The three daughters of "Wow Knights" look back, there......

There was a man as big as Oki.

He looked like an adult, but apparently he's wearing a brave elementary school uniform that's disturbing him right now, so he's a student here.

Finally, like the girls, it seems' elementary school '.

On his cheeky face, his black candy eyes buried in the plaster creepily bottomed out.

But the imbalance is that only the nose is popping out unusually.

It's kind of the creation of a face that makes you anxious about what you see, and the year-to-year childhood is free of fine dust.

It didn't even seem like an honorary student.

He is wearing a blunt surcoat, which is a uniform, and behind it, he peeks at a clasp like a scabbard, like a sign of fighting.

The sword of the stripper had already been swung down, putting the ground on the critical near the kakakato of Charles Lott's boot, where he had his back turned.

Even though it didn't hit me, the girls suddenly took the form of being slashed.

One is frightened, one is faceless.

And the girl who calls herself a leader of a bunch,

"... Phew, you're the" warden "of this school."

As if dealing with a newcomer's youngest, he turns around gracefully twintailing.

The other students on their way home were passing by to avoid it, but stopped to see if they felt a touch of instant air.

The lady continues laughing with a small nose.

"Hung, did I say" Walking Shark "or something? Naming tastes like elementary school, but it doesn't look like elementary school."

"I'm going to be as much of a walrus as I am. I'm in elementary school and I'm going to have a year."

"What is it, Wahl? You don't look so creepy like a cursed statue, you're full of humans."


The warden stripped his fangs along with his unique anger into the mouth shot of a lady who popped out of nowhere.

The sneak laughter from the audience is frozen with a glimpse of it.

"You little cunt, only your mouth sounds like a master"

The superintendent lifted the sword he was tapping, bearing it on his shoulder.

which would be his proud weapon (emono). It was not a straight knife, but a song knife like a little hawthorn.

Part of his body contains a slice of gizzard that looks like a beard.

"I've heard rumors. He says there's a guy who uses a songblade like a fool who lets a swordbreaker function on the blade."

'Swordbreaker' is a dagger that can receive, snap or drop the opponent's sword with irregularities in its body.

But what the warden had was a very unusual type of sole: not a dagger, but a normal sword, and not a peak, but a more irregular blade.

"Do you want to see if I look stupid?"

The warden shifts his gaze from height to a short sword on the lady's hips.

"This is the 100th time I've broken my sword... no, I just broke the little sword my little one uses, and it's only 99.5! Cook............! Shark Cook Cook!"

Just saying I did it back, Warden Shark making me shake my shoulder.

"What? You want to challenge Atashi with a cursed statue? That's all right. Five thousand yen (Ender) if you shop."

"If I lose, I'll buy it instead of 5,000 $(Ender). But if I win..."

"It's just an honor to be able to work with Atashi, the knight of the Nights of the Round, but you're trying to put conditions on it? Well, fine, it's a dream that's never gonna come true anyway, so you said."

"Shark! All three of you, you're going into my harem!

Cut open the warden's black eyes as if he smelled blood.

Yes, it is.

If the school of the Virgin is just for women, then the school of the brave is just for men.

And they are taught by the elementary school students that Harlem is the merit of the brave.

If you are given such a distorted education at a time of plenty of feelings, and then there is no woman close to you, you will not be forced to become like a starving beast.

"Sher Cook......! All three of you, pretty good upper balls......! Just right for my first Harlem woman......! Especially the glasses woman hiding behind you! You particularly liked it! Let's make him my real wife!

Biscious and pierced with his fingers, he said, "HI!?" and glass paleen that stiffens the spine.

Yes, it is.

As surprising as it may be, Dr. Glasparine is categorically 'The Beautiful Girl of Thin Happiness'.

And young and old, strangely, the brave will like it...

He was the owner of the nature of being "loved by men"...!

"... it's annoying." "... I'm unhappy."

Sleeping eyes with a lady complaining of dissatisfaction, with her eyebrows and mouth in eight letters.

The glasses that were suddenly released in the vortex were stuck behind them.

"Hih... Hih no...! No, no, no, no, no, no!

She is still a teacher in this, but no one thinks so.

