produced an unexpected effect.

At first, the men of the city, as soon as they saw Osama, who was walking in the lead, had cursed everyone with filth.

"Look, that! It was in the paper. It's Osama!

"Oh, I know! You're that dog-loving bastard to the point of being unusual!?

"As far as the papers go, you're not a dog lover, you're a total pervert!

"Hey! You pervert! The woman won't deal with me, so I guess I ran to the dog!

"Who's going to go to a store like you?"

"Yeah, well, you're too scared to come near me! If it was you, you could do it in a pet store! You specialize in dogs!

"That's good! Gahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!"

But the mockery turns to stunning as soon as I see the girls that followed.


"Mi, look at you, alle!

"Also, could... Holly Doll Family Virgin, Dear Primla!?

"Wow!? Besides, Dear Reincarnation the Grand Virgin, and even Pine Pack!?

"Yes, no, no! Whatever it takes, it's different! Why are the Holly Doll Virgins imitating such a...!

"But that reincarnation lady's... I don't care how you look at it, it's real!

"And besides...! Look! Dress those Virgins...!

Men blinded by the Virgin Trio.

At the next moment, their eyes were all spilled open, and their jaws opened with gakun all the way off, I wondered.

"No...... dog oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!?!?!?"

Boom further screams along with tongues that popped out like lightning.

"Oh I... even in my dreams, are you watching...!?

"Um, not only can we bring the famous Virgin, the Holly Doll girls..."

"Besides, I can't believe I let you dress up as the dog of your choice...!

"Mm, I can't help it! You're forcing me to do it!

"Idiot, where in the world can I force the Holly Doll Virgin to dress as a dog!

"And look at that, the smiles of the Virgins...!

"Ha, ha, how divine...!

"What, but then, I don't hate the Virgins... you're soaking yourself up for the perverts and dressing like that!?

"Is it possible, that's not true!

"That's right! It can't be! But I don't think I can think of anything else!

"Yeah!? Oh, that Osama... who the hell are you...!?

The men's amazing wilderness expands into the streets like an invisible ground crack.

It didn't take that long until it turned into fear and awe like God's moves.

"Ya... yay...! Yabe......! I can't believe you let the Virgin dress like that...!

"And not the Virgin in its heap, but, you know, to the Holly Dolls Virgin...!

"Oh no, even the king of this country can't...!

"And it's not hiding, it's so grand...!

"I can't believe you put your taste so far on the table and pierce it...!

"When perverts get this far, don't even feel respect......!

"No, I worship that Osama as a man! Must have been in the papers and been cursed so far! But Osama, oh he's done it and he's pierced himself...!

"Right! That's why the Virgins must have been moved, too!

"Shh... wow! Awesome! Osaan!!"

"I've reviewed you! I'm not saying perverted bastard again -!!

"From today on, your goal in life is you! Let me be the master of my heart!!

"Until I can get that kid to turn around too, I'll let him pierce me like you did - eh!!

"Osama! Osama! Osama!! Osama!! Osama!!! Osama!!!

Finally, I'm impressed, even those who start Osama calling......!

... Osama nothing but pierces his sexuality with a diamond-like hard will,

"No matter what anyone tells me, I love dogs! This is my life!

And I'm not hustling......

But I knew it was useless where I said it, so Goldwolf just waves back at them with a bitter laugh.

Or I honestly wanted you to come shopping more than a mysterious cheer......

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf initially intended to travel and trade around Wang Du Ju like a guerrilla.

But now that the Virgins are to accompany us, we decide to target them the other way around.

The destination of which, of course, is the 'School of Virgin Mary'......!

It's an operation to open a shop in front of the school and snipe the eggs of the Virgin.

As soon as the Great Virgin appeared, which, if always, can only be seen in speeches......

I panic in front of the school gate, which was busy at school in the morning.

"What!? Why, why, why!? How come Master Mother Reincarnation is here!?

"And there's Master Primla! Wow, nice, nice! It's going to work out!

"Ahhh!? Could that one be, Dear Pine Pack!? This is the first time I've seen you, Master Pine Pack!

"Master Pine Pack doesn't even like true photos... the real thing is, she's so beautiful and so divine...! You're like an angel!

"I can't believe you see all three of the Holly Dolls Virgins...! What the hell happened?!?

"Looks like I'm helping the store! Running Slam Dog Mart!

"What, the Holly Dolls are in business!?

"Anything, she came to recommend the Virgin's gear! Slam Dog Mart and other stores are very well equipped!

"This country is the best... Yeah, if the Holy Dolls say so, even if it's combined with neighboring countries, it can be revealed in the most virgin families, wouldn't it be absolute!

In the meantime, the carriage was heavily surrounded by white hedges.

If this were only Osama alone, who would the Virgin's eggs not have approached as one?

On the contrary, as a pervert who busted newspapers, he could have been held up by school guards.

But with all the students admiring and only accompanied by the great Virgin Sisters to whom they aspire, the treatment is changed......!

"Uncle, thank you for coming to this school!

"What, this robe, was designed by Master Primla?!? Ku, please!

"Master Pine Pack handed me the Talisman! It seems to work great, I'll buy this!

"Hey, this is hilarious!" Potion dedicated to the Virgin (for students) "!

"A potion dedicated to the Virgin!? I've never seen anything like it! And for students, don't you mean us!

"Besides, if you buy it, you can drink it in the prayers of Mother Reincarnation!

"What!? Wow! I'm definitely going to have to buy that! Hey, hey, let's all buy it!

Like a white wave shake, Osama gets messed up by the girls in her pure white robe.

And it begins, sober and lively, big chorus......!

"Then folks, after Mom, sing well ~!, Ha!

"With a potion of wild dog stamps, I am a hundred times better......!!!! Saah............!!!! Good luck to you all day!!!!

This school alone, which I first visited, sold most of the 300 potions I had piled up in the carriage.