"Running Slam Dogmart" leads to the support of adventurers and students.

That also grasped the genocide lore.

He looked at the sales reports from the 'gorgeous smart' stores on his territory and looked at the layers that his enemies had taken from him because of which items were losing sales.

Based on that, the decision he made......

"Even more static"......!

The reason is, first of all, that 'gorgeous smart' is the main target, with no effect on the high-so and high-sense customer base.

And that the situation won't change any more than we continue to sell on the move.

Mobile sales match the needs of the 'buy essentials' layer.

Because, above all, they aim to get the goods themselves quickly.

However, the layer's need to 'enjoy shopping' will not be met.

This layer needs to be a topical shop in a fashionable city, as well as a focus on a range of products and a sense of display.

It doesn't matter how much it costs to get there, the hassle, and the money.

Even the queues are superior, rather they enjoy them like a series of attractions.

This is not feasible in 'Running Slumdog Mart' no matter how.

It's not always in the same place, and there's not enough room to stick to the assortment and display.

Besides the limited number of clerks, when it comes to outdoor customer service, it's not about 'enjoying shopping'.

Unless this' problem 'is solved, it will not affect the big picture.

Genocide Lower was treading that way.

And here's what I thought.

The only way to solve this' problem 'is to set up a store.

... but it's impossible...!

Yes, it is.

The day will not come when 'Running Slumdog Mart' will be stopped more than the guard station's stare is working.

Like hungry wild dogs, they have no choice but to run around the city for a marginal profit like leftovers.

The king needs to stand back and do nothing extra.

You don't have to hurry up and do things the way your brothers once did.

Just give me some sales.

It's cheap if you think it's throwing money at a spectacle, which is played out on the side of the road.

All you have to do is watch that funny show in silence.

The wild dogs are exhausted and worn out by hard moving sales......

If you feel like it, I'll even send you a round of applause......!

... Genocide Lower, who had spotted the decisive weakness of 'Running Slumdog Mart' early on.

That's the best intelligence in the genocide family.

But only that judgment, I couldn't get it......!

This was a phase where I couldn't stand still...!

Because, because......!

I also naturally realize the example Osama, such as such weaknesses......!

We decided that this was only the 'fabric stone to the next hand hit by a wild dog'......!

Whatever it is, it should have disrupted sales...!

Even if you set fire to the carriage, or cause a complaint disturbance that you don't, do everything you can......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"... what the hell is going on? Lead Minister Long Lan. It's unusual to call only boxtin. Oh, could I have a boxin as a successor......!?

"Yes, if you have a satisfactory answer to your question this time, it's not a rush either."

"Wow, I can't! After all, the lead minister also wanted to recommend Boxtin as the next lead minister to give Dad some chocolate, huh?

"I don't like sweets, so don't recommend chocolate to people. More than that, could you answer the question?

"Mochi! Ask me anything!

"What is the reason why you revoked the opening of an adventurous store called 'Slumdog Mart' just before it opened while authorising it for once?

…… Hey, why did the lead minister do that!? and because we found some paperwork deficiencies along the way!

"Is that so? I checked the paperwork with myself and my people, and it didn't seem to be particularly deficient."

"No!? Oh, hey, I figured it was because there were so many strange places in the pre-entry investigation...?

"Is that so? However, all items appear to be the best in the report on the on-site survey that we have received here. Even the person in charge summarises that it should be recommended to the model store."

"Ugh... Ugh...! Oh, yeah! I remember. Ah! Actually, that store, when it was open in other realms, seemed to have a priori who did cosoli tax evasion......!

"Is that so? I haven't looked into that yet, but I don't think I have it."

"Oh, what!? Why not? I mean, why would anyone who is also the lead minister care about such a dicky personal store!?... Oh, okay! Could I have some chocolate for the lead minister instead of that Osama, Boxin......!?

"... you don't know what you're talking about. I came to investigate Slam Dogmart and decided that I would not have evaded taxes because I had paid taxes."

"Heh, paying taxes...?

"It is. Because" taxation by merchants "was in the name of Slumdog Mart."

"Yeah eh!? How ridiculous is it to pay taxes in a trade... Wow, I can't believe you do such a splendid thing...!

"That's right. Originally, in our country, even in commerce by 'traffickers', it is a taxable mechanism. But none of those who have delivered it have been but one since the founding of the nation... The reason is that they go to another country at the time of the tax notice. If it's a felony such as murder, it can be stopped at the inquisition, but misdemeanor or small tax evasion can't be controlled... And now there's the fact that we haven't even been notified of tax payments."

… Osama appeared at the counter of the tax procedure, in the Wang capital.

The person who responded would have been surprised.

This Hurlberry small country is centuries-old but for the first time......

Because this is the first time I've ever received a tax payment by a 'street vendor'......!

Methods of procedure and so on have already been forgotten in relics of the past, and the contact points have had a light panic.

That was the little incident that got into the lead minister's ear.

The intrigued lead minister would have looked at the tax payments and wondered.

- Even though it is a 'street vendor', it makes much higher sales than a personal store......

Then if we open in stores, we would make more money......

From there on, it was a potato ceremony.

I instructed my men to look into it, and already 'Slumdog Mart' has ten stores in the King's City...

Applications for business licences are also made despite the best and passing......

For some reason, on the opening day, the Guard Bureau forced him to suspend business......

Although the re-application from the store side has been made many times, the state of rejection continues......

By the time we got to that set of facts, it didn't take long.

If it is normal, the lead minister does not pinch his/her mouth on the decisions made by ministers of each bureau.

Unless it's as much a concern as it is.

Because it's like a Yamatano Orochi if you're sticking your neck in it when you're licensed to operate a personal store.

Suspension of business in a store immediately after opening is unusual, but if he were the usual lead minister, he wouldn't have even put it in the corner of his sight.

However, further anomalies......

Before the rarity since the beginning of the kingdom, "I even forgot the concept of paying taxes, paying taxes in business", it just blinds me......!


This is an invisible hand from Osama......!

Osama is' such a clean and right merchant to be called a fool '......

With so much momentum that the bones in his neck rattle, he grabbed the attention of the lead minister to attract him......!

Instead of informing him about Popcorn Chaser's evil behavior......

Even the Genocide Lower was crushing...!