"Ahhhh! Ohhhhh! That brain muscle jerk! Why are you squeaking out only at a time like this? Come on!

Freed from the call of the lead minister, the popcorn chaser was one in a mayhem in the Royal Castle's office.

Step on the estate waste, chew off the handkerchief, and smash what's on the desk to the floor.

Towards the maids who came to clean it up, I slapped on the chocolate with the wild dog mark that I left behind.

"After that, get out, everyone, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! That pooper minister of yours! I can't believe you're giving orders to this boxin 'soldier who can only fight! Nhhhhhhhhhh!

Its brain-muscle-treated boss, Long Run, had asked me in plain sight, and the popcorn chaser had to withdraw the suspension of 'Slumdog Mart'.

Slow down is an intolerable humiliation for a young man who had the ambition to overtake Long Run and appoint him as' a chair minister who was crushed and useless'.

But no matter how much I don't like it, now I have orders from my boss...... I have to obey.

"Lord Popcorn Chaser, Slumdog Mart is an exemplary store. If they are doing business clean and right, and they are being tormented by the mistakes of the Guard Bureau, that should be corrected immediately.... okay? Lord Popcorn Chaser seems to be aiming for the lead minister, but as it stands, he's going to have to be demoted to a 'fuzzy, useless chair minister', right?

Even more so when it is declared so...!

"Oops! Whoa! Whoa! Nhhhhhhhhhh!

Passing in front of the office of the 'Minister of the Guard Authority', he said he heard screaming like a cow chased by a wolf from inside the room all day that day.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

I haven't asked 'Gorgeous Smart Hallbury Small Country Headquarters' in days, Day Crowler.

The main dish of the dinner, the filet of duck meat, is cut one after the other with a knife and a fork.

The opposite Genocide Lower, who was watching the situation, exhaled as if she remembered something unpleasant.

"Phew, as always, only meat dishes are to be eaten after you've cut them apart."

"This is how we've been dining together since we were kids, so you totally seem to remember my cunt. Are you trying to tell me you're not smart?

"Before that, it would be a violation of manners"

"Yes, but you've noticed lately. You like eating sauce on a plate, don't you? Meat dishes made it taste better than usual, you know why?

"Phew, from the mutilated meat, probably because the gravy stains out and mixes with the sauce"

"Your answer. After I figured that out, I couldn't stop.... Oh, yeah, more than that, the suspension of Slumdog Mart could be lifted?

"You're a fast ear. But it's not" could be, "it's" would be. "

"I heard from the Guard Bureau that a few of the officers in the division managing the opening had been disposed of. Mr. Minister, I hear you've shifted the blame to your men."

"Huh, I don't have to worry about that. But I didn't expect the lead minister to move."

"I don't think paying taxes is gonna kick your ass, do you? But you're thinking about when Slumdog Mart comes, right?

"Oh. Ever since Slumdog Mart started trading, I've been looking into what went down in Gorgeous Smart merchandise... That's why I know what they're after."

"Well, then, finally, you're wacky to do it in earnest."

"... right. I need your help again."

"Fine, but I was wondering if I could do you a favor"

"Huh, what?

"Sauce left on that plate, please"

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Business suspension that had long been imposed on the 'Slam Dog Mart' in Halbury territory.

The release notice finally reached Goldwolf.

This will delight Osama, as well as all concerned and regular customers.

On the contrary, the new visitors in "Running Slumdog Mart" also gathered at Halbury No. 1 to congratulate them.

But in the meantime, there was only one person who was likely to be crushed by the notion of self-reflection.

It's that girl, who supports the store from behind.

"Hiccup! Excuse me, uncle......! Because of me...! Hiku! It just took me so long to open the store... Gu!

Voices hung on the nose and squeaking words along with shoulder tremors.

Primla looks up with submerged eyes, although she barely enjoys only tears.

The grief of the Holy Girl strikes my heart around me and quiets me down.

But only Osama, who was reflected on the water, had guessed her slight change.

He leans forward and hugs him to stay ahead of the primula he tried to bend over his knees.

What a girl was trying to kneel for an apology...!

The only good opponents the Virgin broke her knees against are the Goddess and the brave ones who have decided to spend the rest of their lives serving.

The greatest manifestation of will for them, called 'sacred will' ….

Respect, respect, gratitude... and an act of infinite favor, I was just trying to dedicate to Osama...!

Goldwolf catches a primula.

Because in front of a lot of people watching, I thought I shouldn't let a future Virgin do that.

But even if that wasn't supposed to happen, it turned out to hold her in her chest.

"Oh... Uncle?

The smell of standing up and stinging skin.

That's something every man who admires her can't wait to know, but never will.

Of the opposite sex, only Osama, who has slept with him, knows, is a secret incense.

"... Mr. Primla is not bad. Instead, you did a good job. Thank you."

And only Osama, who was enveloping her, saw the girl with her face up, clearly falling.

"Uncle...! Uncle, well!... Wow!

Bury your face on a thick chest plate, and the girl breaks it down.

Osama just shut up and kept stroking her head until she stopped crying.

... The princess's tears, he said, excite a thousand soldiers with one crush.

The tears that Primla shed this day inspired many wild dogs.

Slumdog Mart, in Hurlbury, Wang capital, march on......!

Finally, 'Legendary Sale' is in full swing......!!

... Starting...!.

.................. Shh...!.


and before that......

Let's see what another 'legend' looks like......!