"Slumdog Mart" finally climbed to its opening in Halbury, the Wang capital, after being lifted from business suspension by the Guard Bureau.

Since there were already customers earned from mobile sales, we show a smooth slip from day one.

Goldwolf used the vibrancy to present a new product.

These are the new private branded products that have completely launched Cute.

Bright accessories and potions with pastel colors.

All depict "Gold-kun," the image character of the store.

I haven't really guessed "Gold-kun" for the products I have handled so far, but there has always been a look for him somewhere in this brand.

In swords and knives, silhouettes are carved into your body, or your face is painted all over your shield when it becomes something big.

Rather than an adventurer's gear, a visual product, like a souvenir from a theme park, captured the corner of the slum dog mart.

Every day, adventurers fighting for their lives don't need 'cuteness' or anything else in their gear.

We can slaughter monsters with greater certainty, and minimize damage from monsters......

Nothing else is required.

That's what they thought.

But wild dog shops have run into products that deny, outright, what can be termed common sense, an established concept.

Why did Osama, the owner of the store, come up with such a challenging thing......

It came from a casual word crushed by the secretary Primla when he was studying the product of 'Gorgeous Smart', a rival store.

"All of Mr. Gorgeous Smart's products are nice with a sophisticated design. It's so dressed and well-groomed that I'm kind of going to have the illusion that I've become great when I have it. It's also very popular with nobles and royalty."

It was kind of odd for Primla, who should actually be quite famous, to express that sentiment.

She assumes she's not as respected as she is...

Osama, who heard about it, ordered (ordered) this for a modest girl, except for her breasts.

"Now, Primla, try to design a new product that is the opposite of that"

Primla will not refuse Osama's request.

She starts by answering honestly, "Yes, I did," she said.

And after accepting it, he slipped his little neck cute.

"When you say true or false, do you mean 'unsophisticated', 'ill-dressed', 'ill-dressed', …?

"Yes, that's what happens when you say it in a bad way. Now, let's rephrase that with a good breeze."

"In a good breeze, you say..."

It didn't take long for Primla, a talented woman, to understand Osama's intentions.


"Busy," "Cute," "Friendly"......

That's the concept of this new product…!

Equipment for adventurers, especially weapons, is unlikely to be 'cute' or 'friendly'.

Because weapons are one of the roles of intimidating enemies with appearance.

Besides friendly weapons...!

But Osama dared to go for it.

And what's done is something cute and colorful that could be toyed with together...!

Equipment and tools like this fancy goods are welcomed with many surprises.

And the rumored reporters will cover it, and the newspapers will cover it alot......!

... should have.

But what a headline that kept each paper busy the next day......!

"Gorgeous Smart Announces New Brand for Women!

"Open" Gorgeous Smart "exclusively for women on the same day!

"The concept is, cool beauty!

"A sword that dances the battlefield like a butterfly and stabs it like a bee! Line up new products including" Butterfly Stinger Blade "!

On the first side, all the new Gorgeous Smart product announcements......!

When it comes to Slumdog Mart topics, it's a bit more like this...!

This was a counter punch planted by Genocide Lower.

He was watching how much his company's goods would be affected when Slumdog Mart was doing business.

It was local, it wasn't that big, but I realized there was.

The sales of Virgin related products are decreasing.

The reason for this was clear.

Influenced by the Holly Doll family Virgin, all the students at the Virgin School in the area doing business are flowing to the Slam Dog Mart......

And I come to a conclusion.

"If Slumdog Mart opens in Halbury, he will certainly continue to gain the support of the Virgins. And with that as a stepping stone, next up are female warriors and witches...... Yes, they should come for a female adventurer... '

A female adventurer is a small percentage.

There are more men in the melee profession, but there are also many women in ranged archers (archers), etc.

Half of the magicians and healers (healers) who are considered magicians are women, and all of them are women in the Virgin.

And the phrase "very popular with young women" particularly resonates with the Odishans who still think they look good.

Even if it was nobility or royalty...!

'Gorgeous Smart' today is an overwhelming brand power, with tremendous support from the wealthy.

But don't be alarmed.

Even if they were shops for the masses...

To create a "fashion sensitive self," the Ozisans will be happy to jump in, even in a store like a kennel......!

So I kick the customers I grabbed and crumble the king's castle one by one...!

That's exactly what wild dogs really aim for......!

Genocide Lower had inferred from only a few sales data to that point and had secretly instructed his subordinates to set up a new brand.

And in conjunction with the opening of Slumdog Mart......

Dressed to frustrate his nose, he made a big announcement...!

A new 'gorgeous smart' with the queen on the image character......!

There was a huge difference between the two strategies, even though they were aimed at the same female customers.

Gorgeous Smart has stores specializing in women, and products are only 'sophisticated and cool' on traditional routes.

But the price is set to suppress for the masses and, above all, appeals to the 'joy of wearing'.

Slumdog Mart doesn't have a specialty store, and the product has never been 'lively and cute'.

Price and quality are the same as other products, just fancy how they look.

The battle between the two was dominated by Gorgeous Smart from the beginning.

Because the gorgeous smart delicacies, which were famous brands, went down to the point where they were within reach if they worked hard, although the value was a little tight.

This had a tremendous impact.

"Until now, I can get myself something I couldn't have bought if I wasn't a rich lady...!

and greatly stimulate women's brand desires.

The "Gorgeous Smart" with the Queen's Seal began to kill women adventurers day after day after day.

But then there will be one fear.

When it's for the masses, there's a chance that existing customers will do their best to get away with it.

That's why Genocide Lower divided the store into two types.

Traditional 'gorgeous smart' dealing with haute couture, a luxury product and….

For a new 'gorgeous smart', dealing with ready-made Pretaporte......!

The press covered the nascent gorgeous smart day after day and published a true photo of the matrix in the newspaper.

Rumors call for rumors, and guests from other realms begin to gather...!

It was a one-minute operation and a one-minute collaboration with the media......!


The young champion's unleashed counter punch was in the challenger's face by the time it was stunning...!

The new brand of 'Slumdog Mart' is forgotten from memory without even being the subject of people as it is......

Osama takes his first down......!?

And 'Legendary Sales' finally, you're going to enjoy your first black star......!?