Goldwolf, frustrated with his nose by 'Gorgeous Smart', first considered calling people to the product corner.

I just lovingly advertised how much 'we're talking about', and the actual outlet is ineffective in idle birds.

A visitor to the store,

"What, this crowd!? Oh, I know! That's the one we're talking about! Let's see it too!

If it doesn't, it doesn't make sense.

So first and foremost, create an atmosphere of sales….

That's what Osama was thinking.

If he were a regular manager, he would launch measures against young female adventurers, but Osama didn't.

Because that's what the new Gorgeous Smart brand is after.

Because I thought there was no winning chance of taking away the same customer (pie) with someone I couldn't win because of their topicality and publicity.

"Young female adventurer" is, so to speak, "Honmaru" in this customer base.

If you don't try harder on the carpet, it will be payback.

Then the aim is a very different layer….

That's where I laid eyes on 'the girl'.

Gold Wolf adds fruity potions as a new product.

As we aimed, we succeeded in capturing small customers.

They suggest a parent and child pair look, anticipating that they would come to the store with their mother.

In addition to directing them to fancy gear, they also involve their mothers.

If I bought a set of adult gear, I launched a campaign to get a set of kids gear for free (for free) and appealed to a family minister, Ozo.

That was never a fancy promotion.

But Osama knew and believed.

Moms' eyes to identify the product as cynical.

If you could use the product even once, you would feel its definite practicality.

And a review by the mums' wellside conference, its power.

One of the kids' classes, one...... No, it would be nice to have one user in one school.

That's all there is to it, Mum. It creates a reaction in the community......

that it spreads in a chain from class to class next door, and from school to school next door...!

As intended, "Slumdog Mart" begins to show a slight increase in appearances with parents and children.

Eventually, the fancy equipment corner at the corner of the store was enough to always have a crowded mountain.

It's like too much talk, but this didn't happen out of the blue.

It can be said that the wild dog store had already gained nothing because it had just the foundation to gain trust from children and parents.


Fighting legs caused by the example lady, already on the male side......

I was grasping the hearts (hearts) of the men in the family, my dad and the elementary school boys, and I was able to escort the women smoothly.


For Osama, it was just an 'easy job' to get the 'other half of the family'......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Where the outlet has warmed up, Osama sets a target for the following customers:

It's like the children, the 'Virgin', who already have a foundation for trust.

There were two operations to take in those who serve God.

The first step is to have the Holy Doll sisters wear the robes for the Virgin that they want to sell out on a daily basis.

Designed by Primla was a robe with a pastel white tone and a light colour.

It's not as flashy as a wizard's robe, because it allows us to accommodate the school of the Virgin, which is strictly dressed.

But all this couldn't be an order, even though it was part of the business.

Although the famous Virgins, employees while in the shop.

But the robe of the Virgin is also an expression of their feelings of faith.

Unless you wear it of your own free will, you can't even instruct me to dress...

and soon after Osama worried,

"Look, look, Gol. We all wore new product robes! This is good! That's just what Primla designed. Wow!

"Oh, uncle, how about...? Heh, isn't that weird?

"O-ri-dan, pan-mi!

The three sisters were happy to put their sleeves through the robe.

My oldest daughter sticks out about half the time, without fitting her chest size at all.

The second daughter to be lit up, as if to show off her first eulogy.

Three women in davo davo, dragging their hems off.

"... Mr. Primla looks great on you. Mother and Mr. Pine Pack will have the right size, so change over there."

If they ran mouth to mouth saying 'all three look good' and so on, they could stay put, so Osama expressed his feelings without abomination.


Although there was a little goth, the Virgins wore robes for me, so Osama goes into the next step.

As for the girls, I took them in with a sweet fruity potion......

Measures to take in the Virgins, older than the average, are fulfilled......!?

That's, what...!

Even sweeter, it was a 'fruity potion'......!!

But this time, it wasn't just fruit.

A big-time Micah-like look, called 'Lookma'.

Steamed crisps, sweet potatoes and pumpkins, their strange sweetness and texture.

It is an anecdote that women's support is likely to be obtained, but the goddess also loved to eat.

The diocese, said to be the residence of the Virgins, in its garden there must always be a 'lookma tree', which behaves fruitfully to those who visit it.

Neither the flavour nor the accompanying episode is an exaggeration to say exactly 'Fruit for the Virgin'......!

Osama used this as a new flavor for the fruit potion...!

Wild Dog Potion, 'Mama's Handmade Lookma Flavor', Explosion Birth......!

... A mom is an example mom.

The fruit harvested from the orchard of Lookma, owned by the Holly Doll family, is refined into potions in the workshop.

My mom said "yummy, yummy" on the finish and a delicacy filled with loving mumbles......!

It's marked by a package illustration of my mom hugging Gold, an image character of Slam Dogmart, to the point of crushing him......!

The Grand Virgin, "Reincarnation Holy Doll"......!

Big, descending, and coming to the world of 2D (Cartoon)......!!

Much of this project was due to our massive outburst, but this operation is unprecedented in power.

"Goddess" and "The Grand Virgin of Charisma"......

There will be no such thing as an unspoiled Virgin in this country.

"Slumdog Mart" is finally the corner of the castle......

We succeeded in recapturing the Virgins in the queue of "Gorgeous Smart"...!