Over the last few days, the mountains of yardhocks had been covered in dark clouds like ancient cotton.

The unstoppable rain covers his sight like a gray vale, soaking his feet, and for humans the worst.

But there is no rest in The End of the Branch.

Unilateral purchasing stock that reaches the foot will not take any account of the weather, etc.

In rainy weather, the people in the settlement who keep my luggage will distract me and cover my luggage, etc.

But I couldn't leave it wild any more than I didn't know what was in it.

Osama pushes the rear car and leaves the log house as he wraps himself in rain gear made of hay.

While being wheeled by deep snowy mud, he managed to reach the foot and moved his luggage to the rear car.

I go around the settlement house one by one to thank you and then head for the summit again.

In addition to muddy mud, the return is pushed by rainwater that has become like a river.

On the cliff road along the way, the water flowed down like a waterfall from a cliff, spicy as if it was retroactively through the torrent.

Forced to work a few times as hard as usual, he manages to get to our front of the house even though he is exposed to the danger of life.

I was already in the mood to finish my job today, but I can't say that either.

Osama tries to drag his wet body into the house.

I took on a large backpack from the top of the rain gear, prepared in advance for the front door.

And I don't even take a breath, I leave the house as it is.

Struck by cold rain again, now set off in the opposite direction from the road to the foot.

Always doing business, behind mountains with caves and groups of ruins is the next purpose.

I'm not taking the rear car because the scaffolding should be even worse.

Either way, it is tantamount to suicide, such as dividing into mountains with this rain.

Because the rock is wetter and slippery, so there is a risk of falling, and above all because of poor vision, there is an exceptional risk of distress.

Osama stops at a cave on the road where adventurers are likely to be evacuated.

After making sure there was no one inside, or just a bear parent and kids, I headed to the cave where I was always in business.

It was easier to go through monsters than usual because my body gets wet and my body odor disappears on rainy days.

When we arrived deep enough to no longer hear the rain, the surprise voices greeted us.

"Ah!? Mr. Goldwolf!?

"You didn't come here to do business on a day like this!?

The campsite, where some adventurer parties were hanging out, was surrounded by slaughter air.

But as soon as Osama shows up, he gathers waaaay as if the hedge on the enemy's side is gone.

Osama answered with a backpack that was as good as his body, whilst slowly lowering it to the ground.

"No, I brought you guys a plug today."

"Plug in?"

"Yes, I thought you guys wouldn't be able to get out of the cave with this rain"

When you say that and remove food and firewood from the backpack, a voice of joy boils down as if you had seen the treasure.

"Ha, thank God!

"I didn't think it was going to rain this much, so it was about time we ran out of food!

"I was running out of firewood, thank you! This will raise the cold!

"... if your body is cold, there is something like this."

What Osama had in his hand was a bottle of candied liquid that rippled.

That's more to the adventurers than potions, it's called the source of life......

"" "" "" It's booze. Ahhhhhhh!!!!

... The adventurers were obsessed with hunting and hadn't noticed the weather had changed.

Before they tried to get out after work, they stood at the exit of the cave...

It was dusty rain, as if watching from behind the waterfall.

Knowing the danger of walking in the mountains of rain, they are forced to cage in caves until the weather recovers.

But I wasn't planning a long camp, so I didn't have a lot of food and firewood I was bringing with me.

Nature and heart stand in the diminishing materials.

... If you run out of other party reserves, kill them but take them away...!

At last an extreme state was about to come, beginning to spread such an idea.

But there, the hand of salvation......

That Osama is here...!

The dark air, which was one-touch instant, clears up every now and then with Osama's smile.

This is also an achievement that Osama had become familiar with the adventurers in his everyday business.

Besides, if you even brought me booze, this is already...!

To them, Osama's appearance no longer looked like this.

With a slightly blurred face, he raised a small barrel with brandy from his neck......

The body is big but with a warm personality......!

Yes, of mountain rescue dogs, to St. Bernard......!

... Osama did not do business on a rainy day.

But he was just as dedicated to caving and helping the adventurers.

Their revived smile was above all a joy to Osama.

And I was thinking at the same time.

Is there anything more I can do to protect this smile...

Eventually the thought will be accomplished.

New business practices have sprung up and are finally going to blossom.

'Gorgeous Smart' on Hornmack......

I went up and down to the top of that sales, to "Legendary Sales"......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

That's a few days after the rain stopped.

This time, all the time, when the sunny day was going on.

Goldwolf was sitting on a terrace seat in the log house, grinding herbs as he relaxed and hissed.


"Oh, Mr. Goldwolf!

In this "Endless Branch," I heard voices other than my first.

Osama looks up hastily and admits to the look of the man climbing the ramp.

Not a little bird, not a squirrel, my first human visitor......

Osama was happy and floated 0 (zero) ¥(ender) smiles more than usual.

"... Oh, there you are! Welcome to Gorgeous Smart!

"When I heard you were running a store in the back of this mountain, I was half-hearted... I didn't know it was true!

"Yes. Have you come this far without getting lost?

"Oh, there was a guide board on the road, and most importantly, there was an array!

That's what the man replied, pointing to the top of the mountain.

Osama was followed and looked up. There, what...!

"Gorgeous Mart"

There's a giant lettering sign in the movie capital...!


Osama has finally begun to attract people to the store…!

I've just been told there's an adventurer's shop behind these mountains, and there's no such thing as an adventurer stopping by.

I don't want to look for a store in the mountains or anything like that, and above all, nobody will believe that there is a store in itself.

So Osama first decided to earn the trust of the adventurer in the trade.

By providing a polite service that cannot be received in their familiar store, they are first made to remember their faces as pedestrians.

On the contrary, he went to help even in the rain and tried to be what the adventurers needed anyway.

And when you get close to them, advertise the store.

What would they do if such a person told me that they were also doing the shop apart from the merchant?

If you're an anonymous' gorgeous smart ', I wouldn't bother to reroute you until...

If it's "Gorgeous Smart" with Osama, let's stop by next time we go to the cave collecting materials...!

It would be a matter of humanity to think so.

Osama set up a guide board in the settlement at the foot of the mountain when he lifted the ban on advertising the store.

For adventurers to head to caves and ruins for quests, this settlement is bound to be the starting point.

It's an operation where everyone makes their way to the location of the quest in the shortest possible distance, stopping by for a moment to have their feet pointed at the 'Endless Branch'.

The people of the settlement also cooperated fully with this, creating enough gigantic signs in the settlement for everyone to see.

Osama is impressed and inspired by the size of that sign.

And at the top, I came up with a further landmark sign.


"Hollywood Sign" doesn't mean "Osama Sign"......!

Unheard of, such as a store that stands a sign at the top of the mountain......!

This unprecedented sign was just the 'legendary sale'......!