The shops dealing with adventurers are busiest in the early morning just after opening everywhere and in the evening between closings.

Because an adventurer leaving for the quest buys what he needs in the morning and comes to sell the effects of his day in the evening.

But 'Slumdog Mart' is also busy during the day.

At noon Mother Reincarnation, the Grand Virgin, will be at work.

The adventurers who wanted to take a glimpse of her before the quest and delayed her departure pack it at this time.

And then there's the kids who finish school.

At those just boundaries, the guests' feet also settle down just a little around 2pm.

Goldwolf cleans in front of the store at that time if there is nothing to rush.

It's not the job of an owner with hundreds of stores in this country, but he cherished this time.

It's hard to see from inside the store, because you can see the look on the faces of people on the road.

Most of them are races that have nothing to do with Slumdog Mart, so I'm not letting them live in business where I can see their complexion......

There are many 'gorgeous smart' and personal store owners who think, for example.

When you become a terrible shopkeeper, some people just get close and chase you away like a dog or sprinkle water.

But Osama wasn't.

When I met them, I met them with a smile and sometimes a voice.

"It's warm today, come on"

"Are you shopping for dinner? There's a lot of Yaleeka in the fish shop up ahead today, and they're selling it for a small price."

They are not direct customers.

That is why it is.

"I'm not sure about the store" is that much more reputational damage is susceptible.

Those in no trouble where the store is gone tend to go around beating when scandals are discovered.

Osama wanted to get rid of that 'not sure shop' image.

Even if it was a plain activity: cleaning in front of the store.

But Osama was much more tenacious.

"I like Yareeka, but it smells and it's hard to cook? Then you should add a little herb of 'Husnel'." Husnel "will eliminate the smell of Yaleeka and soften you, as well as the effect of increasing your appetite and keeping your stomach in tune. We handle it in our store, if you like....... Would you like to buy? Thank you."

Herbs originally used by adventurers, Osama by using wisdom bags......

Get one new professional housewife customer...!

"Someone please show this customer to the herbal corner. Oh, and customers, there are Holly Doll people in the store, so don't be surprised if they come out of nowhere."

Osama is alerting housewives who are taken to the store by clerks to

... Hiu.

Unexpectedly, a breeze blew.

That strong wind scatters the rubbish on the street that was sweeping and collecting.

Osama became a natural and bitter face.

I didn't hate cleaning all over again.

Notify me of the coming of spring, in this wind......

There's one emotion that I've been in for a long time... because it's overflowing without stopping.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

That was weeks after the opening of the Gorgeous Pension in Goldwolf's "End of Branch Life".

It's rare today and I don't have any guests.

For the first time in a long time, Osama had been maintaining the store in the morning.

The sign at the entrance was discolored, so I was removing it and repainting it...

Climbing up the mountain path, I saw a small figure.

That was an unusual looking boy.

He looks pretty young because he's a dough head.

But only the eyes, Run Run Run, as if life were bursting.

The rugged mountain path is also treading over Zunzun with too much energy.

The body was small, but shiny and brightly colored Taoist clothing caught my eye.

Osama had seen at first glance that it was the fashion of the Northeast country 'Henrihaochee'.

Osama stands up putting down a painted hake and speaks to the boy.

"Hello, welcome. Welcome to Gorgeous Smart. Did you come all the way here alone?

Then the boy made a crisp look and nodded.

"Yes! I, Maomao! I'm here, Henry Haochie! Goblin, where!?

The word catacotto instead of being hazy.

That's how they screw me all at once, so Osama eats me face to face.


It is a small body with green skin, characterized by pointy ears and a torn mouth, a human monster.

Recently, one of the ruins in the back of the mountain was inhabited by its goblins.

He's probably asking about the place.

And asking would mean... trying to get there.

"Um... maybe you're going to the ruins with the goblins on your own?

Osama checked the boy's gear subtly while overriding the question with questions.

I don't have anything like a weapon. I'm just wrapping a little cloth bag around my shoulder.

"No matter how many goblins are weak monsters, it is the population that is in the ruins. Without a solid weapon, it's dangerous..."

...... bah!!

Earlier than I finish, a sharp kick blurs Osama's nose tip.

The gray forehead fluttered in the wind.

The boy starts dancing as he is.

Ba! Ba! Ba! Ba! Baba!

A thrust or kick of unstoppable speed in your eyes, rolling out with the sound of burning up.

This is a fighting technique passed down to Henry Haochie...... Osama thought.

Maomao turns to Osama to kim a one-legged pose like a threatening crane.

"Mao Mao, Kung Fu, you use it awesome! So don't worry!

... I see that he is the user of 'Kung Fu'.

I could also see that he was quite hand-worked for his age, but Osama became more and more anxious.

The goblin of a group is a distant monster, even a skilled adventurer, without a reward.

They run away just staring at each other as if they were alone, but suddenly they get bold when the numbers are high.

When you build a nest and land it, you attack neighboring villages and so on.

Besides, the weak...... they take women, children, etc., and they also have an unbeatable brutality in the beginning and end of torturing them for the sake of entertainment.

What happens to a boy who rides in alone if he becomes incapable of fighting......

Osama just imagined, his hair was finally on his mind.

By the way, if a goblin nest is formed near the village, a crusade quest for the nest is requested from the village to the adventurer.

But the nest the boy is trying to make his way to is in the back of the yard hock mountain.

It's a nest that's left alone because there's no damage in the settlement at the foot either.

Where this' Endless Branch 'is located, its goblins invade, but Osama was preventing damage in some way.

Aside from that, there's no such thing as a drunken adventurer heading into a goblin's nest that doesn't even ask for a quest.

Osama, in many ways, tries to keep the boy in mind.

But Maomao, he didn't lend me his ears at all.

You don't tell me what the purpose or intent is, it's just, "Goblin where!? Just repeat."

And finally,

"Enough is enough! Mao Mao, look for goblins!

and tried to divide it into mountains until he shook off the stop, so Osama noticed and told him where the ruins with the goblin nest were.

Because I thought it was better than being shipwrecked.

"Mr. Maomao, wait a minute. It's dangerous on my own, so I'll accompany you."

And Osama tried to follow him, even if he couldn't, but there he was unlucky and the heavily injured party rolled in.

Although I applied first aid to them, it would be life-threatening if they were not treated immediately.

Osama said to Maomao when he made his decision.

"Mr. Maomao, I'm a rear car and I'm sending these people to the settlement at the foot. I'll be back by night, so wait in the pension. Tomorrow, we'll go to the Goblin Nest together."

Then Osama sent the injured, helped him with his treatment, and by the time he got back to the pension, it was completely dark.

And... Maomao looked nowhere.

Osama was already a Hetohet, but whips his body.

Don't even take a breath and get ready quickly to the ruins of the goblin nest.

It was like walking in the back of the mountain at night or something, but I couldn't wait to worry about the boy.