Osama had imposed two rules on himself in his activities in The End Branch.

First of all, there will be no business in the area in charge of the "Endless Branch", i.e. outside the mountains of yardhocks.

This is to avoid taking away sales from other branches.

At the time...... or still is, Gorgeous Smart has this idea that I'm the one who's all Myself Is All.

If I wanted to get my own rating, I wouldn't mind infringing on my people's divisions... they were full of employees like that.

But only Osama was different, and I was thinking this.

If the takeaway is a rival store, there's still no point in taking it from an ally.

It may gain recognition as a branch, but it is only negative in view of the overall benefits of 'gorgeous smart', ….

It is ironic that Osama, who is informal, weighed more heavily on the interests of the entire organization.

Next, the fuzzy rule.

That is to strive to provide as much service as a store, even in the case of a merchant.

In merchants who are single and have few things to bring in, they are really inferior in terms of service compared to stores.

To make up for it, Osama offered his own services, such as "Easy Repair of Equipment" and "Special Herbal Tea", to improve quality from another perspective.

But it sucks in terms of efficiency to provide such a generous service.

An adventurer who came to the store would not be pointless to have a little service either, as I can determine that he 'came to be a guest'.

The adventurer I met in the cave is quite unlikely to be a 'guest' because he's coming on an adventure, not shopping.

Therefore, I would recommend the product, and if it doesn't seem to work, it would be better to cut it off just now, but it can be said that it is efficiently correct.

But Osama thought the other way around.

He said he should eat up without giving up to be a guest to the 'adventurer who is unwilling to be a guest because of haha'...!

Osama personally approached a pair of parties he met in the cave for a full period of time.

Take the time, be cordial......!

When Osama was the manager of the store in "The City of Yard Hocks," he never even remembered his guests' faces.

Some of the reason I was a store manager in the first place was because of a short period of time, but even when I reunited with the store guests in the cave, no one remembered Osama better.

Once again, Osama appealed to them about the fascination of a different species, the 'Rock Cave Gorgeous Smart'.

Osama at first sight is a suspicious explosion for adventurers, as he does not exist in this country, such as merchants who do business in caves.

But if you take the time to unravel them with a smile and service......

They are remembered for their incomparable impact with store clerks, etc….

The next time I meet him, he reminds me of the quality of the service and makes me a guaranteed repeater......!

But the sales of "Rock Cave Gorgeous Smart," as well as "Endless Branches," were not fragrant in the early days.

Because of the small number of guests I could deal with a day because I was serving a pair of parties I met.

But once you do it, you won't need it from the second time...

The more time we have, the more lubricant this becomes, and the gear begins to turn around a little bit.


Rumors of 'Rock Cave Osama' just spread among yardhock-based adventurers......

Eventually, he became a 'specialty Osama' without a stranger...!

The ease of doing business changes a lot, even if it was just a hearsay that there is a 'heck of a Osama'.

"Osama, who deals in caves around here, is that you? I can't believe you're doing business in a cave full of monsters."

"There was this guy talking in the tavern. When I used the poison I bought from Osama I met in the cave, he said the monster I was after hunted more than twice as many times as usual. Soitz had a drink for everyone."

"It was true that there were idiots in the cave who would recommend Battleax. But everyone who was recommended says so. Immediately after being recommended, there will be a Rare Monster with Battleax active. You said it was like a weather forecast that would definitely hit."

"Wow! Thanks to Osama for the plate mails! It's not sane to wander around in the woods with plate mail, but the 'Forest Crow' I was after is coming at me with cancer! I knew they loved glowing things, but I wish I could make myself a glowing thing......!

The secret of Osama's "Legendary Sales" is also hidden here.

I don't feel like purposefully transporting Battleax or Plate Mail out of the city because of how much achievement it will bring.

But if you sell it right in front of that hunting ground, what you want is a human being......!

And the adventurer is the race responsible for the fringe.

Believe that the equipment with the results of the explosion fishing will also have an effect next time.

Everybody's got a hockey face, a battle ax, a plate mail...

Don't worry about the weight. Bring it back with Nico...!

Osama's merchants had remarkable sales as a merchant.

Among the "gorgeous smarts" in Torqualm territory, they were much better compared to the stores at the bottom, etc.

But there is a limit to how much it was well received.

To reach the top of sales in the territory, it's just not possible in a single dealer.

But... but it is.

As you were aware earlier, "The End Branch" became the number one store (●) in Torqualm.

How the hell could I have done that?

Now let's untie the legend...!