A beautiful young man named Zepuros was rushed to "get inside" by his host, Genocide Lower.

Yes, he is the 'unusual guest' who was called to this lunch meeting.

But where he was prompted to "get in" from inside the room, Zepuros remained standing like a model in the hallway.

"No matter how much my childhood friend asks, I can't do that. For this Zepuros, only the scent of the lady's skin is oxygen...... I can't breathe in a space full of men like this."

At this time Genocide Lower was throwing glances like, "Don't say anything extra," in the opposite seat, but it was late.

Day Crowler asks exactly "extra things".

"Phew, so what's going on with the bathroom or something?

"I hear there are two potties in the men's bathroom. I've only been in this Zepuros, Lady's bathroom, so I'd like to see exactly what the other potty looks like."

"Then also for men's water..."

"Phew, fine, let's go inside first. If you need a lady to get into your room, I'll get you a maid."

As further questions continued, Genocide Lower disconnects.

But what came back was once again an unexpected answer.

"Then don't worry about it. For this Zepuros, lady is like a dot nose pill...... I carry it with me all the time, and when it's gone, you can refill it. I've never had anyone take care of me before."

And he heads into the hallway and invites, "Come."

You were waiting beside Zepuros, and the maids brought in the wagon with the dish.

Much bigger wagons than usual......

The two young men in the room soon realized that.

But the discomfort also disappears instantly.

By a sight too unusual, as if you were dreaming too......!

The three maids pushing the wagon, what underwear...!

An unusual maid girl's, cute pink......!

Sporty water colour from an active maid......!

Colourful maid sister's, luscious black......!

But it is the standard equipment of the maid, white......

Just the head kachusha and the garter belt and stockings, keep it up......!

"Wow!?" "Become."

Surprisingly, a day clowler who shouts.

Genocide Lower seemed to remain calm, but his breath was clogged.

Are the maids just embarrassed, parking the wagon by the table blushing their cheeks, hiding their bodies so they can escape their gaze?

But the men, they no longer saw them.

Because...... further stunned, I was blinded.

On the wagon, what...!

Not a single thread......!

No, put the colorful dishes together like underwear, the maids......!

Their nudity turned into plates and the course dishes for today's lunch were arranged...!

Salad covering the chest from the clavicle, maydish in the valley of swelling, soup tucked in the umbilicus......

And dessert of course......!?

As if the host had been reversed, Zepuros spreads his hands wide.

And I finally came into the room.

Every step you take, Gashari! and the armor makes a noise.

"The ladies here caught me on my way to this room. And they asked me. Today's lunch is meat or fish, which would you like to enjoy?"

Proceeding inside the room, all the maids I've carried cling to "Zepuros Well".

Zepuros takes his steps further as he holds the maids.

"That's why Zepuros whispered. Any famous potter, even a rare artist, can't create it, with your beautiful bodies in vessels... you want to mouth the heart...!

The maids lying in the wagon looked up at Zepuros.

"Zepuros. Well... Enjoy me. No..."

I'm crushing like every other one.

All the maids working at this "Gorgeous Smart Hallbury Headquarters" were solid identities.

Of course I know the genocide lores who treat me like I do every day, not even day crowlers, that I'm not the women who do things like these business women.

Usually truly, always cheerfully, always discreetly......

I can't believe they take on a bunch of women instead of wearing underwear like that...!

Genocide Lower sighed, just saying this was the best he could do.

"Phew... that's Ride Boy Zepuros... There's only one leader in the Rike Boys, an idol unit that's very popular with women right now..."

"Ride Boy"......

The underground labyrinth (dungeon), formerly known as "Ant Tsuka" and now as "The Land of the Immortal King".

Do you remember the warriors who fought there and lost?

Ride Boy Lance

Ride Boy Spear

Ride Boy Javelin

Ride Boy Oxtan

They belong to the lower group of the 'Ride Boy' clan.

And it was also a foursome idol unit called The Light Boys.

This' Ride Boy Zepuros' is even more than that......

In the 'Ride Boy' clan, he is a middle-class figure and a sibling presence, also as an idle unit.


A brave man (Newcomber) called by Genocide Lower as a new assassin for 'overthrowing Osama' ……!

The fiercest sketchy......!

Here and now, check it out...!


● Ojin Class (Chairman)


● Quasi-God (Jun Shin) Grade (President)

Din Din Dingil


Noone Lives Forever

Marie Blood HQ (Harley Queen)

● Shiten Grade (VP)

Kitty Geyser

● Chi Tian (Chi Ten) Grade (Director General of the Great Powers)

● Seating Grade (Deputy Director of the Great Powers)

● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)

Genocide Daddy (loss 40)

● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

NEW: Ride Boy Zepuros

Promotion: Genocide Lower


● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)

● Datian Grade (Store Manager)

● Koten Grade (no title)

○ Fallen Heaven

Genocide Fang

Genocide knuckles

Midnight Shuffler, Diamond Rich Nell, Crimson Teager

Ride Boy Lance, Javelin, Speer, Oxtan

146 unnamed warriors.

56 Unnamed Brave Woman.

105 Unnamed Braves

156 unnamed brave men.


By the way, the rideboys, who were inferior, were all crossed by giants and deceived low heights.

Of course Zepuros inherited that blood muscle, and he is a little boy.

In his case, however, he goes in and bottoms up in full body armor made of 'arc gear'.

'Arc Gear' refers to a prosthetic technique that was also used by the terminal Crimson Teager.

I can maintain a slimmer and more natural shape than I can cross over to a giant, but before I get used to it, it has the disadvantage of being an unnatural move like a robot and having to wear armor at all times to delude the rigidity of my prosthetic limbs.

And for the further record, Genocide Lower had been promoted to 'Deputy Director of Small States'.

Before Oyaji traveled to the Endless Branch, he was strengthening his authority so that he could protect the Gorgeous Smart of the King's Capital.