"Running Slam Dog Mart" is a big deal by helping with the rarity as well.

The inventory that slept in a store that could not be opened disappeared instantly, and the transport route from other territories to Halbury began in earnest.

With mobile stores as the driving force, Goldwolf's maneuvers mesh like gear......

Wild dog markings began to circulate Wangdu so that it could flow.

Even so, the world is not sweet enough for business to continue just because of rarity.

In the shadow of great success is Goldwolf's strategy, because the clerks faithfully carried it out.

"Running Slumdog Mart" targeted adventurers and students.

In keeping with that rhythm of life, we made sure they could wait on their way to the store.

In the case of adventurers, they have breakfast every morning at the liquor store.

After that, accept the quest and set off on an adventure to earn a day.

But before that, I mostly stopped by the Adventurer's shop before I left the city to refill the equipment I needed for the quest I received.

Once they leave the tavern, what if 'Adventurer's Shop', their next destination, was right in front of them?

Everyone stops at the store first because it makes sense......


Osama placed 'Running Slam Dog Mart' in front of the morning tavern...!

"In line with consumers' lifestyles, we can offer products in the first place"

This is a great strength of trade.

It is arguably the same procedure that fish sellers visit in the afternoon when housewives begin to worry about dinner dedication.

But in housewives and adventurers, there is a decisive difference.

As I mentioned earlier, housewives have no problem with the meat dedication they had in mind where they became fish......

That adventurers are not allowed to substitute for the equipment required by the quest.

Here was another thing that included the unique know-how of a wild dog that no one else could emulate.

Do you remember Quest Trend Room, one of Slam Dogmart's departments?

It is a department that sends spikes (pointmen) to various locations to investigate the prevalence of quests in the area.

Osama had also instructed the trend investigation in this King's Capital.

We analyzed the reports that came up in more detail and carefully selected the products to be loaded on the Running Slam Dog Mart.

If any of the adventurers, the users of the store, had done business at all, they would have wondered.

- This carriage, open every morning in front of the liquor store......

The inventory you're dealing with should be far less than the actual store, why...?

Why is there a proper selection of what you need in the quest you receive...?

It's like, magic......!

How much ahead to suit your lifestyle, adventurers will never buy anything they don't need today.

Osama used his own network of information to change the items on the carriage, depending on the daily quest situation.

Osama lived and knew his life in The End Branch.

If we don't do this far, we won't succeed, such as the adventurer's business…!

Yes, this is the 'legendary sale'......!

But still, the tip of the iceberg......!

Now let's move on to the other target of Running Slumdog Mart.

It is the students attending vocational schools.

Unlike the socialites, they don't have that much money to be free.

But we chose them as targets because they were future customers, while at the same time they had a clear place to gather more than adventurers and it was easy to wait.

Speaking of where they gather, there will only be one.

Yes, that's school.

If we cross the carriage in front of the school gate, as we have already shown success stories in the Virgin School......

In no time, you will be able to deal with hundreds of customers, the creation of first-class stores…!

For the assortment of products in this store, we looked ahead to the targeted school guidelines and arranged items to help.

Nevertheless, as long as charisma like the Grand Virgin is not with us, it does not mean a great deal.

But still good.

Osama's aim here is to expand 'Slumdog Mart' cognition to the youth.

When they started operating in slow stores, the goal was to get 'Gorgeous Smart' as well as' Slam Dog Mart 'in their choices.

As long as you take a trip to the 'Slam Dog Mart' in the real store, then nature and the 'Slam Dog School' will be in your eyes, and you'll get a choice as a school.

... Osama portrayed such a success image.

But it's a long way from that, success (?) in some cases.

Now we'll see about that.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The 'Running Slumdog Mart' carriage was made to a uniform standard, but only two of them exist with special specifications.

First one, Osama's carriage.

"Rusty Wind" has power, so it tows larger stores than the others.

And on the contrary, the second carriage is pulling smaller stores than the others, into cute ponies.

Enough to shoulder the Virgin Sisters, disturbing trio......


An example elementary school trio drives, it's a "hey flying slum dog mart"......!

They parked their carriages in Wang Du, trying to block the school gates of a certain brave school.

With the West Day at his back, he was calling on the eggs of the brave men trying to leave school, stretching out the long shadows like little giants.

"Come on, you can try Atashi for over 5,000 $(ender) shopping! To this claw that made the brave man a mess at the sword tournament!

Jen-royal Charles Lott is more challenging as if he had come to punch in than a street vendor.

"I don't want to be here, I can sandbag this snot-nosed lady if I pay 5,000 $(ender). Please help me relieve stress before I go to school."

The bar standing Midnight Sugar repeats the bar reading like an unmotivated clerk.

"Yes, you're here! For less than 5,000 $(ender), oh, I'm gonna go shopping. Wow!

Glasparene, shrunk as if she were in Winter Mountain, squeezes out a sad backing voice like asking for help.

They took their own braided formation, the Dry Angle Formation, and called in every one of them.

But along the way, the girl at the top looked back at the momentum shaking the twin tails.

"... hey you guys! Bring it in properly!

"I do." "I do."

"You didn't! First of all, Midnight Sugar, what's a lady who doesn't have a nose!? Besides, Atashi isn't a beater!

"I'm telling you the truth."

"Shall I sandbag you?!? Then Glass Palin, why are you calling for less than 5,000 yen (Ender) to shop!? You decided to fight for 5,000 yen or more!

"Hih...! Oh, I'm sorry. Come on! So, but a duel is dangerous, come on!

"You're still a teacher!? If you're a teacher, snap a brave man walking around the corner and bring him here now!

"Instead of going through the merchant punch, it's no longer the bandit's."

"Shut up, man! The Atashi are Knights of Wow! Whatever a knight does is just!

Girls who start arguing.

But to cut it off,

...... zdowwwwwwwwww!!

Behind the lady, the dust rose.

"... shark! I punched this school that I divide called Walking Shark... Apparently, you don't waste your life......!