Today, for the first time, I visited this' Slumdog Mart ', an adventurer who could not hide his surprise.

As rumored, really, to have the second daughter of that Holly Doll family, the famous house of the Virgin.

That's not a VIP treatment shopper either, as a staff......

He moves around the store with his hats, smiling and aromatizing like a flower, as if he's just in today...!

Besides, he's supposed to be a person in position, but he's not great and he doesn't give orders.

The customer said, "Welcome, what can I do for you? If you don't mind, can I show you around?" and….

The clerks said, "Excuse me, could you help me?" And it's only a low profile......!

Horrible. Not much, if anyone kneels,

"Ah, please don't. Because I am not a respected man."

and he crouches like trouble and goes out of his way to gaze at me......!

And when you look at each other,

"The clerk and the Virgin are both here to wish you all happiness. I don't think I need status or identity to wish someone happiness. So show me your face, hey?

He smiles modestly, as if she were the Virgin with the baby......!

... The adventurer was screaming in his heart.

Sa... That's the King's Capital, Halbury...!

No way, I can't believe you and Master Primla are getting close...!

Even so, the real Primla... is much more beautiful than looking at it in a true photo (shin) or a painting...!

And it smells so good......! Your face is tiny, your hair is sarcastic...!

Something like a creature of another dimension......!

Yet I can't believe it's sober to my heart...!

HOW...... I'm gonna fall in love with you. Ohhhhhhh!

... His amazement didn't just end there.

If it had been seen by Poyan and Primla......

Oh my... oh my God, the leader of the now and then idol group Lyke Boys...

Ride Boy Zepuros showed up in the store and took Primla...!

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

Why is Zepuros here, that very popular idol brave man!?

Oh, but if you're here to see Master Primla, I'm convinced...

How dare you two, the noble brave man and the Virgin......

Besides, I can't believe I'm a better couple than this because I'm with a beautiful guy and a beautiful girl...

Ah, I knew it!

Master Primla is on the wall, whispering love......!

Sa... That's the King's Capital, Halbury...!

I can't believe I'm seeing two big star private shots live...!

But but I don't know, this feeling...

I'm not my wife or my lover...... like I was bedridden, this remorse......!

Shh... Shh... Shh!

Master Primla, give it back!

... the cry of his soul didn't just end there.

Oh, some clerk Osama came in the way!?

No, Master Primla, I hid behind Osama!?

Could it be Master Primla, he hates it!?

No, such an idiot......!?

You can't be in this world hating that lady Master Zepuros......!

A woman who entered the "Love Cage" to the "Zepuros Zone", a skill of Master Zepuros...

"Hold me! The woman who didn't say," Not one once... "

Ahhh, that one!?

Master Zepuros' Special Attack, "Courtship Finger" Wonchu Finger "- Zepurostatch!?

Finally just a 'chest touch'......!

It's just an act of sexual harassment if a normal man does it, but a sweet caress if you put it on Master Zepuros......!

No matter how careless the woman is, the moment she is touched, her cheeks are red tide......

That my heart will squeal, my eyes will moisturize... and my back will smash...!

If you get that move, that's just Primla too......


Here Osama, God save!?

Master Zepuros' fingers were close to touching Master Primla's chest and prevented uhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

... and finally his excitement reaches its peak.

Ahhh!? Ahhh!?


That, that...!

Dear Mother Reincarnation!?

Ugh... you're lying!?

Even the king of this country has been told that it is difficult to meet freely the Grand Virgin... why are you here!?

This' Slumdog Mart 'has three Holly Doll sisters......

Instead of half-heartedness when I heard the rumors, everyone was laughing with their noses......

But I can't believe it was the truth...!

Oh, Mother Reincarnation noticed that Master Zepuros was here!

And...... ran out ahhhhhhhhh!

I can't believe I drove the Grand Virgin so far that she said she would never run no matter what...!?

Besides, Mr. Reincarnation, who is also famous for what he is saying...!

Now I'm excited and my face is bright red and red, and my eyes even float to the grain of tears......

I don't care about disturbing your hair, your food...!

Hey, on the contrary...!

Even the symbol of the Lord, also known as the Active Volcano of Mercy, erupts with puffiness...!

Dear Zepuros, be straight as a cat......!

And from your mouth,

"I missed you. Wow! Never again, 'cause I'm not letting you go. Ahhhh!

Like a public proposal, the roar of love......!

... The Grand Virgin who disturbs herself so much is not what she is, even if she tries to string history together.

of that historic moment, Zepuros is about to become a party.

I couldn't forbid a face colored with thick makeup to distort like a laughing energy surface.

"Oh, you seem to have kept me waiting. I want you to forgive this Zepuros. Instead, let's invite you to Harlem now. Of course, you and your shy sisters are with you. Look, I've already lived with the goddess, so there's nothing like three more."

Zepuros, who opens his hands so that he accepts all the thoughts of the Grand Virgin.

As if to echo it, her eyes were flooded with grains of tears, scattered sparkling with jewels.

The Grand Virgin...... No, one girl who is now a maiden in love.

He runs to his beloved so that he no longer strips away all his status, honor, wealth and fame.

"Yes... you don't need anything anymore. As long as we have this Zepuros......!

"Ha... hahhhhhhhhhh! Mom............!! Ichimaaahhhhhhhhhh!

The girl who has come so far has a look full of happiness and the best jump......!

"Come on, get your mind naked and jump in...! Welcome (Welcome), Lady......! In paradise, named Zepuros!

But all that was given to his arm was a glimmer of wind that the girl had sent as she passed by.


Hot embraces just around the corner, like even the souls blend together.

Does the girl know she can get a hug, she was spreading her body to a large letter and laying off her entire weight?

And I also knew that they would hold me shoulder first and prevent me from sticking around.

"Goll-chan, goll-chan, goll-chan, goll-chan... goll-chan!!!!

Breaking through Osama's guard by letting her body twist like crazy, like a toy waste.

He had muggled his face into the thick chest plate he had even dreamed of.