There were more purchases that arrived at the foot today than usual.

The rear car is much heavier than usual because we also had a lot of buyouts.

But Goldwolf tows forcefully and climbs the mountain path for no reason.

Let's go home and get ready for the birthday party.

Just think of it that way, it lightens nature and footprint.

Just think of the girl's smile, as if strange powers were coming from the bottom of her belly.

At the end of the day, the entrance to the branch, the arch is in sight.

Osama couldn't wait and was as sudden as a child.

Soon, almost.


And notice.

to the fact that the area around it is creepily quiet.

Hanged by the arch, 'Welcome to the Gorgeous Smart End Branch!' sign.............

Only that sign, with the illustration of the girl and the panda added, was rocking in the wind and squeaking.

You're usually supposed to welcome me, I can't see the two of you forever.

Though suspicious, Osama twirls the arch.

Park the rear car in front of the pension and try to turn around to the backyard.

Then there...

Toxic red has robbed me of all the colors, flower gardens......!

Untold animals that circle like funerals and grieve......!


Make it fold and fall, the girl and the bear......!

"Mr. Maomao!? Shaomao!?"

Osama lost color and ran over without arrows or shields.

It's as if he was rarely stabbed with a blade by a lunatic, bloody all over his body.

He held the girl's body as if it were sinking in a tub of blood and called her by name many times.

Then... my eyelid opens.

It's just that... to Osama, it looked as if the girl was squeezing her last force.

And the lips tremble more than...

No sound, spinning the words quietly.

Maomao...... nature and body moved......

When I realized, Shaomao, it was bulky......

Shao Mao, too, Mao Mao, covered me......

Mao Mao, you were wrong......

Mr Goldwolf is right......

True love was not a word... right?


Tell Mao Mao, true love......

Yes, but thanks......




... Hiu.

Unexpectedly, a wind blows.

The strong wind took the girl's last words.

And the cold of it......

I carved it all over Osama like a cursed soul...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf sent Maomao to Henry Haochee, his hometown.

Of course, Shaomao's with us.

Later, based on the settlement's sightings, he asked the source of Rideboy Zepuros.

But the opponent is a popular idol, the leader of The Lyke Boys.

A person who is not even a brave man has offered to meet him, and it is Othi who is paid in advance.

But Osama was Godsmile's 'favorite', so he was specifically allowed to see him.

This is a blatant fact in the brave neighborhood, but Osama himself does not know that he is being treated specially.

"Dear Ride Boy Zepuros, Thank you very much for your time today"

"Men's greetings are less than earwax for this Zepuros."

"... Huh?

"I don't want that in my ear, that means"

"I... excuse me. I will now ask you to go straight to the point. You know a woman named Maomao, don't you?

"I'm trying not to remember the name of this Zepuros lady. I guess it's more right that there are too many of them to remember. I don't even remember that name, but I remember stealing the heart."

"Really...... So you've recently come to Gorgeous Smart on Yardhock Mountain, haven't you? The settlers saw Zepuros, who had taken a large number of women, at the foot of the mountain..."

"I don't remember anything more about the past than this moment right now. Zepuros only remembers the lady. There's no room for even the men in front of us right now."

Zepuros let all Goldwolf's questions pass.

A brave man knows he's not guilty without solid evidence or a confession.

"If this Zepuros attacked that lady, it would be a terrible scandal. And if Zepuros did it, the reporters who were always nearby wouldn't let it go."

Around Zepuros there are always reporters.

The moment he attacked Maomao, he was there, of course.

Everything had been witnessed, but it never appeared in the paper.

Because all the reporters are women......

A long time ago, it was after Zepuros brought me here...!

Of course, Osama now would have spotted a lie to this extent.

But Osama at the time assumed that he wasn't the one who attacked Maomao.

"... ok. So could you at least meet Mao Mao? She was tortured in a goblin nest for Master Zepuros. And on the contrary, the thugs attacked me in such an eye......! If you at least give us a whisper from Master Zepuros, she will float too......!

Did Osama recall the girl's painful appearance, squeezing out her voice by distorting her face to sorrow?

But the real killer in front of him was sniffing with a cool face.

"Huh.... Today, it's warm. You know why?

"What? That's... because it's almost spring, isn't it?

"Exactly. Spring is a wonderful season where new life sprouts and gives new hope. Perfect season to start something new, too. But spring doesn't know it's giving people the joy of life and driving them."

And he spread his hands like the wind...

This is what I said...!

"Zepuros is deceitful, too. Zepuros unknowingly wavers hope on the ladies, who find the joy of living on their own against Zepuros...... And for the sake of Zepuros, start what you didn't even ask for. Every lady has done something for me, like Zepuros going out... it's impossible unless his body is also spring breezy."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The wind was blowing.

It can also be called a storm, there is a strong wind.

Osama was cleaning in front of Slumdog Mart No. 1, in Hallbury.

Now rest those hands, they're approaching from across the street, looking into the eyes of a typhoon.

"... ah!? Look, look! Lady Ride Boy Zepuros!

"Yeah!? Why!? Why are you here?

"Kyahhhhh! Zepuros. Well!

When they noticed the person walking down the middle of the street, the women screamed yellow, young and old.

And I'm getting closer to us, but my back crushes as if my battery's dead on the way, and I fall flat.

Zepuros is a wink and throw kiss......

Those two weapons were the only way to get rid of the fans and throw them away!

After Zepuros' passage, it was as if a women-only bacterial weapon had been scattered.

"Ha ha!? Zepuros, come on...!

"Nice, nice - ooh...!

"Ahhhhh, don't go...!

With a trance look, a bunch of women crawling like zombies......

It was at the head of that, and still continues to increase the number of victims….

Skeko Masi no Double......! One-sided manufacturing machine......!

A squid fishing boat, flying the big fishing flag of love......!

Ride boy Zepuros huh......!


Made Maomao look like that, Ten Himself......!!

There was no stray in Osama's eyes when he found out everything in Purgatory.

The wolf's sharpness brings color to the back of his eyes.

That was so slight a change that no one noticed.

But the fireworks that were burning within are more intense than anything else.

So much so that the angels and demons that were floating by my side shook up and pulled in silently......!

It's Ride Boy Zepuros......!!

Your responsible counter is no longer stop-high......!!