Rideboy Zepuros made the swing door of "Slumdog Mart Hallbury No. 1" open to the old lady who was by his side.

The old woman tried to follow me, so she knocked me down with a chip toss kiss before entering the store.

And turned into a fox.

"Welcome, welcome to Slumdog Mart...... Cah!?

Grabbing Primla's wrist, which greeted me, I pulled her to the back of the store.

It's like eating up at the root of a rabbit, never letting it go.

"Oh, uh, customers!?

I can't stand it anymore.


"With its pure sound, it captivates many men. Legged mermaid, the prince you seek is here."

At that time, there were no female clerks in the store other than Primla.

I should usually have a mother, but I'm late for work today for the sake of holy service.

When a female guest realizes Zepuros, she takes a hack and breath, and collapses so that everyone ascends as-is.

After cleaning up the interrupters, Zepuros pushed Primla against the wall.

And a wall don with both hands, eliminating the escape.

Here comes one of the sketchy depths of Zepuros......

"Cage of Eternal Love" Eternal Love Cage "- Zepuros Zone"...!

The other person dies......!

I was so scorched to engrave the name Zepuros on my grave marker......!

"Oh, I finally caught you. Birdless skies, such as Zepuros without you…"

"Um, trouble, customer"

"And you without Zepuros, the sea without fish..."

"Um, customers?

"But if you're happy, Zepuros can stay cloudy. That's what I've always thought... but we stop faking each other and ourselves anymore"

"What? I'm not faking it"

"I'm selling myself cheap and hurting myself in this end-of-place adventurer's shop... There is more evidence than anything that the sea named Kimi is truly deliberate."

"Oh, that's not true!

"When there's something missing, you think?

"Oh, that's...!

"You do, don't you? He looks like he finally found the pieces of the puzzle he was looking for."


"Say it? The name of the piece..."

"Ha... Ha! That, Dear Ride Boy Zepuros......!

"Yes......! Come on, give it back to me. The sea by the name of you is looking for, towards the fish...! Wrap this Zepuros in the waves of love by the name of you…!

"Ha! I've always admired you......! Why didn't you pick me up right away!? I had refused to entertain many brave men, believing that Master Zepuros would realize my thoughts...!

"For a child you like, you want to be mean."

"Oh no...! I would ask Master Zepuros to turn around. Not really, I finally got myself into a place like this doghouse......!

"I want you to forgive this Zepuros, and I promise you in the name of the brave man instead. Adding you to the harem of Zepuros."

"Wow, I'm in the harem of Master Zepuros!? Ugh, happy! Master Zepuros! I won't be away for the rest of my life!

"... Um, customer, what are you doing?

To the wild Osama voice, Zepuros' delusions are interrupted.

"Ah, uncle!

Primla was blue in the zone, as if left on a deserted island.

Noticing Goldwolf, he slipped through Zepuros' arms with an unprecedented desperation and hid sassy on Osama's back.

By the way, the whole time since entering the zone, it's all a Zepuros recital.

Primla was totally at war with the mysterious cosmetic man who wouldn't lend his ear to anything she said.

It was the first time for Zepuros that he was unable to punish the prey he was after.

But he doesn't look shocked.

And there is no punishment for watching Primla's frightened appearance.

I was shrugging my shoulders, as if I was foreseeing everything.

"I know. This Zepuros, a popular idol, and an unfulfilled dream such as becoming one...... That's what you think, isn't it? You two are not allowed to be one, like the sky and the sea...... That's what you think, isn't it? That's why I pretend not to care so hard..."

A colored man turning around, saying like a famous detective who riddles a mystery.

You think Osama in between is a pillar or something, it's like he's not in your eyes.

"It's no use hiding it. As the sea reflects the colour of the sky... no matter how many words you make me deny it, my heart is stained with Zepuros colour..."

And I pinned my white glove finger.

"It's okay now. Neither that weird wild dog apron, nor the noble Virgin's robe, is the sound of your heart (love countdown) hidden... All you have to do is press the detonation switch. Now this Zepuros...!


Quickly stretched fingers head to Primla's chest for nothing.

aimed at the tip. It is


Just a few millimeters away, the verse gave me. I was grabbed by my standing hand.

Zepuros giving you a kick face.

For the first time at this time, Zepuros looked into Osama's eyes.

... This is not the first time these two have met.

But Zepuros, even if Osama asks about Maomao...

After that, even if Osama is sent as the horse of the Ride Boy clan......

Never, never looked Osama in the eye.

I've always had an attitude like dealing with wild dogs on the side of the road.

But not if I'm interrupted.

"I refuse men's yakimochi. The only thing Zepuros says is the lady's yakimochi."

Even though he was laughed at with his nose, Osama was neither angry nor hard on the charm.

"Stop touching the clerk's body."

Just state that as the owner's position to protect the clerk.

Primla, who had no experience with chest touches or anything like that, was pokant at first, but was hacked by Osama's words and hid on his back again.

Between the three, disturbing air flows.


"Oh well!?

A delightful scream broke in, and the air on the field changed.

"When I saw you from outside the store, I couldn't believe it... but I knew it was you! Mom, I've been dying to see you! I'm so happy, I think I can handle it......! Oh, I can't stand it anymore! Mom, I'm gonna goo!

The Lord of the Voice is the expression that has already been touched.

And I raised my hands, and my hair, and the hem of my clothes, and somehow my collar was running out despite the mess.

With all his body and soul, he was expressing the joy of meeting......

Yes, it was another target of the fox, the Great Virgin Reincarnation......!