A girl named Shaomao, who said she came a long way from the Northeast country of 'Henrihaochee'.

In her accidental visit to Slumdog Mart, she attracted the privilege of the 'Going with Mother & Big Bang Love, The Land of the Immortal King' campaign.

In order to have the winner process, I was guided to the customer service space so that it would be flushed.

"I knew... you couldn't take it! Shaomao, you didn't come here to sightsee!

And I started talking.

... she had a sister named 'Maomao'.

My sister was coming on tour to Henry Haochee in love at first sight with The Lyke Boys.

It was quite a handshake, and I was heartbroken by Ride Boy Zepuros, who treated me like a girl for the first time.

The thought grew stronger and stronger, and my sister said she dreamed of entering Harlem and traveling to Harvard.

But coming back, she was always fine, but she didn't say anything like a lie... she was a changed figure.

Shaomao decides on his sister's enemy that he was attacked by a thug.

To travel, however, it was necessary to be recognized as a member of the clan, and to do so it was necessary to carry out a tough test.

Trained in training, Shaomao breaks through the trials with a seeping effort of blood.

Then I spent about six months coming to Hurlberry.

The girl kept talking, with her eyes as if she was always worried.

But at the end of the day, I give you a kick face with determination.

Goldwolf saw the same strength as his sister in that figure.

"So shaomao......! We don't have time for this! Take Mao Mao's revenge...!

But the sooner I finish saying it, her body will be exposed.

"Ahhh! Shao mao cha!

The sisters who were listening in tears, one of the cracks was advancing.

"Ahhh! I can't believe you're coming this far alone! It would have been hard!? You must have missed me!? It would have been tough!? It's okay now! My mom, my mom, is in town teasing me ~!!

"Yes, sister! You can't just leave Mr. Shaomao like this! How about you stay at my house tonight for the inconvenience!?

"That's a good idea, Primla! Sa, Shao Mao, let's go home warm with Mommy. Mommy, I'm going to make a lot of treats for Shao Mao today! Nice!? Gol!?

The reincarnation I'm just about to take away.

Shaomao, who remained buried in her chest, only made her eyes black and white.

Asked for confirmation, Goldwolf gestured a little like thinking before

"I never mind. And just to let you know, Mr. Shaomao is a man..."

"" Yeahhh!?!?

The sisters open their eyes in tears.

"Oh... is that true, Mr. Shaomao!?" "Is it true, Shaomao!?

Asked by the two of them, Shaomao snorts.

She was hugged by her mother as if she had become her third breast......

No, he shouted like a drowning man.

"I knew everyone, you thought it was a girl...! Shaomao, you're a beautiful boy......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Whether you're a boy or a girl, Shaomao is Shaomao."

In the end, Shaomao was to be troubled by the Holly Doll family in the form of being pushed off by his mother.

By the way, the subject of the 'Going with Mother & Big Bang Love, Immortal King's Country' campaign should be exclusive to women......

"I thought I was a woman at first, too, and I gave you a whale, but as I listened to Mr. Shaomao, I realized that he was a man on the way. I've already given it to you, though, so it won't be undone either."

Osama's sheer reckoning left the prize intact in his hands.

And the Holly Doll family table is lined with Henry Haochie dishes.

"Mom, I've been to Henry Haochee a few times, but this is my first time cooking. I don't know if it worked, but eat a lot, Shaomao! All of us, then!

"" "" "" "" "" "" "" Here you go. Sooo!

"Hey Shaomao, this white one floated, what a dish?

"That's Marboardwoof. Careful, it's hard."

"Hmm. I don't care. Shaomao, I'm worried about you. If this is about it, I'll be fine, it's spicy!?... Hey Midnight Sugar! We did it again. Hey!?

"I broke it. I thought I'd say that, so I added in the hard part. He looks like he's fulfilled an unknown encounter."

"Can you also let me make an encounter with the unknown!?

"Ugh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! Even though it was payday ago, I can't believe I could eat something like this!"

"What are you crying about, Glass Palin?"

"Duh, duh."

"Hiya eh!? From -?

I got a crack in my glasses.

"But Shaomao is fine."

"If it's as spicy as this, you always eat it."

"Come on, Glass Palin, Midnight Sugar! We can't lose the Wow Knights! It's chivalry to try twice as spicy as it is!

"Ha, ha no!?

"I don't know. I don't know."

"Look, Shaomao, eat more! I guess you are the same swordsman I am!? And what would a man do with that!

"So-so! We need to eat about ten of Dag's!

"Pull is too much to eat. Don't be shy."

"Ugh, that's okay, Luc. Everybody eat a lot! I knew it would be nice to call everyone. Wow, that's all you get when you eat a lot of dinner!

"Oh, thank you for inviting me today. Dear Mother Reincarnation,"

"Already, Miss, if you're like that other person... Speaking of which, what happened to Maseria today?

"Maselia called me to her friend's house... aha, sorry. Speaking of which, you called the two of you from" Big Bang Love, "didn't you?

"Those kids were there until they were cooking, but it looks like they got out of work and forced me to come, and the manager took them away. I'm so sorry about you both."

"Uncle, this is a dish called fried rice. And this is a dish called shrimp chili. Enjoy a lot. Can I get you anything else? Ah... Uncle, I have lunch on my cheek. May I take it?

"There's a grain of rice on the edge of Mr. Primura's mouth, too."

"Whoa, my uncle, oh, my grain of rice in your mouth...!? Ko, this is already, indirect ki......!?

"What is it, Mr. Primla?

"Ha... Ha hoo...!

"Mr. Primla?

"Ah......!? Shh, I'm sorry, Uncle! I was traveling to" Pudding Village "with much joy......!


"Yes, it's in my head, it's an imaginary village... Ah!? Yes, eh! Nothing!

"Taru, Pie Tan's too, let's Taru!

"Gol, let's take Mom's too!

"Around my mouth, there's rice grains everywhere."

"You can't lose them, either! Look, Glass Palin, take this rice grain...!

"Ha, ha! Spicy!?

"I can only think of life as my instinct."

"Oh? Shaomao, what's wrong? I suddenly got sick of it... Mom's dinner, wasn't it delicious?

"... no... no. Dear Mr. Reincarnation, your dinner is so delicious......! Besides, and... Haven't had such a busy meal in a while...! You remind me of my hometown Henry Haochie......!

"Damn, don't cry like a man, Holla, eat this..."

"Ah... thank you. What, spicy!?

"You finally made me say 'hard'."

He was a strong opponent.

From the Holly Doll family mansion that night......

The scream of heehee, and the laughter, never ceased.