A premium love letter by the name of a special prize, given to the Holly Doll three sisters by Zepuros.

This was set up by Gorgeous Smart to create further topics, but it failed abruptly.

Instead of getting into a special dane called Mother's First Kiss, the reporters instigated by the Day Crowler ended up just being told a bunch of nasty ticket brags.

In the end, this one does not become an article, but is buried away from darkness to darkness.

But in contrast, 'Master Zepuros and Kiss!' The campaign was a great success.

The more I bought it, the more likely I was to kiss Zepuros, so the women bought the gear.

I don't care if it's something I don't use myself, any number of the same things......

The special prize has already turned into a paper broom, without even knowing it flew away somewhere......

And Osama never rode this wave.

"Excuse me, uncle, we're seeing a huge decrease in sales of new products. I still don't think my design was good."

"That's not true, Primla! Oh, yeah, Gol! Let's have a campaign in this store to rewind!" Gol and Kiss! 'Campaign!

"Sooo...... that's a great idea, sister! Oh, but then, my uncle Ki... my lips..."

"It's okay, Primla! I have a good idea for my mom, hey hey hey hey! Come on..."

"Oh, that's...! But if you do that, your uncle...!

Osama said to Primla, who would look at the chills to notice.

"We're thinking about the campaign, too, but that's not for you to buy a lot. Instead, we will campaign for you to use one thing longer or better."

And what was launched was the 'Free Repair' campaign.

I started a free service called Fixing Damaged Gear to get people attached to the gear I bought.

Normally, unless the equipment is extra rare, it will not be repaired and used.

Although it takes some care of, most adventurers don't have the skills to fix it.

I also want you to buy a new one as the store I sold it to, so even if you ask me to fix it, I will plug it.

Finally, 'Slumdog Mart' suggested the opposite of the flow of public consumption.

For Osama, a weapon is just a tool, no matter what it is.

It's just a handy tool, like a tree, stick, etc.

If I have to, I will throw it away even if it is my favorite product.

Stick to the tools and lose your life because you think it's the pinnacle of stupidity.

But that's just talk about rounding choices.

Unless you have a special reason, such as your life is on the line, sticking to the tools you can use will surely increase your survival.

If it's a weapon, shield, etc., it's better to get used to it, and if it's armor, etc., it's easier to move.

Though they have no life, they can be called 'buddies' more than humans.

Osama tried to spread the feeling among the adventurers.

Furthermore, the campaign also covered products bought earlier than during the period.

So the new money that can be expected from this can be called almost zero.

But Osama dared.

Fight against campaigns that make things crude and launch campaigns that take care of things.

To the Big Wave, instead of bumping further Giant Wave......

We tried to steer people's interests to a quiet sea.

This was very plain, but it was free so many people would use it.

Gorgeous smart gear is a brand that decorates itself….

Or the brave kiss continues to be consumed for the sake of......

Slumdog Mart equipment, by contrast, is treated with care as a companion fighting alongside….

Despite targeting the same woman, the two are now making even bigger differences as well as designs......!

But it doesn't have enough impact to overshadow Slumdog Mart's disadvantages.

But Osama didn't give up.

They kept waiting for thunderstorms to pass even in the soil until the sprinkled seeds sprouted.

But here, sunny weather in the thunderbolt...

An unexpected helpship came.

What a "Grand Devil's School"! Slam Dogmart gear has been officially hired.

Once upon a time, a material request since ordering the children's sword from Glass Paleen.

Plus, pretty big mouth......!

This had a huge impact on the material world, where everything was' gorgeous smart 'monochrome.

Anyway, it was the Great Devil's School that moved.

It is a prestigious girls' school that has produced many charismatic witches, including Miglare Dardisad, the dean's daughter.

The Slumdog Mart not only served the Virgin, but also the Magic Lady.

The sun breaking through cloudy weather is not so easy to pull in.

The story proceeds to a ton of clapping.

Oh, my God, he's an active high school girl model who attends the "School of the Great Demon Guided Woman"......

The Great Demon Lady Burning Love and Blizzard Love came to the store......!

"Heh! This is the" Slam Dog Mart "selling the Ah Shira Gacco uniform!? Compared to some 'gorgeous smart' it doesn't stop being bimbo!?

"Hmm, Cheep."

Their unit name, combined with "Big Bang Love".

Speaking of visibility, it is such a popular combination that it rivals Ride Boy Zepuros......!