"The Endless Branch Life of the Oyaj" began, and a month went by.

Oyaji was still obsessed.

The first step is to cut down the Kamiki in the mountains and use its wood to create a shop.

At the time of the defeat of Shinki, he believed and did not doubt that "Legendary Sales" would open the curtain.

Every day, he had just stones, not even stone ono, striking even against the trunk of a divine tree.

Of course it's not sweet enough to cut it down with something like that.

But when I'm working on it, the animals come together around decided.

The many gazes that surrounded him would have wondered.

That man, the same......

That man and I are the same Osama......

That Osama... is a big difference from what he did to me...

In the crushed eyes of the animals was the king of filthy beasts.

But whenever that appearance had turned into that of a beautiful wild dog.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf works at The Gorgeous Smart End Branch.

That morning, faster than the mountain animals.

Wake up while it's still dark and wash your face in the creek you made by pulling the spring water.

Behind the log house I use as a residence and store is a field.

So after a bit of dirt, I harvest some of the vegetables I eat today.

And in the baking kiln next to the field, bake the bread dough I've put to sleep since last night.

A salad made of vegetables that had just been picked, and a soup that had been put to bed one night for even more flavor, freshly baked bread, was the daily breakfast.

In line with the breakfast timing, the little birds come to the open window.

Osama, who ate the chirp to BGM, gave them a piece of bread left as a chip for the performance.

After cleaning up and easy cleaning, I leave the house for work.

After exchanging greetings with the day when he would face from the ridge, he loaded the rear car with dried fish he had left to dry at the end of the house and asked about the settlement at the foot for purchase.

Something is taking care of the settlement at the foot of the mountain.

When you go down the mountain, take the vegetables, dried foods, etc. you make and hem them.

Still, the fish dried was very popular, and at first I was distant from the grotesque appearance, but if I cooked them in front of me and fed them, the haunters would continue.

Now, when Osama arrived, it was the end of the day when people from all over the settlement gathered together in the dry water.

When I present them with dried goods, I get meat in return.

The truth is, I was so busy just having my luggage from Gorgeous Smart taken care of, but at some point I even had this relationship to help each other out.

The package I received this time from Gorgeous Smart is a 200 set of recovery potions.

I made it into a nice crate. I think it's eight.

It was good because there was as much demand for the recovery potion as there was, but it was clear that the consumption deadline had expired.

That was two years ago, so if I drank it, my wound would have abdominal pain while getting worse.

And the container was made of thin glass that was easy to crack, as if it were a no push of harassment.

Normally it wasn't weird to refuse to receive it, but Osama was happy.

Because I was already accustomed to misordering and had already taken measures against the things that arrived.

Osama loads eight luggage onto the rear car and when tightly tied with a rope to avoid falling, he ascends the mountain again while being dropped off by the settlers.

When I first came to The Endless Branch, I also thought it would die to go up with one piece of luggage.

But now I have my own rear car, and my body isn't that hard anymore to work out while I'm repeating myself.

I was able to get back to the log house faster than I thought, so one more job before I went on sale.

Open the crate you carried and take out the potion, unloading one at a time.

And pinch in the highly toxic grass you've picked from the herb shed.

Finish with a doc marked label indicating the poison and cover the protective net made by knitting the rope.

Osama remade it as a combat poison by adding poison grass to the rotten potion.

Freshly made poison, and fifty bottles of Battleax from a warehouse for inventory.

consumables such as herbs made in the field, recovery potions made by simmering it.

After packing them evenly in a large Zuda bag, load them into the rear car.

Now the product is ready for today.

And then, for your own sake, go back to the log house.

Take a sandwich wrap for lunch, made with breakfast, from the kitchen and wrap a large waist bag with money and adventure essentials around your waist.

Going outside again, squirrels were gathering on the open terrace table.

This is how they always bring nuts.

Osama picked up each grain of that small souvenir carefully and put it in his pocket.

And he said, "Okay, I'm coming. I'll be back by evening," he says to discipline, then leaves with the rear car.

That was Osama's, every morning attendance scene.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around the "Endless Branch" is surrounded by mountains, with numerous ruins, caves, etc.

There is no crusade quest because there is no crowd, but adventurers who visit for materials that can be picked from habitable monsters will not refuse the rest.

Osama went out to the area where they were, and he was doing business there.

But it's only on the way to the rear car, so from there, take on the pre-divided Zuda bag and head to your destination.

When Osama worked in the city, he was forced to be a spiritual soldier (Pointman) by the warrior (Seiyusha) as he did every day after work.

It's really unusual to wear a pair of clerks and adventurers.

That was a very hard thing to do, but the experience was very helpful in 'merchants'.

Because I could know the adventurer psychology that I would want no matter how much I paid for it, even if it was an unpopular piece of equipment that was not even taken from me in the store.

And most importantly, because I was able to be single and fleshy until 'the situation'......!

Osama, who entered a cave, took advantage of the experience of the Spirit Soldier (Pointman) to pass through miscellaneous fish monsters on the road.

We did business in the deepest depths, where monsters could capture more valuable materials.

A spacious space appeared before Osama through a narrow passage.

This is the 'Best of Trade Spot' in this cave.

Osama climbed the high wall, rising on a beamed stone column, which lay near the ceiling.

It is this high position that will be the office for him, with a view to the room.

A burning tree, a wood in between which animal huns are stuffed to hold a compact but whole day.

Take out a few of them and line them up, make a bonfire, and boil the water in a pan.

And wait a while...

The breathless adventurers poured in somewhat.

It was the young men's party that fought the miscellaneous fish monsters and finally reached the hunting ground.

They become business partners, but Osama doesn't speak up all of a sudden.

Someone you trust enough, or after identifying them from above......

Gently unload the water for the number of people at the party and the cage with the cold squash on it......

"... good luck on the road so far. Before you go to work, would you like a break?

Turning to them I looked up surprised, smiling like the sun in Haru, and talking......!