Speaking of the admiration of all girls in this little Halbury country, she is still a princess (princess).

But in the age of knowing reality, that changes little by little, too.

When I was in elementary school, they dreamed of princes and princesses of white horses too......

Secondary school, and also high school, if you strive, you become admired for a presence that you can get close to.

Once its number one was Miglare Dardisad, a charismatic model for a high school girl teacher at The Great Demon's School.

But she left the line due to an unfortunate accident and is now nurturing backwards, etc.

And in her production, the charismatic model of the same school replaced her popularity….

"Burning Love" and "Blizzard Love"......!

Burning Love is a heart full gal girl with pink curly hair on her well tanned skin.

Nice buddy thrives on a slam dog vitamin uniform (robe).

Blizzard Love is a cool gal girl with straight blue hair on her snowy white skin.

Sleek body and perfectly dressed in a slam dog pastel mint uniform (robe).

By the way, they are twin sisters.

When they showed up at 'Slumdog Mart No. 1' in Hurlbury, it became noisy.

For all the girls middle and high school, charisma during charisma.

It's because it's a fashion patriarch (leader) who's featured on every step of the way, from the top of his head to the toes of his feet.

But they don't care about the reaction around them or anything.

"Heh! This is the" Slam Dog Mart "selling the Ah Shira Gacco uniform!? Compared to some 'gorgeous smart' it doesn't stop being bimbo!?

"Hmm, Cheep."

"Oh, well, there you are, pretty ladies!

"Wow, you're a magic mother! The rumors were serious! Heh! I don't know, seriously, with boobs! Ah not much bigger than that!?

"Hmm, big guy"

Mother doesn't go to school, by the way, but she's the same high school student they are at her age.

"Ugh, there's a lot of perfect stuff for the ladies in this store. Look, what about this?

"Heh, what is this? What is this?!? None of them are Magikawa!? Oh, what is this wand!? He's in the shape of a dog! This is good! Seriously, it's not good!?

"Hmm, Dawg."

"Britches are cats."

"There's Cat's wand, too, see?"

"What, seriously!? This is it, the dog with the cat on it! Why such a messy design?!? I'm serious! Ha, ha, ha!

"Hmm, I knew you were a dog"

"There's a robe with the same pattern, look, isn't it cute?

"Ha, ha, ha! This is the dog with the cat on it! Why are you so thorough!? Seriously, it's not crazy!? Oh, yeah, uh, Shino robe, I was just hurting you!

"Hmm, you can buy it"

"I don't know, Mother, if you bury it, you don't have to buy a new robe, you fix it and keep using it. Seriously, that's impossible!? Besides, the stitches are always worn out, so, uh, I'm fixing them for you!

"Hmm, big favor"

"Oh, you're both good kids. But a robe with magic shouldn't be repaired like normal clothes. With proper magic threads and needles, if you don't hang your own magic, the magic of your robe will fall."

"Heh!? Seriously!? I didn't know!

"But, hey, if you bought a robe from this store, bring it and I'll fix it for you without losing my magic. It's a lot cheaper than buying a new one. Besides, it's a free offer right now."

"Hmm, great deal"

"What, you can't fix it for free!? Seriously, it can't be!? Britches, you shouldn't have asked! Ah, my chest is getting tight again, so I have to buy a new one... eh? Fixing it for free!?

"Hmm, seriously, you're a bargain"

"Then buy a new one and get dressed and get the old one fixed!...... oh, it's not like this little stuffed animal is handsome either!?

"Hmm, you're cute"

"This is a stuffed Cairo, I haven't used it lately because it's warm, but this is how I use it"

"Ha, ha, ha! What's that? What's that? He said he'd pinch it in his dick! Seriously, that's impossible!?

"Hmm, you're hot"

"I don't know, brittle, not just that from earlier!? I know Blitz is a communal disorder, but say something more!

"I don't have anything to say."

"Then how about this for Bri? It's like this tail moves in line with the emotions of the person who put it on."

"What's this? What's this?!? Brittle, seriously, I'm not butterflying my tail!? After all, you're seriously having fun with Ah Shih, ha, ha, ha!

"At the top, it's normal."

"I don't know. Let's buy this too! Britches, what else do you want?

"On the basket, I don't need any of it... Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here."

"All of it!? Ha, ha, ha! I knew it, not that Slumdog Mart is seriously my favorite!? Then, uh, buy all the servants. Whoa!

"Oh, well. Thank you both for buying so much! Glad to hear it, Mom, I'm gonna gew it!

… This event will have a tremendous impact on the public.

Anyway, that charismatic model, Big Bang Love...

It's time for the two of us to become a Slam Dogmart colour not only in uniform, but even in personal clothes......!

In the meantime, a newspaper scooped up where the Grand Virgin was grooming the two of them.

On the contrary, it's about time the three of us put 'Gold-kun Cairo' in our chests, to the point where we are shaken like sisters......!

This brings us to the second "Gold-kun Cairo" boom, once again......!

And now not locally among the parties involved, but on a domestic scale......!

No pious Virgin, no mysterious witch, no male winning female warrior, a wild dog stuffed animal in her chest......!

The Luv sisters vary, but their activity went beyond this.

... the two of you will behave even more incredibly after the CM...!?