"... Slumdog Mart successfully took in a family with small children in the Parent-Child Pair Look Support Campaign. As for this one, it doesn't seem to have a significant impact on our group's" Queens Cool Device "sales"

"Phew, that would be so. It's not what we're after in the first place. So, what's happening with the potion?

"Well, that's..."

"Doesn't seem to be working."

"Also...... sorry! To recreate the fruit flavour, it hasn't come to that yet!

"Phew...... It should have acquired a major pharmaceutical workshop and become the largest in small countries when it comes to R&D for potions. So you still don't think you can do it?

"Yes......! I'm giving it my total strength to analyze Slumdog Mart potions, but I don't even know how they take bitterness..."

"... putting in a hundred researchers on a scale, you don't know... Slumdog Mart's Pharmaceutical Workshop doesn't seem to be huge, but it looks like you have some talented people."

"Slumdog Mart's Pharmaceutical Workshop was previously used by our group as a subcontractor. The product level was low at that time, and my group has a history of stopping trading."

"Right. Then it looks like a good researcher went in after Slumdog Mart picked it up. You just have to look into Soitz and pull through."

"I thought so, too, and I was letting my men look into it... There were no new researchers in there."

"... what do you mean?

"When it comes to fruit potions, they're making them according to recipes from Slumdog Mart, not developing a pharmaceutical workshop,"

"Phew, does that mean that the person who developed the fruit potion was a slum dog mart side person..."

"Yes, I'm letting you look into Slumdog Mart's management headquarters now. There doesn't seem to be many people planning and developing the product, so I'm sure you'll find out sooner or later. But, um..."

"What's up?

"It's still better to be imitated than that, the way the Deputy Director's father used to..."

"... you want me to steal a fruit potion recipe?

"Yes, it would save more time, talent and cost..."

"Phew...... It's natural to take what others have created and sell it as your own. But 'time, talent, cost' … for just that reason (benefit), you want to risk the last Gorgeous Smart sign left in this country?

"Oh, don't worry about that! For empty nests, we are better trained than your father! Even as my intelligence department, I'm the best at it! Besides, even if the guards find you, you won't be exposed as a scandal because you'll be swept away at the minister's!

"... who are you serving now?


"Are you serving a jerk? Or are you serving this me?

"That, of course, is deposited with the current Hurlbury headquarters, deputy director...... Genocide Lower."

"Phew... right. If so, why are you trying to follow the way the dick did? Your owner is me. Where are the breeding dogs that flatter the inhabitants of the next house?"

"... too, sorry! I will not speak of your father's methods in the future!" Compliance ", and" Breakers of the rules are first class here "will be remembered in the liver!

"Okay, next time. What's going on with the non-potion analysis?

"Ha, ha! Of the competing products, I was looking into it from the robe first..."

"Phew...... What, you don't even know that?

"No, it's not... it's very, very hard to believe..."

"What is it?

"First of all, the fabric of the robe was not woven fabric, but magically bonded" demonic fabric. "


"That's the color that looks good when stained, doesn't fade over time, touches well, is breathable... Plus, it's strong, but it doesn't shape-wash... it was the ideal fabric...!

"You mean the fibers are well formulated"

"Yes, my group's development department was also surprised. It is said that the formula of the fabric of magic woven fabrics is about the number of stars. I was wondering what the hell formula could produce such a miraculous fabric...!

"Huh, a miracle... Hundreds of Brave Creators are no match for a bunch of them... Looks like Slumdog Mart has a very talented developer. He must have made the potion and the fabric."

"Yes, it's the talent my group wants at all costs!

"Right. Then you will wear that robe, what is happening to the 'Virgin'?

"Yes...... As for you, unlike parents and children, it has a huge impact on the brand. Sales of products for the Virgin in Queens Cool Device have fallen dramatically."

"Phew... right. At the point where the Holly Doll people are on, I expected some impact... that much."

"I had no idea that those prestigious Virgins could even be packages of potions after wearing robes for the masses...... Refreshing how much money and connections have been used to achieve this…"

"Sounds like the Virgin, who pitied a private store without visitors, started helping as a charity on a whim. Are you saying it's no longer larger than that?"

... By the way, what was moving at this time was "Gol Toothbrush Tickets".

Osama was brushing his teeth and being brushed with knee cuddles with away girls over twenty years old day after night.

In a way, I can't even say it's something out of the ordinary track.

"Shall we? We also hire the famous Grand Virgin..."

"No, that's good. There is no such thing as a Virgin comparable to the Holly Dolls in this country. Even if you call from another country, if you are also the Grand Virgin, you have to deal with it in the main character of the ad. You should avoid that the image of the brand solidifies in the Virgin. Even if you did it with knowledge, only the Virgin, who is only part of the customer, can get it back...... As of now, it's not worth the cost"

"But as it is, it may affect other professions as well. If it's a high-quality robe, it's a wizard..."

"Phew, I'm not saying I'm not going to do anything. If you're going to recruit, you're saying it doesn't make sense unless you have enough potential to go far beyond your enemies."

"And when you say... who is that like?

"We'll see about that. More than that, let's go to the last agenda."

"Ah, yes. Father...... Ohon! No, we would like to report on the current situation of Dear Genocide Daddy"