At the Holly Doll family, almond tofu, a dessert after dinner, was behaved.

In that seat,

"Oh, you're all sweaty because you ate so much spicy. Let's take a bath after this. Ah... yes, Shaomao, Henry. In Haochee, the whole family has a habit of taking a bath, right?

Fingers tangle together in front of a jumbo almond-like chest, and reincarnation shakes the subject.

"You do have a custom like that. But that's..."

"That's right! So let's all take a bath together for the Henry Haochee ceremony today!"

After dessert was bathed by ten women and two men, almost in a push-out fashion.

Beautiful girls wrapped their rough limbs in a thin piece of cloth named Bath Towel.

Shaomao was more shy than anyone else, wrapping a luxurious body like a girl in a thick bath towel.

And then there's Osama, who's the same as always.

But that's exactly where the peaches come from......

No, it was exactly Pudding Village......!

Of course, it was a big deal, but Shaomao was taught there by Goldwolf and decided to take part in The Tour of the kingdom of immortality, going with Mother & Big Bang Love.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In Pudding Village, there was a pudding riot that wouldn't have happened if it was a US riot, about the same time......

The Vineyard (Grape Palace), an outdoor stadium in Hallbury, was surrounded by a vortex of zeal.

The female guests hissing in the audience continue to send love calls withering their voices.

Field with white roses laid down.

In the middle of it are a bunch of monsters.

Surrounded by a legion of monsters was only one brave man.

countless magic skeletons and the desperate situation of giant dragon zombies on the front, back, left and right.

Despite his utter destiny, he was performing flashly.

While bathing in the spotlight from all directions.

What kept the attention and cheer of this occasion to himself was a handsome man like no other, a hero like no other.

You can sing and dance and fight, a new generation of idol braves......!

It was Ride Boy Zepuros......!!

"♪ OH ~! Zepuros!

With his singing, when he puts up a spear that is a weapon (emon),

"♪ OH ~!! Zepuros!!

As many as 100,000 calls respond.

"♪ This beautiful spear pierces everything! The heart of a monster, the heart of a lady!

Run out with such agility that you don't think of it as prosthetic legs (arc gear).

As we intercept, Magic Skeleton's army pushes over like a white wave.

♪ Come on scatter, ugly! Let's get drunk, ladies!

Dozens of skeletons come together and shatter just one spear.

♪ Your life is to be trampled by this Zepuros!

The rolling skull on the ground is crushed.

♪ Lady's life is there to blossom this Zepuros!

He was singing when he said he was in the middle of a fight.

And when he says he's surrounded by enemies, he throws a kiss at the audience while turning as gorgeous as a dance.

♪ To the lady's beauty, this Zepuros is full!


Zepuros begins further rotation while receiving 100,000 love calls.

Standing on one leg like a comma, like your son on a silver plate.

♪ Beautiful man, win beautifully! That's the fight, that's the fight, that's the war! '

An aura like a vacuum blade spreads on one side around.

The moment I touched that round-sawed spiral circle,

Dogga! Bagga! Dogahhhhhh!!

There was a white explosion in all directions.

Skeletons collapsing one after the other, scattering bones.

"And That's Love (Love)...!"

Zepuros, who stops spinning pitterly, decides to pose viscidly.

"♪ OH ~!! Baby! You know why?

"I don't know - whoa! Zepuros sama aahhhh!"

'Cause that's the goddess of victory and the girl (lady)...!


The audience turns themselves around like they can't wait anymore.

And at the same time, it was breathtaking.

"Ahhh!? Master Zepuros, no!!

"A dragon zombie around, braces at the same time...!!

"He's running away! Zepuros sama aahhhhh!

The dragon zombies like Oyama that surrounded Zepuros were uniformly bringing sickles.

But Zepuros has not even given them eyes.

He glues around like a pole dance, centered on his favorite spear sticking out on the ground.

'Don't worry, kitty. I won't let this elegant garden connect Zepuros with the ladies with dragon zombie ugly braces...!... Come on guys, come with me!

Ba! and a single finger that can be listed.

as if that were a baton of command,

"The beautiful blooms beautifully, the ugly scatters ugly!!!!!"

An undisturbed, yellow cheer was played.

instantaneous rotation,

"Ggaoo!? Gghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?"

Play one after the other. Fly away, dragon zombie necks......!

The audience's voltage reaches its culmination.

"Cahhhhhhhhh! I'm out. Ahhhhhh!

"Dear Zepuros Special Attack, Heartslash Rolling Dancer!!

"I can't believe you killed Magic Skeleton and four dragon zombies with just one blow...!!

"Ahhh!! Psycho already!! Master Zepuros ahhhhhh!!

"If you were so strong, going to the Land of the Immortal King would really be like a tour trip!!

"Ahhh!! I want to go, I want to go!! Go! Go!

"I'm going anyhow already!! Savings my husband was saving to buy my home, I'd spend most of it. But I'll let him go. Wow!!

"Me too! I'll give my dad a lifetime gift and I'll make you some money! If you don't, threaten to run away from home!

"Going with Master Zepuros, the kingdom of the immortal king" campaign.

The third prize, "Special Lives of Zepuros", was held in the past.

The 100,000 ladies gathered there decided to make a new scatter in order to win a special prize at all costs...

To their feelings, an announcement was made from the mouth of Zepuros, as if to whip them even further.

The following is the full text thereof:

The special award's Tour to the Land of the Immortal King, which will take place next month, coincidentally......

It's supposed to be on the same day as the Slumdog Mart tour! (Eh!?

Yeah, but don't worry about it. Of course we don't act together!

Looks like some ugly men over there! (Laughs)

And one more thing, I'm happy to announce!

How dare the kingdom and the newspapers sponsor us so that we can use the latest propaganda magic!

With this technology, the pattern of the tour was broadcast live in all the gorgeous smart stores in this country! (Yeahhhh!?!?

Besides, on that day, in the square in front of The Land of the Immortal King, a special arena will be set up!

It's a huge screen, and we're bringing the tour patterns to everyone! (Applause)

Now the ladies who missed the prize, don't worry!

So you can watch this Zepuros play in the Primary Seat! (Yay yay!

The arena viewing in "The Land of the Immortal King" is invitational, with 1,000 people in the lottery!

This will be a new prize for the "Go with Zepuros, kingdom of immortality" campaign!

And if you want to watch it on Gorgeous Smart, it will be a privilege only for ladies who have shopped at that store for over 100,000 yuan (ender)!

Of course I don't doubt the ladies here will all come to bloom this Zepuros!

Maybe that day, I'll show you what an ugly, crawling wild dog looks like... (Big bang)

Forgive me for the beauty of this Zepuros!

With this wink...... hey! (Temporarily interrupted due to continued syncope)