Oyaji's end-of-the-branch life still presented a torturous appearance.

Due to the rule that 'you must not help until Oyaji is seriously injured', Oyaji wandered the frontier of life and death many times.

The immersion of one foot in the Three Ways River finally casts healing magic from the medical corps and drags him back from the abyss of death.

But I just regained consciousness, and it's not like you'll take care of me after that.

Once again, it is abandoned and natural blame resumes.

This is no longer, hell......!

It was a legend of hell......!

If you were a regular person, you would have made many more give-up declarations.

On the contrary, it's not strange that I was insane a long time ago.

But Oyaji didn't give up.

He never tried to escape, even if he ever went down to the foot.

He just repeats, pale.

Believe in yourself, 'rumbling'......!

Because there was a reason I was afraid of losing my status as a 'legendary salesperson'.

But that wasn't all.

Oyaji, Oyaji...!

I'm fighting alone in Halbury, I was hanging in there for my son......!

Genocide Lower, the eldest son of three brothers.

He closed his heart after losing his mother as a child.

Always start posing obliquely and never put your emotions on the table as if blocking them with your back.

Even if it was in front of my family, I no longer put joy and sorrow on the table.

Even if something pleasant happens, it is not the grin from the bottom of his heart that spills out of his lips.

It was only a cold exhale, like standing up from a frozen heart.

Daddy remembered that in the middle of "End of Branch Life," and was starting to regret it.

At the time of his mother's death, I wondered if a word he hung with the intention of arousing him had caused him so much.

... That's why I realized it in this lonely land.

And although I refused at first, I wanted to respond.

'Oyaji, we've been stripped of our land, but only where the branch was at the end of the day remains. You should think of this as an opportunity on the contrary. Oyaji gets in there alone and fulfills his legendary reproduction...!

A little flame lit on my mind that I thought was permanent frozen earth......

In the eyes like an eternal snowstorm, a single sun I gave......

The words of my son, whose emotions have been fulfilled, haven't been in years......!

And as a jerk, I did everything I could, and I wanted to take it...!

That's why I don't care if the young reporters or the therapists frighten me......

Even if they laugh, like they're suffering from dying...

Never, Never Give Up (Never Gives Up) Huh......!!

"No matter how many times I've been dying, I'm not giving up...! No, even if I die a hundred times, I'll come back here and accomplish the legend...! I... this is me...! 'Legendary salesman'!! Golhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

That could have been tearful parent-child love.

Together, it could have been a naughty Oyaji comedy that leads to glory of the past.

But in any case, it was like warming a dead egg, never hatching.

Because the reporters I'm covering...

No, because it wasn't what the readers wanted.

... Let's say Nobunaga Oda is back in the modern era.

If that happens, the public will pay attention to his trends.

And what are the expectations placed on him?

That is by no means funny, such as the fact that the great warlord, called even the 'Sixth Heavenly Demon King', flirts with civilization and repeats Doji.

I have survived Shura's time as a warring nation, in a lavish way......

It must look like a chest rub that will change the world today in a way that is so impossible for modern humans......!

Genocide Daddy, the "legendary salesman," is the same thing.

He makes incredible profits in the endless land, in a way that transcends intelligence...

At last, he entered the city and was the one who should abandon the wild dogs of the rival stores that are known for their bulkiness and slashing...

Other than falling off a cliff or being flushed by torrents......

Not to mention getting caught up in a bird play and getting a bump, they're not expecting you to look like a cartoon animated cat, never...!

The newspaper, at first, handled Daddy in a favorable way, and a little Doji was also following me in the way I wrote.

"Legendary salesman, finally! The first thing I got was what a golden hammer!

"I don't take nobody's money! With a magnificent hammer judgment, I'll bust a joke cabin!

"The first question in the Legendary Quiz, what is the first thing Genocide Daddy will have in his hands? the correct answer was" The Hammer "! Already among merchants, carrying a hammer seems to be booming!

"Falling off a cliff won't snap! The legendary steel body is still alive!

In the beginning, the readers were happy with it.

It's been a long time since I've been back on the scene, so there will be failures.

Rather, even a brave man called the 'Legendary Salesman' is something that fails at first, just like us.

... and I saw a lot of reactions that were rather familiar.

Everyone didn't doubt that if this warm-up recommended it, the legend would rise and fall again.

Everyone bought the newspaper in a heartbeat that he could be a living witness to the legend from now on.

This topic also attracted layers who don't usually read newspapers.

As far as the merchants respecting Daddy were concerned, they bought and collected all the paper just to commemorate it.

Naturally, if the newspaper sells, there will be more heat in the press.

"Legendary salesman is out of digits for warmth too!?

'I didn't know you were going to oil your whole body and set it on fire, that's brave! No one can imitate this!

"The fourth question in the Legendary Quiz, how did Master Genocide Daddy get the cold? the correct answer was" light yourself up "! This is just zero correct! Predictions betray, expectations don't betray, man... that's Genocide Daddy!

"Dear Genocide Daddy the Burning Man! A feat worthy of the dawn of legend!

But legendary moments don't come forever.

Not long ago, I said that the play would be right around the time I could finish......

Instead of becoming a super first-rate hero, Daddy...

As always, he remains a comedy actor below third class......

I just run through the momentum and repeat obvious failures from the side I'm covering......!

"Dear Genocidadi, forget you're carrying a glass bottle potion, too, the hateful mistake of beating the box with stone!

"Dear Genocide Daddy, who crawls and potions! But it seemed rotten, you face!

"Question 38 of the Legendary Quiz, what did Master Genocide Daddy do with his first purchased product? The correct answer was" I tried to open it, I totally broke it with stone "! That's right, Master Genocide Daddy, maybe tired of all the troubles of the day!

"Dear Genocide Daddy, flushed by torrents and seeking help! I actually didn't like swimming!?

There is also a limit to following a failure.

If I had accomplished anything at all in "End of Branch Life," I wish I had picked up that success......

Because Daddy had failed in everything he did, he was no longer able to take refuge.

That, above all, also affects the motivation of the journalists.

And they'll notice, too.

The days when 'Legendary Salesman' comes into play, rather than......

To the fact that a guy with just a big voice is just stepping on a dodge and falling seven times over......!.

Then, the eyes that look at the subjects covered by the young reporters also change more and more.

To a cruel argument, like you're indirectly hunting for a dick......!

"Oyaji, I'll be reborn to a frog! Jump a little and play alone today!

"Birds make fun of me, you jerk! Finally to the frog to the brain!?

"Question 97 of the Boom Oyaji Quiz! How many more seconds could the prick in the branch have lived!? The tip is, a cockroach stabbed in the needle!

... Initial glory, there was no shadow to see.

It had already retreated from one side of the newspaper and had become a mini corner in one corner.

No longer 'Legendary Salesman' as' Legendary Clown '......

As in the four comic books, they had become mere beings offering people a moment of laughter...!

This fact was known to all humans throughout the country.

I can still sound a powerful voice in the back of the mountain today, except for one jerk.

"Genocide Lower! Today's the day we do it! Selling the Legend......! My back, keep an eye on me, gorghhhhhhhh!