Do you have any idea who the weakest of the swordsmen are?

Beginner just getting started? A powerless woman? Less knowledgeable children?

They're all different.

The weakest, it is......

That is the one who was given the 'two names'.

Don't think of two names as a sign of strength.

It's only a flickering name tag as to what kind of weapon the person specializes in and what kind of attack they're going to attack.

A one-on-one battle in the sword ends when you give your opponent more 'information'.

Based on your 'information', your opponent will invite your biggest blow and hit your biggest blow there.

There's never been a stray in that, and there's never been a second shot.

If you are going to be able to cross swords with an opponent with 'two names', don't avoid that 'two names'.

Instead, you invite your opponent's specialty and attack them from there poking their intentions.

Those with 'two names' are those with heavy stones….

But remember, if you fear that heavy stone, you will become even more vulnerable.

... This is not 'teaching' directed at girls.

Adults, that's also from when she got mixed up in a classroom for quite a few users.

Unusual classroom desks and chairs were a lot higher for a girl who was still a child.

But the lesson, which was different than usual, was exciting, and she was listening with her eyes sparkling, her ears pimped, her tail pretentious, and her unreachable legs patted.

"The Wild Dog Sword Method" is based on the know-how that Osama, the lecturer, has survived a harsh environment, so the more advanced he becomes, the less he chooses the means.

It doesn't matter if you trick your opponent before you fight, or if you accidentally sand him.

Because for wild dogs, 'winning proudly' and so on is pointless.

Whether you crawl, rinse muddy water or be mocked by a thousand enemy soldiers, because 'surviving' is the supreme thing.

And classes for adults may also include dangerous methods.

The instructor tried to get the girl out of the classroom because the child would have trouble imitating it.

But she was more enthusiastic than any of the other students, so she couldn't help but break the feeling.

"You have no choice. But it's not a good idea to take classes in silence. Please say hello to your attendance from now on."

... There was such a low tone of quiet voice in Charles Lunlot's head.

Our lady camouflaged a drop kick that flew up and put on all her weight after making it look like she was finally getting on top of each other, running and gaining momentum.

Like a stop motion, time is slowly flowing.

Showing the determined moment of the battle around whether it's still this.

The lady's streamlined boots look like the world's fastest sports car.

The face of "The Statue of Curse" was squeaky like a convenience store stuck in that car.

The body that was stained with giant trees was already a lightning fire in front of the wind.

To be knocked down by a storm,


I lay down on the ground, rolling up the dirt and smoke.

Immediately after, it quiets down like it hit the water.

Even though the audience said they were so close to each other, everyone had lost their words to the consequences of doubting my eyes.

The warden's face is already bloody.

The nose was pockingly bent like a broken branch.

"... Shh, shh! Shhhh! Ha, nose, nose!

He twisted his body with a groan, as if it were a nightmare.

The lady sitting on his chest with a heavy stone rests her hand on her sweatless forehead and gently lifts her forehead.

"You don't just look old to sleep so fast"

"Shh... Shh! It's dirty, it's so...!

"My body and my heart are much prettier than yours. Now, of course, much further ahead. Shouldn't you be wearing presbyopia?

"Shark! I'm gonna kick your ass while I tell you we're gonna stick together. How dare you still be a knight!?

"What? What are you talking about? When did Atashi say we were gonna hang out?

"Oh......! You said if you were going to break it, you wanted to try the strength of the sword!

"I don't remember the dude being sexy and boring. So, Hola, this is it."

The lady holds the sword in her hand back to the Kurli and reverse blade in her hand.

And put your bloody face on,

... Dossssssss!

For nothing, I just stuck it out......!

Like the tail of a deadly bamboo, the limbs are huge, bouncing with bicum......!

"Shhhhhhhh!?!?" "Wow!?!?

Instead of the person who was hit by this, the audience, who had kept silent, screamed simultaneously.

But the sword is stabbed in the warden's face sleuth, in a critical place where his ears are scraped off.

Immediately after,


High and clear tones rang all over the campus.

"I knew the sword wasn't as good as the owner's."

That's what I'm gonna say, lady. Stand up.

She was underneath the warden, poking a sword at a swordbreaker like a covan shark, snapped in two.

Towards "Walking Shark," which is starting to blow a lot of bubbles of shock,

"Bye," Drowning Shark. "The Atashis are in school around here, so when you wake up, go get them."

After his last words, he returned to his companions in graceful footsteps.

It's over.

"Thank you very much."

There, the redneck greets you the same way you always do.

And for some reason, so is my glasses daughter, who's glued her eyes and passed out.

"Why are you even bubbling, Glass Palin?"

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Running Slam Dogmart," another success story......

It's "Warden Hunt"......!

The Wonderful Knights boarded brave schools and advanced vocational schools, where they joined forces with the strongest students.

It was basically the source of the teacher's presence, but sometimes as a punch in.

Especially a brave teacher at a brave school (no matter what) never stopped fighting.

"There's no way our students are going to lose to a weird kid dressed like that dog," he watched as he nibbled and did nothing.

But the anticipation is backwards, and vice versa.

Then he abandons his students and goes somewhere with his blue face.


If you win, say, "This kid is the student I was mentoring!" and I can put it in my own hands, but if I lose, it could be seen as a problem......!

If the brave man finds out to the knight that there was a teacher in the place where the students were being hit too, the spearhead could turn to him.

That's why everyone knows when they lose...!

Charles Lunlot was undefeated all the time, so virtually no one stood in his way, whether in a game or a fight.

The momentum of a daughter-in-law who turned herself into a high-flying car (Hi Luke) in fame never stops.

"... than that, why don't you go into your harem! Especially since I like those glasses, just give him a break to hurt! To the extent that I struggle with Walking Sharks, I'm no match for you! I am the weakest of my Four Heavens Kings!?!?

"You're the woman who defeated Walking Grandpas! Aren't you a good woman as rumored! Just right for my harem! Especially making those fluffy hair glasses my wife. Out of the way!?!?

"I don't think you're going to beat everyone but me! But don't think you can beat this Four Heavens King's most powerful Walking Whale! Those eyeglasses howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!?!?

In just a few days the leaders of the Wow Knights beat the four wardens who head the neighboring elementary schools and re-simmered the area in charge......!

This was not a case, newspaper shack, etc. because it was only Isakoza, a primary school student, but rumors ran around on the children's network.

Then I wonder......!

"Ah! That's 'Running Slumdog Mart'!?

"Charles Lunlot, the female warden who's shimmering around here, said he's using that store's weapons too! I mean, Mr. Charloonlot was selling it while he said so!

"I see, Mr. Charles Lott is small but so strong, thanks to his weapon!

"It's amazing, Dad, that shop sword! You're strong enough to break the gorgeous smart sword that a brave man has! So buy it from me too!

Reviews spread among elementary school students that they could just get stronger in their hands.

It's like a shoe that will allow you to run faster just by wearing it......!

When the kids see a wild dog-marked carriage in the city, they chase it all.

And with the money that wasn't for my parents, or with my own penny for the trick, I started buying weapons for wild dogs...!