"Gorgeous Mart"

This supermassive sign, also known as this landmark, became a landmark for everyone, like a lighthouse on land.

I was able to check from the neighboring city as well, so I called for a great deal of talk.

The city's 'gorgeous smart' storekeepers rejoiced that it would be good publicity for their stores.

I don't know who did it, but I didn't think it was the ultimate branch sign as one of them.

But it is.

The legend of Osama is that this is still one scale......!

Finally, the biggest, "The Legendary Hand"......

Right now, I was about to be struck down......!

It is based in the mountains of Hornmack, enough to change the quest circumstances of the adventurers...

And it was decisive enough to sweep away the long-running idle birds of the "Endless Branch"...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

When you climb a rugged mountain path to near the summit, the example landmark greets you with an extraordinarily magnificent force, as if it were the first letter the gods had brought to people.

On its knees stands an open and spacious meadow, as well as a splendid log house.

The arch at the entrance reads: 'Welcome to the Gorgeous Smart End Branch!' sign.

The arch turns the foot into a well-drained ground, and the road stretches toward the two log houses, right and left.

The log house on the right has a 'Gorgeous Smart' sign.

Push open both open swing doors and try to get inside, which is located under a large house.

Then there was a display of hand-crafted goods, like a privately owned grocery store.

The main item in the "Endless Branch" is a consumable made by the manager of this store or with an arrangement added to an existing item.

Wound pills and potions made from medicinal herbs collected in the mountains. Poison with poisonous grass. Good firewood, pine lights, etc.

They all had a reputation for being of better quality than existing products handled in the city's 'gorgeous smart'.

Behind the store are weapons corners such as Battleax and Plate Mail.

All the unpopular weapons that the city's 'gorgeous smart' doesn't even handle line up.

You may think that no fool would bother to come all the way to the back of the mountain to buy stuff like this... but depending on the circumstances of your quest, you can sell it to fly.

The point is when the store owner has recommended it, and if you take it to the quest at that time, it seems almost certain that a useful situation will come and you will get out of step results.

Regardless of the weapon alone, the store owner's advice is famous for its accuracy.

Many adventurers say they will visit as if to worship the mountain god before making a quest in this yard-hock mountain.

You may not believe it, but some adventurers go out of their way to climb up to this mountain of yardhocks to visit the shopkeepers the day before they go on a quest to another region.

Leaving 'Gorgeous Smart', now let's go to the log house on the left.

An open terrace lined with tables and chairs on a spacious wood deck.

A solid glass window roof so that it's okay on a rainy day.

Pushing open both open doors in plenty of downpouring sunlight, there......

"Welcome, welcome to 'Gorgeous Pension'"

Oh my god......!

Though I feel a little tired, my good-looking Master Odysan (Master)...!


This is the last dozen dozens of "Legendary Sales"......

"Goja Spencion" eh......!

Osama opened a pension for adventurers coming to the mountains to collect monster material...!

I want you to try to remember.

Perform a material collection quest to determine the behavioral patterns of the adventurers.

They camp near the hunting grounds, where they hunt monsters while sleeping.

Then withdraw it if you achieve your purpose, run out of material, or suffer such injuries that you cannot heal, and return to the city.

In brief, this means that "City - Hunting Garden - City - Hunting Garden - City - Hunting Garden" is repeated.

The hunting grounds are places of work for adventurers, but what will they do when they return to the city?

Stop by the store first to turn your accomplishments into gold.

Grab the money and head to the tavern for a decent meal (mesh) and booze instead of a crude meal (mesh) in the camp.

After filling your belly, go to your inn in search of a bed to sleep well, not a hard ground.

And when night breaks, replenish your gear at the Adventurer's shop and go to the hunting grounds again...

Yes, it is...!

Osama made The End Branch a 'city' for adventurers...!

Compared to the city, of course, it is overwhelmingly inferior in size and variation.

But for an adventurer at work, you need enough......!

On the way back from the cave, which is a hunting ground, to the city...... they will have seen it.

And you must have remembered.

From the "Osama Sign" that rises to the top of the mountain, tell me about that (●) Osama...!

When that happens, inevitably......!

"Speaking of which, it wasn't just the adventurer's shop over there, it also had a place to sleep. It's a hassle to go all the way back to the city, okay?"

If you get that far, you must no longer......!

The option of 'city' will disappear...!

"City - Endless Branch - Hunting Ground - Endless Branch - Hunting Ground - Endless Branch - Hunting Ground"......!

You won't be able to escape until the quest is completely over, the rise of the 'Osama Loop'......!

"Welcome, welcome to 'Gorgeous Pension'"

At the time I was greeted with this smile, I didn't even know they put me in a spinning car......!

Keep getting squeezed...!

"Good luck with your day. This will be the key to the room. After you leave your stuff in your room, come to the dining room as we serve dinner. If you want to sweat before then, take a bath."

"What? There's a bath in the back of a mountain like this?

"Yes, there is a large bathroom, pulling the hot springs that are gushing from this mountain"

"Big bath!? Wow! Nice! If I were normal, I wouldn't be able to take a bath back in the city! I'm coming in! I'm definitely coming in!

"The women really like baths...... Oh, but it's a hot spring... I mean, Guhihi..."

"What, is it a mixed bath?!?

"Except for male and female water."

"Oh, it's getting nicer! We're definitely gonna have to go in there now! Let's go!

"Now, I'll get your meal ready by the time you get up from the bath, so when you get up, go to the dining room."

"... oh, Sapphire! Like a peel, your skin is sticky!

"Hot springs are good too! My fatigue's blown up!

"I'm hungry! Dinner's next!... Wow, wow!

"Whoa!? This stewed dish is a mess! You're not the same muddy guy who always eats in the city!

"This salad is so delicious too! It's not the cinnacina's you're eating in the city, it's shaky, it's rich in flavor!

"Thank you. The stewed one is the stewed fish caught in this mountain gorge. The salad will be picked in the field behind this shop."

"Kuh! This booze is awesome too! Best drink I've ever had! What the hell is he doing?

"This is a brandy made from mountain grapes picked in this mountain. It has herbs so you can get tired and it's harder to stay tomorrow even if you drink it"

"Really? I'm not very good at alcohol, but if that's the case, I'll try it!

"If you don't like alcohol, some white wines are made from the same mountain grapes. Some fruit liquors are as easy to drink as juice."

"Wow! This fruit wine is delicious! Sounds like fresh juice! Goddamn it!

"Oh, my goodness! This meat is good, too! Is this the guy you got in this mountain, too?

"No, it's chicken from this mountain settlement."

"Oh my God, I thought it was meat like rabbits and sea lions!

"I was going to do that at first. I thought I'd make Zivier a place where I could eat too."

"But you stopped? Why?"

Then the master points out the window.

It was a flower garden on one side, with beautiful flowers coloured at dusk.

It was a fantastic view like a single picture, but what was even more applauding about it were the lenient animals.

The creature that's supposed to have something to do with carnivores and herbivores and eating or being eaten seems to be having fun.

A strange space where the concept of the food chain seems to have collapsed only there......

It was a world of dreams after death or something you could only see in a fairy tale.

"The mountain animals somehow missed me... and I couldn't kill them to kill them."

My husband (master) stared at them as though they were in a little trouble, but with a little joy.