Genocide Lower vs Goldwolf......

At the beginning of the commercial battle to take away the female guests, the king (champion) prevailed.

Champion specializes in rare hitting by cornering opponents......!

In a series of heavy punches named "Dear Zepuros and Kiss Campaign," I was about to make up my mind in this round at once.

The opposing Wild Dog (Challenger) hardens the guard and withstands even......!

I was releasing a body blow named 'Free Repair Campaign' in between, but only a few damages were taken back.

His second, the Virgin, hastily directed the meeting.

But he didn't.

Because I instinctively knew I was just going to consume stamina mischievously when I just struck out.

And I've been waiting for a chance.

Like a sanagi, whatever you do, don't move...

But as if waiting for feathers, occasionally......!

Eventually, the moment will come.

Round Girls Named 'High School Girl Charisma Model' Intruded From Outside The Ring......!

They had gongs and pipe chairs in their hands and the villain wrestlers whilst still hitting the champion......!

The unexpected surprise, the champion of the ring to the center.

Of course, the Challenger can't miss that moment.

His guard, which was like a rock door, is finally opened......!

I ring my shoe and go in.

I dived into my nostalgia and was let loose from the bottom, what a......!

Osama has prepared for this moment a new special punch, "A Wonderful Campaign"......!

It's just revealing the name of the punch, the more powerful it is, the scarier it is.

And not only champions, but even seconds--targeting......!

What a name given to that fist...!

"Going with Mother & Big Bang Love, The Land of the Immortal King" Campaign

If you use Slumdog Mart now, we give you one whale with the results on the spot, only for female customers.

SPECIAL PRIZE: Going with Mother and Big Bang Love, Immortal King's Country Tour (1 person) * 1

1st Class: Handshake with Mother and Big Bang Love (100 people) * 2

2nd Class: Mother and Big Bang Love Signature Colored Paper (1,000 people)

3rd Class: Mother and Big Bang Love Mini Live (10,000 people) * 3

Shame Award: Let's Jump to Gold Kun Tickets (100,000 people) * 4

We also give you whales for using our free service, so the more you use our store, the more chances you'll have!

Make sure you stop by 'Slumdog Mart' for this opportunity!

* I will also be accompanied by a spiritual soldier (Pointman) wearing a Gordon mask.

* 2 Mothers may be hugged.

* 3 This will be a stage event format, which will take place at Slam Dogmart stores.

* 4 You can jump on Gold once per Pity Award whale.

This campaign calls for a great deal of talk.

Anyway, you can have an adventure with that famous Holly Doll mother and her famous model, Big Bang Love.

The girls who admired them changed the color of their eyes and killed them to the slum dog mart.

By the way, initially, it wasn't Mother who was going to The Land of the Immortal King, it was Primla's plan.

"It's weird that the image character's mom is leaving a message. Wow!? Besides, my mom left a message before!? It's just Primla! sloppy, sloppy!! Mom, stay with me! Follow me! Follow me! Follow me!!!!

When "The Land of the Immortal King" was once "Ant Tsuka," the depression of a mother who could not be taken exploded.

He ran over like a jackknife, so Goldwolf broke all this time.

The reason is that I thought Mother's words were the best, and because the destination was not a dangerous place.

Anyway, Osama is also the shady owner of The Land of the Immortal King.

Because the placement and trap of monsters were all as thoughtful and as self-righteous a place as the garden of one's own home.

There is no longer any doubt about the massive acquisition of female customers, and great success is definitely this campaign.

But have you noticed that there is another prey (target) that you are after?

... A wolf is a hunt for one prey in a flock.

But to the Demon Wolf, the lone wolf, it cannot be done.

No... I don't need to, would I be right to say?

Because the Demon Wolf...

He doesn't show up in front of his prey at all, just howling, hunting down his prey......

That fear alone is to hold back the prey...!

But I don't know them yet...

To the howl of the demon wolf, that you are invited...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"I sent the campaign principals to the Holly Dolls and spread that rumor to the reporter stuff... it didn't work out"

"The ladies at Holly Doll are all shy. And in the moon-night garden where no one is, waiting for this Zepuros pick up...... Tonight, I'm sure, you'll see the moon in Zepuros and practice kissing."

"Phew...... I had no idea 'Big Bang Love' was going to be a slum dog mart than that......"

"Yeah, I was about to withdraw, but it was a shame"

"I don't know about those ladies, Zepuros... but I remember stealing their hearts"

"But you should think of this as an opportunity. Slumdog Mart will be paying a huge gala to win" Big Bang Love. "

"Does that mean... that this is the last counterattack?

"All the ugly people have is money. It's like tying the hearts of Holly Doll ladies with gold."

"Huh, right. If we make it through here, Slumdog Mart will run out of stamina"

"But how do you get through this? The new campaign over there sounds pretty popular..."

"This Zepuros doesn't think so. The ladies today are just like bees collecting honey...... How many flowers did you fly around, and the last time you came back was from a queen bee named Zepuros?"

"Phew...... Anyway, both of you, I'm gonna get another one working. This is going to be the second round of the campaign. Its contents…"

"... oh, I see! That campaign, like it! It's much more topical than the other person's, so I can take back all my female customers...! No, on the contrary, Slumdog Mart is already in Halbury...... no, I might not be able to shop in this country!?

"That's right. Rather, it needs to be on that scale. Can you do it, Day Crowler?

"Let it be! You called me because of this!

"How's Zepuros? It involves some danger, but the opponent has a charismatic model for the Grand Virgin... there won't be a shortage for them, will there?

"Phew, there is no making if this Zepuros... Love the little bird you put on your shoulder. But let me try."