"Gorgeous Smart Hallbury Small Country Headquarters," suddenly takes the stage at a luncheon meeting trying to be held there......

No, it appeared in the department manager's office (stage) with great impact, like coming down from the ceiling on a gondola...

Make yourself the leader of the most popular idol group right now, The Lyke Boys......

Of the warrior brave (Seiyusha) of the rank of Li Tian (Riki Ten)...

Ride boy Zepuros huh......!

On the corner of the round table, he held the shoulders of the maids in underwear in a daunting move like a thousand actors.

The feminine platter was forced to lower at the behest of Genocide Lower, so Zepuros couldn't help but put the two maids next to each other.

Zepuros silk gloves crawl around like white spiders.

But the maids don't even hate it.

Every time I am touched by a weak spot, I tremble and leak my body, exhaling like a rumble of heat.

And as if he had melted his body and mind, he is creeping on him and carrying the dish into his mouth in a fragrant way.

Genocide Lower and Day Crowler stared at the flirtatious appearance with a face that seemed to have passed through the fright.

"I can't believe I'm making the girl I just met so moist... you're still a hottie"

"Phew, you're idle, but the lack of moderation is getting worse first"

"Zepuros has been popular with girls since elementary school. Instead of all the girls in my class on my first day, I even mellowed them down to my teacher. It reminds me of those days when I looked at it like this."

"Huh, right. But I didn't call you to have a reunion today."

Then Zepuros finally takes his gaze off the maids and turns back to the front.

"So where do these blue birds named Zepuros fly after they've stuck with the hearts of the ladies here?

And as if winged, I spread my hands.

The maids just say, "Don't go."

Genocide Lower sighs away playful behavior like improvisational theatre.

'Cause I didn't think we'd be able to talk about it either way.

"Phew...... In short, I want to ask for a job. I want you to be the image character of a brand that is now expanding in this country's Gorgeous Smart."

Zepuros returns a short answer to the suggestion, "Phew."

"That's not true, the blue bird won't come," Daycrowler pinched his mouth.

"The brand we're selling right now is for women. So the point is, I want you to captivate all the girls in this country."

Additional information includes nuances that "Phew" may also be of some interest.

But when I shrugged my shoulders wide,

"The hearts of the ladies in Halbury already belong to this Zepuros. Do you want me to go out of my way to catch the fish that come together if I slap your hand? It's hard to do a job that's not worth it."

"... but that would be just the miscellaneous fish"

In a word I've interrupted, Zepuros' eyebrow root stops slightly.

The Genocide Lower was the only example the Day Crowler had shown earlier, and he figured out how to treat him.

"Big fish...... the daughters of the great aristocracy and the great saints will be swimming the lake yuyuyu even listening to the sound of slapping their hands. But if my brand, 'Queens Cool Device', and Ride Boy Zepuros, and the Day Crowler here join hands...... I believe that even the nussies of the lake, or princesses of this country, can fish up"

The edge of the big star's lips, which would have robbed him of a number of first kisses, hangs up cool.

That was a slight change, but Genocide Lower didn't miss it.

"Plus' Slumdog Mart ', the enemy, is working with the Holly Doll family. Of course you do, right? It's that Holy Virgin's famous house that says no to all the servings from the brave.... For them, there's no shortage, is there?

"If there's a lady really not interested in this Zepuros, I'd love to meet her."

Zepuros answers so and rises to fly.

The maids tried to chase him, but he was crushing his back and lay on the floor.

Zepuros leaves without giving them a glimpse, as he did after throwing away the miscellaneous fish he caught.

"That, where are you going? Maybe from now on, you're going to go dictate the Holly Doll family stuff? No matter how much you are, suddenly you're in trouble?

When the Day Crowler called to rest, the back of the armor, fully carved with white rose relief, answered.

"This Zepuros has been captivating the ladies since before they were born. My mom, who was pregnant with Zepuros, also didn't want to let Zepuros go so much that she couldn't get it out of her tummy... Plus the nurses were so obsessed with starting rugby in Zepuros the moment they took up Zepuros... Zepuros' life is also the history of the ladies' feud...... So I'm not used to it anymore."

"No, that's not what I meant, those three sisters..."

Day Crowler said in the sense that it would struggle, but it did not reach a positive white rose.

Reworded words are also blocked by genocide lores along the way.

"Phew, fine, Zepuros. If I could captivate the Holy Dolls, I'd give you the budget I was supposed to put on the promotion. Still, I can accomplish my purpose. But if you fail, be the image character of Queen's Cool Device and fight Slumdog Mart with us."

But the white rose still doesn't turn around.

"I'll be back here before the birds rest their wings. And in return for lunch, we'll treat you to dinner from this Zepuros."

And he leaves like the wind.

Leave only one word like a petal.

"... of course the vessel is the finest (Holly Doll)."