The Immortal King's Country Tour, a special award for the "Go with Mother & Big Bang Love, Immortal King's Country" campaign.

On that day, a commemorative ceremony was held at Halbury No. 1 in Slumdog Mart.

Talk show with Reincarnation and Big Bang Love, and winner Shaomao, plus Gordon the Dress It Up.

Originally, Gold planned to take the stage wearing only a covering covering his face.

I wore a weird voice magic mask in my mouth because my voice was too tannic to stay that way...

The scratchy five remains intact, so Osama is obvious except for his face......

Besides, that's what speaks in a tall voice like a cartoon, so it's become a more intense character than you can imagine.

Just on the spot, Wow Knights said,

"Kill your kids in your spare time."

"The darkness is too deep. Abyss level."

"Hi-no, frightened, no, no!"

And it was a lot of appreciation, so suddenly a worn figurine was to be made by Mother's hand.

But this was, for Osama, an out-of-count thing.

Because when he serves as a spiritual soldier, he tries to dress as thinly as possible.

It is of paramount importance to the Spirit Soldier (Pointman) who precedes the Underground Labyrinth (Dungeon) and protects subsequent parties from traps and monster ambushes.

Hidden passage from a slight gap wind that feels on the skin.

Smell the slightest leftover incense, poison gas and explosion traps.

Listen to the slightest noise and find a place with water.

And change the terrain with the feel of a stepping foot.

A change in temperature transmitted through the skin to determine which area you are in right now.

And even the presence of monsters with a killing spirit that I feel all over my body.

With only a few airflow disturbances, you have to feel the impending blade.

If you wear thick clothes, etc., the majority of those will be sealed.

Osama placed several orders with Mother, the wearing maker.

"Keep the fabric on the back of your palms and feet thin. And keep the nostrils wide open and just a few gaps in the back of the neck."

The only thing I could do that was "Suddenly Gold-kun Special Version".

This special outfit incorporates a number of secret features, but it will come to light whoa.

And thanks to that clothing gesture, I didn't let the audience pull the dong on the day.

The line that ended the ceremony was dropped off by a large group of employees and regular guests, and several carriages were taken off with them, like the merchants.

The figure of the female customer, who should be the original main target, is seldom present on the spot.

It won't even be possible.

Even Gorgeous Smart today has the same Immortal King's Country Tour.

When the pattern was broadcast live throughout the store, all the female customers were taken that way.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"The kingdom of the Immortal King" is on high ground like an ancient temple.

Because it is located behind a mountain with no cities or villages nearby, it is usually rarely popular.

Occasionally, it is enough to see a brave party without a decree.

But today was a great day for a live outdoor concert.

Thousands of Zepuros fans pushed into the land.

The hilltop of the kingdom of the Immortal King is a square surrounded by woods, but a great opening took place in conjunction with this day.

On the spacious earth that has become a meadow, spectator seats separated by ropes.

Though it is a stand-up without a chair, the hissing audience looks up at the stage without complaining.

A stage set a little high, using the steps of the stairs leading to the temple.

On top of that, a huge rectangular plate of three sides is erected at the entrance to the temple, which has raised the stairs.

This is the latest magic technology, a catalyst for projecting footage of 'Transmission Magic', made by scraping out magic stones.

If you want to put it this way, it's called Aurora Vision.

And nothing has ever been shown before. There, finally......!

"... janjanjang, bury Bye ~ ~!

A person was shown taking the stage with a funky call.


When a behind-the-scenes orchestra plays a blast at the same time,


The audience waved at him simultaneously.

Sunglasses on your rotten broccoli-like head and dress a suit full of lame without shame, funky man......!

What's its name......!?

"Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyy!

To the audience's cheer, the man responded.

I said, "Oh, my God!" Go with Master Zepuros, kingdom of immortality "Promoted to host of the special arena, JANJAN BALIBARI JAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

A loud magic, massively augmented voice sticks around like a mountain.

Djangian Bali is the brave leader of the Kwon Ten class.

He is a well-known person who specializes in MC at brave events.

"Already everyone, Dear Zepuros at the store, the backup goods... I'm already buying them. Huh!!

A giant burly burst of exaggerated lumbar crushing when you look at the panels and dough fans depicting Zepuros' face, as well as the passenger seats that cross section.

Incidentally, in the script, if the sales of the retailer were not fragrant, they planned to stop the stage progression until they were bought.

Zepuros appears only on the screen,

"Without Lady's love, this Zepuros can't be feathered...!

and so on, should have fanned into the store.

But everywhere, thanks for selling out......!

Everything from "Zepuros-like Watarashi", where the sketch was just painted on the bag, to "Zepuros-like Twisted Potatoes", where I imagined the curly hair of Zepuros...!

'Wow, you look like you're ready to welcome Master Zepuros! Well, let's call it a day! Dear Zepuros, go ahead. Jahhhhhhhhh!

The screen that was reflecting Janjang Bali switches all the time.

But the next thing that came out was not the beautiful honorable face of Master Zepuros.

Blood-soaked, wild-dog masked, mysterious man......!

He was super up, with a horrible face, like he's been killing someone right now...!