The warden takes the stand as he sends her a tangled gaze.

"Shark! Rest assured! Even a fucking busy woman is your friend, my daughter-in-law! And it's also my number two and three! So don't just hurt your face, I'll leave you alone!

"Who's number two! Atashi is always number one!

Charles Lunlotte yells at him to block him, teasing his shoulders and getting out front with Zunzun.

As we approach the warden, the difference between the two physiques is even more pronounced.

It was completely adult and child.

"Well, whatever. If you want to break it, break it. You were just about to try the strength of Goldwolf's sword."

The girl so abandoned, passing beside the warden,

"This" statue of the curse "will now dance an ominous dance. If you see it three times, you'll be dead. Dance. Now, come on, open up the place if you find out."

Sissy hands drove away the students surrounding them, creating as much space as possible for slashing each other.

The campus, which was peaceful, turns into a ring of battle.

A hedge to watch around, as if you were in a sandy seat.

All the windows in the school building are surprisingly people-ridden and the upstairs seats are full.

The audience watched the two players facing each other at a distance, sparing no blink.

Because, unlike a normal swordsmanship match, this has no mana shield or sword tip cover.

Therefore, the battle is a blow.

Because if you distract yourself even for a moment, you'll miss the decisive moment.

Moments of the girl dancing all over the universe as she gives her a bloodbath...!

Glass Paleen also imagines the worst, wagging with a blue face trying to put up a mana shield.

But midnight sugar was stopping me along the way.

I don't need a mana shield.

"What!? Why not?

"That sounds more like killing each other, and I'd rather have a customer uke. With a mana shield, the atmosphere is ruined."

...... dusk suki wilderness or dead grass rolling wilderness......

As the sleepy-eyed girl put it, the scene was filled with tension and anticipation, exactly what she deserved to call a 'death fit'.

"So, so! If Mr. Charles Lunlot is injured...!

"It's okay."

Girl tilting her favorite redneck deep forward and nodding.

"To it," he said, his sleepy eyes dwelt in a light as if he had understood everything.

"It's better not to strain it, it's for them."

"What, what does that mean...?

But the question is blocked by the barbaric voices that have suddenly gone off.

"Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh!!!!

Like a rabbit who heard a gunshot, the teacher's body jumped.

When I look at him, I see Charles Lunlot walking all the way to the warden.

The golden hair and the painted coat of a wild dog are made to look like wings….

Yet it was like a golden eagle, attacking its prey in the sea......!

Besides, the opponent is not the fish there, but the king of the sea, Xu.

Physical difference is more than double......!

But I don't make you feel lost at all.

Its prestigious Special Attack is the Piercing of the Empty Champion......!

The look on the lady's face is not so much a death fight as an invincible grin convinced of victory as a hunt.

The pair's mouth is crooked against the opponent, who comes packing a grunt distance.

"Sher Cook......! You idiot......!

The lady had the short sword in one letter.

Looks like a temperament man trying to get along.

It's like trying to get a swordbreaker to take a knife, or something like that.

Before that, the difference in power is historical, so it will be bounced off in an instant.

Besides, the lady showed the biggest jump in the last minute, enough to exceed the warden's height.

Her true aim is not to hang out on the ground, but in the air......!

It's a bee from the air with all the weight on it. It's going to calm the opponent down and decide the battle at once......!.

But this is a complete miscalculation......!

(12) Even that was a prospect…!

He lowers his hips and puts himself in an unbeatable position.

And he kept capturing every move of the flying eagle with those black eyes.

Even the tip of a sword protruded like a nail, firmly as if it were still.

All you have to do is keep your love sword like a pillar on the way to that track.

So... so it all ends.

The hawk crashes on its own and crawls through the earth like no other...!

But the next moment, he saw.

After tilting your body horizontally to slide in the air, start spinning like a stiff, golden eagle figure......!


Yet the next moment, he saw.

No, he wasn't the only one I could see.

"I got it!!!!

Only that voice... sounded far away, as if it were in the water.

Every human being on the spot, except him, had seen it.

Face dubbed 'Statue of the Curse'.

A pair of boot soles poking deep in the middle of it.