Slumdog Mart and Gorgeous Mart's brand showdown for women adventurers marked the second round.

Gorgeous Smart launches a huge thrown promotional "Dear Zepuros and Kiss" campaign.

This wins big, traps Slam Dogmart in the ring and rarely goes into a punch state.

Genocide Lower had a good understanding of the barren nature of the campaign, which placed a strain on one guest.

However, by making a huge difference in sales, he was aiming for the retreat of Slumdog Mart.

The main female customer of Slumdog Mart in Hallbury is below midstream.

There are not so many layers of freely available money.

If they become obsessed with the 'Dear Zepuros and Kiss' campaign and drop the money as a priority over Gorgeous Smart......

Naturally, the money won't turn around for Slumdog Mart.

At the same time, customers disappear from pastel-colored outlets, which occupy a corner of the Slam Dogmart store.

It is the dimension that idle birds call idle birds to fall into further negative loops.

Then Slumdog Mart's brand for women is affixed with a rettel called 'Products You Can't Make Money' from interested parties.

No one would ever decorate such useless products and waste valuable outlets.

The outlets shrink slightly, and at the end of the day the brand itself disappears......

That's what Genocide Lower drew, the aim (scenario).

In fact, storekeepers at Slam Dogmart stores, especially franchise owners, offered to shrink their new brand outlets.

But Goldwolf didn't allow it.

Respond by lowering sales targets for brands.

And what we did as a countermeasure was a 'free repair' campaign.

There were also many voices against this.

Because neither measure was a measure to generate profits.

The latter measures, in particular, are of the type that should be carried out after the profits have been lubricated.

Even though this doesn't fill my belly, it's like applying it to someone else......

The pursuit of profits was an unlikely management decision for a company that was supposed to be first.

Goldwolf gathers people from the manager class and sometimes goes to the site to explain his thoughts to the franchise owners.

He dared complain that it was a chance to win 'trust' that money could never buy, in a style campaign that wouldn't let consumers consume, the opposite of gorgeous smart.

...... nothing remains for just 'consumption'.

And bad shopping leaves you with grief and resentment.

But in the case of good shopping, even if the object is lost, the memories and trust surrounding it remain.

What we receive money for is just a flash of events.

But customers may spend the rest of their lives using what they have.

I believe that Mr. Primla's brand for women deserves to be used only for the rest of her life and will leave many good memories.

The clerks' minds were moved by this discourse.

Even now, in the winter era, the consciousness was fostered just to stand together and survive the winter.

From here on out, Osama was going to strike a further hand in his quest for early spring.

But sooner than that, a helpship appears.

The hand of salvation (White Knight) is the hiring of materials for The Great Devil's Guide School...!

This may not have to be explained, but it was made possible by the fact that Miglare, the archdeacon who saw the predicament of Slumdog Mart, hung me over her father, the dean.

In addition, Miglare dispatches her own production model unit, Big Bang Love, to Slumdog Mart.

He helped me create the topic.

Below is the "Big Bang Love" interaction where after shopping at Slam Dog Mart, he returns with a hock-face, rocked by a carriage full of big paper bags.

"No! I bought it. I bought it! I never thought I'd buy this much!?

"Hmm, good for you"

"No, come on, did you have a story about Shira becoming the image character of Gorgeous Smart's new brand? But the producer turned it down socko...... Uh, and I really wanted to do that. So did Brittle?

... By the way, Zepuros was the second candidate.

"Barr's been complaining, but I'm sticking"

"Heh, seriously!? That's not a lie!? Blitch, at that time, it was more than just, uh, mumbling, and you and the producer didn't talk for a while!

"Still... because I happened to have stomatitis at that time"

"But now that you've shopped at Slumdog Mart, what the producer was thinking, without knowing?

"Yeah, I always knew that."

"Isn't that right, Slumdog Mart! It's not great, it's warm...! I can't believe you fixed your gear, especially when it was a blistering bump!?

"Yeah, I tried to ask Gorgeous Smart, because he just recommended a new one"

"Then Blitzy Momo, uh, you have the same idea!

"Yeah, I'm gonna tell the producer tomorrow"

"Well, practice here and here! I don't like to do favors and stuff if I burp it, so if it turns out to be Isa, you're a wolf!

"That's not always the case. But if Barr really wants to, you can hang out with him."

"All right, then, let's go!

""... 'Big Bang Love' wants to be an image character of Slumdog Mart!!

It was an unusual offer.

Even though the country's greatest Virgin just serves as an image character outside the brave man's shop, it's a strange thing...

The Great Demon Ladies, who gather the support of the young people, hope even more…!

Plus, keep kicking the gorgeous smart offer that was made earlier......!

Below are the comments of those who were interviewed during their tenure.

"Originally, the producer told me that, uh, Brichi wasn't really into it either. But somehow when I went to Slumdog Mart, they both got hooked! And if you're with that mother, seriously, it doesn't look fun!?

"On the basket, because it's my job"

"Are you kidding me, not a serious tail bummer!? How long have you been solemnizing me? And even like a dog's ear! You liked it so much, ah, ha, ha!

This is quite an anomaly.

If I were to borrow the words of Burning Love to represent it,

... Impossible. No!?!?

For Slumdog Mart, events like Santa came on a weekday.

Besides, minisca gal santa......!

And for Gorgeous Smart, it was a counterattack from a complete blind spot.

It's like being beaten from behind by a round girl, even though he says he's in the game if you like.

Besides, that round girl is almost unpaid and helpless...!

The cost of promoting a new product eventually returns to the consumer.

by either higher commodity prices or more sales.

The fact that all the products of well-known brands are expensive is also a reversal of the fact that so much publicity is expensive.

A lot of galas are also paid for the rideboy Zepuros employed by Gorgeous Smart.

That's why we launched a campaign that made our customers buy more than one.

But Slumdog Mart had zero strain on consumers, despite being able to hit enough promotions to counteract Gorgeous Smart.

Because what a reward paid for 'Big Bang Love'......!

"Free before launching new products" only, because it was...!

... Impossible. No!?!?

This is a good level of no-gala, although the intentions of the people and the producers worked strongly.

Because it's natural, even if you don't bother to include it as a reward, such as presenting a new product to a talent who is an image character.

But because I gave it to you, it doesn't necessarily make you happy.

It is a common story that talent in car commercials regularly use different cars in private.

But they wore Slumdog Mart products as a delight when they became 'seriously concerned'...

What a private initiative it took to become a walking advertising tower......!

... Impossible. No!?!?

A wild dog who had been forced to defend himself against an ugly spear-wielding king opponent named 'Zepuros'.

But here at last, I gained as much power as I could confront.

Wild dogs set up two beautiful swords named 'Big Bang Love' and run out now...!

... Counter Attack Activation...!!