The gong of the Battle of Osama vs Genocide Lower was finally struck.

At the same time as the opening, Osama, the challenger, jumps out of the corner at a speed like lightning and sets up a champion.

That was so fast that the sound of the bell was still ringing in the venue that it was already swinging a punch.

The punch unleashed by wild dogs is a new product range that pushes' cuteness' across the board.

In the Adventurer Supplies industry, electric shock announcement of equipment for the supposedly improbable design......!

The opponent, the King, received a painful blow (one bread) in greeting!

... or so I thought.

Even at the start of the game, the champion still wears the king's gown.

A blue lightning bolt that never stops in your eyes, approaching its beautiful face,

"Huh, if that punch, I've seen it since I woke up in the morning."

All the while, I can afford exactly like a king, one glove or two...

Unleash a special counterpunch...!

What a 'new product' it would be like taking away the roots of a female customer that would be Osama's aim......!

No, it was the announcement of the 'New Brand'......!!

The name, too.

"Queens Cool Device, the Queen's lovely weapon!!


In return from the champion who only predicted it, a buzzing wild dog!

After being flown all the way to the rope, let him do his body, like a bullet shot out with a sling, and return to the champion again!

There again, the blow of the champion bursts!

Wild dogs come and go (bounce) between champions and ropes, like cartoon cartoons...!

Challenger (Osama) ……!

No matter who sees it anymore, it's boggling......!

Watching how it goes, ladies customers packed around the ring.

They are all starting a championship call with a peek at some of the Virgins, who also have a role to play in judging the game.

No longer in this first round, the challenger's KO loss was thought to be certain.

A challenger's tiger boy, the Special Punch for Wang Du Attack looked defeated.

... but I want you to remember.

The content of the announcement that was made before the start of the match.

Blue Corner, called 'Free Market for Moves', Skilled Challenger……!


Osama's flavour is a diverse punch......!

And depending on the opponent, the Hungry spirit is enough to insist on a kick move with a glove on his leg......!

This time it doesn't seem that way because their heels are low, but anyway, it's this (●) Osama who has infinite moves (tech)...!

He had his face hecked many times, but his eyes were not dead yet.

Grip the fist for the opening, tiger gaze......

I was just asking when to release it here...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Slumdog Mart frustrated the nose out of the new product in a gorgeous smart way, as if it were an untold situation.

Primla was lamenting that the product design she was in charge of was poor.

Reincarnation strokes her head and begs her to abandon the child.

"Oh, honey. It's not Primla's fault. If you're going to cry over it, cry with Gol's breasts with your mom or Pine."

Goldwolf watching by his side.

I was feeling something unexplained, but I would take a three-sister body hit anyway.

In the beginning, I held my shoulders and pushed them aside from the three women, but then my second daughter looked sad, and even my eldest daughter tried to dive into my nostalgia willingly, so I had no choice but to do so.

When Osama only feels their growth when he hits them.

It's a mystery whether or not he thought he was big again, but more than that......

"Mr. Primla, Mother is right. Mr. Primla's design is not bad. Therefore, sales of new products will continue. Let's change our methods a little and appeal to our customers."

In Osama, recovery measures were already available.

That meant narrowing the target of the new product down to the layers that had gained support at the time of the trade.

That's right.

To "Child" and "Virgin"......!

Osama was preparing his next product to keep the momentum going when this new product rode the wave.

Add that here.

If I failed, there was a risk of collapse, but I went into battle.

Its further new product is the company's main new flavor of "bespoke potion".

What a fruity potion......!

The point is medicine, so it was common sense to say 'bitter and muzzled'.

It's not "bitter on the mouth of good medicine," but the more bitter it works... that's what they believed.

Only to overshadow it from the ground up, a new 'sweet and delicious' potion......!

Strawberry flavour, orange flavour, peach flavour, muscat flavour, etc., 'sweet good medicine in the mouth'......!

It is well received by young children who have so far estranged as an adult flavor.

Moreover, parents can be given peace of mind because there is also a children's potion that reduces the drug effect......!

Instead, it's something I need to drink when I grow up, so it helped me to get used to it from among my children, so I could also get support from my parents.

Goldwolf targeted the parents and children who came to the store in search of this fruit potion.

Install a new display next to the potion store.

That's a parent-child mannequin, wearing fancy gear designed by Primla......!


I suggested a pair of looks for parents and children......!

This appeal particularly grabbed the hearts of the layers who came to the store with their mother and daughter.

"Wow, Mom! Look at this! This wizard's gear, it's so cute!

"Oh, really, you're imagining the wizard's parents and children."

"Hey Mom, let's buy this! Me, my mom and I would love to wear this!

"But it seems a little too cute for me...... Buy one for adults now and you'll get one for kids for free."

"You'll look great on your mom, too! Hey - buy this! Buy it, buy it, buy it! Good luck with your school studies!"

"I can't help it. Hey, just this once."

That's how my daughter keeps buying me patterns.

Not even as a mother.

"When this kid gets a little older, you're going to want more gorgeous smart gear. And when you're old, you're going to hate the look of a pair of parents and kids, so it's going to be a good memorial."

That's how I feel, buy it......!

This was a grassroots, plain sales strategy, but it just begins to bear fruit.

And...... it prompted the parents and children who bought it to go out to school events wearing a lot of that gear...

... that led to a big explosion...!