Today is a Parent-Child Recreation Competition for a Certain Magician Elementary School.

Parent-child magic instructors dressed in chic robes based on black and purple were gathered at a "training facility" on the outskirts of the city.

"Training Facility" is a place where adventurers can experience "Quest" in action.

A set is set in a building as large as a gymnasium where you can simulate adventures such as outdoors and underground labyrinths (dungeons).

Incidentally, but in relation to moving a huge trick, the cost of using it is considerable.

Therefore, as a guest, schools are dominated by more than senior positions with many wealthy families.

I can't do it in a small junior elementary school, like Glasparine has.

Instead, the poor camp in the river plains.

Let's get this conversation back to normal.

In the square at the entrance to its "training facility", parents and children gather together in a dark robe, known by one eye as the Magic Instructor.

It was a sight as if it were a rally of crows or the beginning of a suspicious ritual.

There, as soon as the mother and daughter of a colorful robe appeared, like singling out the colors of the world,

"Wow!? That robe, it's beautiful!

"Oh, ma'am, could that be the catalyst? It's not an oak tree wand, it's like big candy and cute wow"

"Hey, where did you buy that!? What, Slumdog Mart!?

"Oh, that store, I've heard of it! You just recently sold out a fruity potion!

"Yeah, I went and bought that too, but if this robe was cute, my mom wouldn't have bought it for me!


"Oh, ma'am, it's lovely that you're a parent and child with matching gear!

"Hey, Mom! I want that robe too! I matched up with my mom.

The dressed mother and daughter, like she came from the land of the fairies, instantly became an idol on the spot.

In addition, rich parents and children, who decide perfectly with gorgeous smart brand equipment, appear as refreshed as models.

If it was always the case, I could have gotten my attention, no matter what the subject was thriving on the occasion...

Only today, the understated mothers came together, but only at a glance.

At the heart of a large circle you should be there......

Even Mommy Karst has a plain mother and daughter, located around the bottom inside......!

Gorgeous mom outside the wheel was biting off the sleeve of a robe that she was supposed to brag about, to bump her remorse.

"KEEEEE! This recreation was a fashion show to show off the finest equipment of Atekshi and their parents and children......! What the hell, that nasty colored gear!?

"Hey, mother. I'd rather have the cute gear he's got than this brand -"

"Holy shit! Gear like that toy, I'm sure it'll break soon! I'm sure you'll be worn out on the way to recreation and decided to just expose yourself to shame!

Well... I want you to remember that it's here.

The difference between Gorgeous Smart and Slam Dog Mart's strategies to win female customers.

Gorgeous Smart has stores specializing in women, and products are only 'sophisticated and cool' on traditional routes.

But the price is set to suppress for the masses and, above all, appeals to the 'joy of wearing'.

Slumdog Mart doesn't have a specialty store, and the product has never been 'lively and cute'.

Price and quality are the same as other products, just fancy how they look.

...... Price and quality are the same as other products, just fancy how they look.

… Price and quality are the same as other products, just fancy to look at (● ● ● ● ● ●).

... just the way it looks (“ ”), fancy......!

"Wow! What's wrong with you today!? Wood goblins don't have magic arrows all over them!

"Yeah, thanks to this wand! This is so easy to grip and set up!

"Ma'am, you've been hiding your strength!? You're not like an active magician!

"Yeah, this wand is amazing! The center of gravity is so well balanced by its appearance, it's easy to handle as if it were your own body... it's not hard at all to set up or retain!

"Still, it's not amazing how much magic can be cast on a wooden goblin that far away!?

"Well, it's like this twisted candy, and it's a big mess, but it allows you to measure the distance."

"What, you can measure the distance with a cane!?

"Yeah. The store guy taught me how to use it, and this is how I put my wand on the ground and see the object. I'm over there right now, my boss's wood goblin is 2 meters in size, so the distance from here is more or less...... 25 meters eh!

Slumdog Mama chants an electric spell that weaves a distance from the target of the attack when she performs measurements using a cane.

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwww!!

With the roar, a flash of light flashes from the end of the candy.

Like a serpentine laser. It was cracking the space open, blowing up a big woodgobblin's head.

A spell can also contain location information of an object such as' distance ',' height ', or the like, among the wording used to cast it.

Using this mechanism for healing spells and the like also makes it possible to cure distant subjects.

However, measurements can be laborious, so they are mostly omitted in case of aggressiveness, such as during battle.

When that happens, all you have to do is set your aim with a cane, but the hit rate drops exceptionally that way.

Slumdog Mart for sale, candy-like wand......

That was not only about appearance, but also about performance out of standard.

Because Goldwolf, the designer, was weaving what we now call 'the functionality of the binoculars millscale'......!

Thanks to Slumdog Mom for what has happened since it even started in this facility......

After all the bullets hit, I was able to accomplish a feat called One Shot One Kill......!.

Once upon a time, Gorgeous Mom was chanting spells in a few dozen striking maneuvers to show off her brand gear performance (specs).

The result is......

"Ha, ha, ha...! Hey, hey, hey...! Mukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!?

I sweat and my makeup drops, and that sweat stains my robe, and the silk fabric on the blame is tragic......

It looked completely, like a bad witch living in the back of the woods.

Passing before that with a cool face, like a fairy in the woods, a pastel-colored mother and daughter.

"Ma'am, what's really going on today!? I can't believe we were most active with all the parents and kids, but we're not sweating at all!

"Thanks to this robe too, it's so breathable as it looks, it doesn't steam!

"What, can't a robe steam?!? What kind of robe doesn't steam?

"Yeah, I couldn't believe it at first either. Besides, it doesn't fade or shrink when you wash it round! I did laundry a couple of times, and you're right!

"Yeahhh!? Is this the guy who washed the whole thing? I thought you were freshly grated!

"The store guy said this too, because it's stain resistant even if it gets dirty, and they use a good stain free fabric!

"Breathable and dirty. What a dream robe! Could it have been sooo expensive!?

"Actually, that's... what a price...!

"" "" "" Yeahhhhhhhhh!?!?

... such a TV shopping sight became visible.

Osama, finally even the idle madams......!

Gassili, grab my heart (Heart Catch)...!

Needless to say, after they finished their recreation, they immediately pulled their daughter's hand and headed to the wild dog store.