First Engagement with Ride Boy Zepuros, the brave warrior.

That, when it comes to romantic drama, is equivalent to a scene of two encounters......

I closed the curtain with so much horrible emptiness that I let all viewers cut one story.

First of all, as for Primla, who is heroin 1, she left like the moon, very early after we met.

And then came heroin two, reincarnation...

Ignore Cancer (Out of Site) Huh......!!

No, that might have been better yet.

How dare she hold on to Goldwolf and show it off......

After that, with satisfying footsteps, like a sweet cat to its owner returning to bed......

"Oh, it's my first customer ~. If you buy me a lot, my mom will give you a good boy, a good boy ~"

and very normal (?) Customer service and we passed in front of Zepuros...!

This is worse than ignoring.

Because ignoring is something you can't do without being strongly aware of the other person.

The opposite of 'likes' is not 'dislikes' but 'indifference'......


Reincarnation has mobbed the Zepuros who are supposed to be the protagonists in this love story...!

Instead, she chose, "I'm dead!" Not to say, there's no such thing as a philosophy. Just Osama......!

... By the way, the pine pack, which is heroin 3, didn't even try to look at each other.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Zepuros returned to "Gorgeous Smart Hallbury HQ".

Against Genocide Lower and Day Crowler, who were waiting to return, he acted as a diner with the extinct beauties in vessels, selected from his own harem.

It was usually a proud dinner, but only today, "It's not this," I throw it out the window early.

And with the screams of the beauties echoing from the boulevard on their backs, he said:

"To apologize for serving an inadvertent dinner, take on the image character thing."

"After all, no matter how much Zepuros, those things couldn't be dropped"

Day Crowler pounds the Zubari core.

But his complexion doesn't change.

"I've never seen such a hot, big pussy."


"I hear all three of those ladies were pretty upset that this Zepuros pick-up was delayed. Usually if it was the ladies' yakimochi, Zepuros, who had cheeked on anything, couldn't even take it. I was so hot that I could burn myself."

"Oh, that's why you're trying to say you've been temporarily retreating to get cold."

"Exactly. The ladies wanted to make this Zepuros jealous, but they were deliberately pretending to care about old ugly men. I know this Zepuros motto, and that behavior is the best evidence."

"Er, what's that motto?"

"'The beautiful blooms beautifully, and the ugly scatters ugly'...... Remember."

"That means..."

"Yes, those ladies want it. That this Zepuros will scatter those 'ugly ones' and 'bloom them beautifully'......!

"Am I?

Day Crowler turned his gaze to Chirali so he could swing the subject to Genocide Lower.

He listened silently until then, but when he took one big sigh,

"Phew...... Looks like one of the reasons we had the same enemy. If you can help me with anything, that's fine."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Gorgeous Smart's fierce counterattack has finally begun.

A huge cost was thrown, a huge promotion.

Rideboy Zepuros has been appointed as the image character of Queens Cool Device, an equipment brand for women.

"Kissing Blades...... It's the sword that took Zepuros' lips. '

The new product sword, the Zepuros poster kissing its full body, called for a great deal of talk.

Launch of the 'Kissing' series featuring a single point, as if there were traces of Zepuros' Rouge left.

That became a fan coveted item, but push it further in the campaign.

"Master Zepuros and Kiss! 'campaign

If you buy new product 'Kissing' series gear now, you will receive one lottery ticket per item.

SPECIAL PRIZE: Kiss with Master Zepuros (3 people)

1st Class: Handshake with Master Zepuros (100 people) * 1

2nd Class: Autograph with Rouge for Master Zepuros (1,000 people)

3rd Class: Throw Kiss from Master Zepuros (10,000 people) * 2

Shame Award: Kiss with Zepuros Men (100,000 people)

There are also wins in duplicate, so the more you buy, the more chances you have!

Make sure you buy 'Kissing' gear on this occasion!

* 1 At the discretion of Master Zepuros, it may be a handshake with an equal adult shape.

* In the form of a two-stage event, it will be held once for all winners.

By the way, the 'Zepuros Men' in the Shame Award refers to the staff working in the 'Gorgeous Smart' store for women.

In conjunction with this promotion, Genocide Lower gave a handsome selection of clerks a new name to be 'Zepuros Men' and let them serve like hosts.

For the record, the signing, which is a second prize, is also written by them imitating Zepuros' handwriting and kissing the colored paper.

And for the record more......

Winning numbers had been set for the prize draw tickets from the beginning, and none of those three tickets went out to the public.

Somehow it was delivered to the Holly Doll family, who had not bought the equipment, and at the same time the press stormed it, as shown.

"Dear Reincarnation! Congratulations on winning the special prize!

"And you're so lucky to win all three of them! Will this also be a blessing for the goddess!?

"The first kiss of the mother of the Holly Doll family, who is Master Zepuros......! You have no more opponents! Let us know how you feel right now!

As for the press, I was hoping for a reaction that was going to stop my heart even now, like someone who won the lottery first class.

"Huh? Special prize? Is that what the paper just said? I don't know, but it was sparkling paper, so I gave it to Pine."

A greedy pine pack passes by, chasing three paper hiccups behind her with a light.

"Oh, yeah! More than that. Look, look! Mom, we finally got Gol and Ear Tickets! I could only let you have a few knee pillows, but you would be able to knee pillows all the time if you had earrings!? Besides, my mom's ears feel so good that she has a weird voice! If you think Gol can do that, Mom, I'm happy and happy! I'm so happy I'm not dead anymore!

Time people, on the contrary, were the beginning and end of bragging about hectic tickets that they had never seen or heard of.