That was an unusual looking girl.

He looks pretty young because he's a dough head.

His eyes were huge, plenty of light, but some unforgiving color was stuck.

Hurlberry, the king's capital, is moving on unreliably as he is about to run into people

The body was likely to hide in a wave of people small, but it stood out more than anyone else thanks to shiny and brightly colored Taoist clothing.

He has a large cloth bag on his back and even carries a song knife as tall as he is.

The girl stopped her feet in front of the shop where it took her to pass.

The sign I looked up was' Gorgeous Smart '….

It's a store for adventurers, also in her local area.

Speaking of which, on my journey to this point, I recall running out of medicinal herbs.

The city's gorgeous smart was messed up and a little awkward, but he tried to squeeze his courage into the store.


"This store is full of other ladies right now. Line up over there."

The clerk at the entrance, in a familiar and henchy tone, stopped me.

Indeed, if you look closely, the store is filled with impatient female guests.

And a short distance from the store is a long line of snakes waiting to enter the store now or now...

The line continues to block the entrance to other stores on the street, making every shopkeeper seem openly annoying.

But where does the clerk blow the wind,

"Lady's colorful costume (dress) isn't bad either. But if you want to turn around Master Zepuros, leave the" Kissing "series, there's nothing else. It's on sale at our store."

I didn't know what you were talking about.

And the mixed gaze of ridicule and contempt, as if to see a country daughter, was irresistibly scary to the girl.

After a penny, he rushes out to escape.

Close your tight eyes and shake off your fears everywhere and everywhere......

...... Boink!


Wrapped in fudge screams and infinite softness.

Shortly afterwards, he was bounced off.

You must have hit something, but it doesn't hurt...?

If you open your eyelids with your ass cake on, there's...

"I was there..."

He's falling with a hoe, there was a girl.

It's like the rebirth of a goddess, a breathtaking girl.

And even though he's about the same age, he's more physically mature over there at all.

The girl seemed to see it unexpectedly, but she hurriedly tries to help herself as she bumps into it.


"How rude of you to bump into Master Primla!

"Get dressed properly! So you're an exotic, coming for Master Primura's life!?

"Don't think I'm sorry I bumped into the Holly Doll family Virgin!

"You're going to behead me here now and let me know how guilty I am!

"Oh, let's have a look at Master Primura! This sword of my righteousness!

"No, I'm the one doing it! Don't try to dress good in front of Master Primla just one person!

"Fuck, then how about we all temporarily stab this incompetent!?

"Oh, then everyone here, you can put up a martial arts medal in front of Master Primura!

"Plus, if you rattle them until they run out of traces, they'll save you a lot of cleaning time!

...... Jacquin!

The men, who surrounded the girl without question, unilaterally made noisy arrangements before pulling out their hips at the same time.

Girls don't have much fear, they don't have a voice.

The wild horses gathered to hear the noise, no one tried to stop them.

"Oh, such a little girl..." he said with a painful look, just looking at it.

Daytime grandeur, blades to be shaken up.

In the sun it had turned the sun, which was supposed to be warm, into a cold light that also froze the spine.

Right now, I was about to be swayed down with a slippery glow, at that moment......!

"Oh, please don't!!

Primla held the girl and sheltered her.

The Virgin, who felt trembling, hugs the girl even tighter.

"Oh, danger, Master Primla!?

"Almost, I almost killed you!?

"Why shelter such an undelivered!?

Primla protests diligently against the lower brave men when he gives them a kick in the face.

"I can't believe I just bumped into you and slaughtered people. Not really! Besides, this one's not bad......! I was just blurry!

The men began to weep hot and painful as they knelt down with their swords down.

"Oh, Master Primla......! How merciful of you...!

"That's the famous, Holly Doll family Virgin......! Even if the common man just touched your body without permission, it's not strange that you were slashed off that hand, but you are...!

"We brave men will protect Lord Primura for the rest of our lives!

"So why don't we just mark your approaching, lunch or something!?

"Oh, that's a good idea! There is a restaurant in Kingdu that only the brave can enter, so go there......!

The invitation of this hand, Primla has received many times as a result of the passing rain.

Therefore, it was a familiar way of saying no.

"Thank you. But I'll just make you feel good. We need to show you this valued customer."

When I get up with the sleaze, I walk into the store assisting the girl.

And gently ear punching.

"If they keep going like this, those brave men may catch them again. Rest until most of the store is cold. I'm sorry I got into this."

Primla apologizes for seeming sorry from the bottom of her heart.

The girl came from an exotic land, but knew the Holly Doll family, a prestigious Virgin.

Like other famous saints, I had the impression of being prestigious...... surprised that it was completely different.

But the girl was also worrying.

Maybe you can sell something expensive... and when you're hardening yourself,

"You were so scared. I'm so sorry. May I make you some tea to apologize? My uncle taught me that I have herbal tea that makes me feel very comfortable."

A primula with a really happy smile around "Uncle".

Girl's anxiety is a lot easier that way.

Pushing the swing door into the store, it was an adventurer's shop.

The girl remembers what she was trying to do.

"Oh, um... give me the herb..."

"What? Do you want to ask for medicinal herbs? May I show you from me, then? Recently, I have also been visiting the purchasing market to tell you how to identify good herbs from my uncle. I'm still uncomfortable, but good luck and I'll show you around!

Primla poses small and gutsy, appealing to motivation.

Do you remember a moment in the morning with your uncle, and that smile is like a new wife?

It was the smile of those who were filled with happiness and all seemed to shine.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

When the girl was asked to look over the herb with guidance from Primla, she grabbed it and lined up at the accounting counter.

In front of the counter there is a line of female guests, all in rough breath for some reason, holding weapons and armor.

"Ah, customer. That is an extraordinary buying counter. I'm sorry, but please tell the counter next door for the bill."

The girl, told that by Primla, headed to the empty counter next door.

There's a Kowamote Osama waiting for me, and I get a little carried away.

But he responded with a soft smile that was the opposite of the impression.

"Welcome, looks like this is our first time. Thank you. If you want to use it right away, should we cut the tie? If it is formulated, it can be chopped to a specified size and given to you."

Even in the same city, the girl thought it was a lot different than the 'gorgeous smart' I just went to.

"Yes, this will be your item. And we are now running a campaign, and we give you one whale per use. Go ahead."

Girl who received herbs in a paper bag and a triangular whale with wild dog illustrations.

Without expecting anything in particular, if you turn around perry, there it is......

Glowing golden, the 'special prize' two letters......!

... Karan! Karan! Karan!

Immediately afterwards, the sound of the handbell rings across the store.

"We won the special prize," Going with Mother and Big Bang Love, The Immortal King's Country Tour "! Congratulations! What is your name!?

The girl replied, as if the situation had not yet swallowed...... as pocan.

"Shaomao... you're from Henry Haochee"