The mountains of Yardhock used to have a number of spiritual faith (animism) villages.

In ancient Hurlbary, however, Goddess Faith (Lunarism) was promoted as a policy.

An oppression by the ancient kings said that all those villages had perished.

All the wreckage and mortal remains have returned to the earth and are now covered in deep woods.

Although the destruction of the temple, which was dedicated to the spirits, was spared by certain circumstances...

Now ravaged by monsters and adventurers, there is no shadow to see.

In one of them, Goldwolf was on his way.

The book of covered nights, lush as a clump, was drawn and arrived at….

It was a moonlight plugging, pompous space.

The earth of dry sand stands alongside several pillars assembled in sandblocks.

The surroundings are surrounded by high walled greenery, but only there are weeds, not a single moss growing.

A different sight, as if the desert had been shifting.

A creepy place where cunning desert foxes lurk, unbeatable by majestic parrot greens.

Osama stepped into the land where he had even let the king of time retreat.

The resistance of the branched leaves that were on the body disappeared, and the feet tangled in the sand instead.

An uncomfortable feeling, like the deceased keeps grabbing my ankle.

He ran to shake it off and ran straight into the sand temple.

Down underground, the interior was blurry and thin bright with both ceilings and walls, as if the moonlight were stained.

This was the first time we visited here at night, but it helps that we don't need a light source, Osama thinks.

Because goblins are nocturnal, depending on the type, and there are also types with favorable eyes at night.

Wandering through their nests like that with the lamps on, because it's like yelling out loud, "Attack me."

But if the goblins nesting here weren't nocturnal, they'd be asleep now......

Osama feels like praying, killing footsteps and moving on,

"Yah! Ha! Acho!"

I could hear the out-of-tune golden cuts.

...... no way in battle!?

Osama kicks out the sand as he pulls through the short sword he was carrying on his hips.

Leaping into the Great Hall, which would be the deepest part of this ruin,

There was one maomao who was rampaging as he reflected a great shadow on the wall.

There's no goblins around him.

It was as if we were fighting an invisible enemy.

"Oh, Mr. Maomao, you're safe, I'm glad...!

As Osama rushed over with relief, Maomao jumped up like a kitten.

"Wow!? Goblin, you're finally out!

"Wait, I'm not a goblin! It's a man named Goldwolf!

"Goblin Wolf!?

"No! I'm a man named Goldwolf! We met this morning at a store near the summit, right? Look, don't you remember?

At last, Maomao unraveled when Osama told him not to.

"Oh, that time... Why are you here?

"It's dangerous on my own, so I told you I'd accompany you to the ruins, too, right? Why did you come alone?

"Maomao, I'm fine alone! That's irrelevant, Mr. Goldwolf!

"That's right...... But what were you doing here?

"Goblin, we're leaving, we can wait!

"Were you... But the goblins here, apparently, aren't nocturnal. I don't think you'll be out till morning."

"Then wait till morning!

"It's dangerous to spend the night here. Besides, I can't believe I'm alone... If they find us, we'll be attacked in groups, won't we?

"I can wait to get attacked!

"... waiting to be attacked!? How could...!?

"Mr. Goldwolf, that's irrelevant! Mr. Goldwolf, you won't get goblins! So, go home!

"That's not how it works. No matter how confident Mr. Maomao is in his arms, he is unscrupulous by himself. Goblins are cunning monsters, so they attack sleep. I'm watching..."

"You don't need it! You're losing your goblins! Mao Mao, one of you is the best!

Does Mao Mao include the meaning "even if he forces" or he takes his stand again like a threatening kitten.


"Ha... kushi!"... guh.

He was making two cute noises as he continued to stand.

Goldwolf said, "I knew it......!" and unload the backpack.

"It's fine during the day, but at night it'll be cold in that outfit. You were performing to warm your body. I brought a gown and blanket from the pension, so use it. And some firewood, so let's light a fire. I will also prepare a warm drink. If you are hungry, there is also a sandwich and an emergency meal…"

On one floor after another, Osama arranges convenient goods.

But they were scattered by Maomao's kick.

...... barn!

"You don't need it! Mao Mao, you're fine alone! This is the last time! Mao Mao, leave me alone!

"Please wait, Mr. Maomao! Calm down, calm down......! Why are you so, so alone trying to fight goblins!? At least, just for that reason, can you tell me......!?

"... acho!!

But even the plea is blocked by nothing like a ferocious hen.

Osama got stuck around a lot, and was suddenly kicked out of the ruins.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then again, Osama took to the ruins to see how Maomao was doing on a regular basis.

It's not uncommon to get into a goblin's nest and stay on the spot until it's annihilated.

But anyway, if it's a one-person adventurer party, it's too reckless for a kid about middle school to do it alone.

Osama also thought about asking the other adventurers who visited the store to help him.

But there can't be anyone who wants to go to the goblin nest who hasn't even asked for it.

In the meantime, Mao Mao himself would be the one who would be driven back where he sent someone.

Osama keeps plugging in as he tries to take his sincerity.

These days, I've been able to chase them just because they're eye-to-eye.

Fortunately, however, the firewood and food I had left were consumed, so the salvation was that I guess I didn't feel the cold or the twist.

Osama had tried, as much as possible, to visit him late at night.

The reason is that the guests at the pension are asleep and do not need to be looked after.

That if Mao Mao also sleeps, he can sneak up on that side and watch.

Furthermore, even if Maomao was awake, the flames of the burning fire are burning.

Osama knew that the light of incendiary fire and the sound of burning meant being honest in people's minds.

On several visits, Osama is finally allowed to sit face-to-face with the boy.

From there, it stained his mind a little bit with "Hot Cocoa," which is also the treasure knife of Osama's heirloom today.

And... he finally pulled it out of the boy's mouth.

Incredible, stunning fact......!

That was a horrible plan, just like the devil would have thought......!