It wasn't the beauty of the brave man who waited to dominate the three-sided screen.

My eyes run blood, my nose is rough, my mouth is full of blood...!

Crazy face (mask) like a wild dog who has attacked people too hungry......!


More fear overrides the scene in screams.

"Ha, ha, ha...! Why don't you guys come to Slumdog Mart......!? I'll kill you......! They're not coming to Slumdog Mart, they're all gonna kill you......!

After a message like a crime statement,

Dodd dodd dodd...!!

The men in the wild dog mask slipped onto the stage.

All in fashion, like at the end of the century, with cheap sticks and knives in their hands.

The accompanying jaunty burly screamed as he exaggerated his hips.

"Ah!? Ah!? Ah!? Ahhh!? Ahhhh!? You've seen this cover before! Yes, you're a slum dog mart! Slumdog Mart assassins came aboard trying to mess up this event. Bye!?


audiences that return a resounding reaction if you hit them.

The farce continues.

"That's right! Today was the day for Slumdog Mart to tour in this Land of the Immortal King!

'Exactly! We're here to mess up your tour and screw up Gorgeous Smart's reputation! Come on, swear you'll come shopping at our slum dog mart! Or I'll kill you in turn!

'Oh, my God! This... at a time like this...! Yes, Master Zepuros! Guys, we need help from Master Zepuros! Let it go!

"Zepuros sama aahhhhhhh!

"You can't! You're going to cheer me up! Master Zepuros, everyone's cheering is going to be energy! Louder! Let it go!

"Zepuros sama aahhhhhhhh!!!


A heavy piano melody rushes through the stage to the guest table.

And there's a voice from nowhere......!

'... the fool does not realize his stupidity. Just like that, the ugly don't realize how ugly they are......!


From all directions of the arena, petals erupt along with explosions.

In front of the stage, there is a huge storm of flowers, including silhouettes...!

'That is why we rise to gold and power and lay down our sins...! Yes, all sins are ugliness...!

"It is... who!?

At the same time the wild dog screamed, the screen captured that silhouette up.

'Don't hate sin, hate ugliness...! Ride Boy Zepuros, this is where we descend!

"CARRYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Zepuros sama aahhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Zepuros showed up in a blooming pose.

The audience's excitement culminates at once.

'Listen carefully, you foolish wild dogs. Attracting the hearts of the ladies is neither power nor money......! Yes, beauty......! Beauty is everything...!

That's why! There's nothing you can't get with money and power! Come on, you bastards, do Zepuros! That way, the gorgeous smart is over!

'After all, fools do not realize their stupidity...! Can the ugly only be scattered ugly......! Exactly. This special arena exclusive "Kissing Blade" will add a knob of colour to your ugly men's sprinkles…!

The moment Zepuros took the stand, Giangianbari, who was in the corner of the stage, screamed to get his hands on each other.

"Master Zepuros is here! So let's give him an example, all together!... Let it go!

"The beautiful blooms beautifully, the ugly scatters ugly!!!!!"

The audience breathes perfectly, blasting Zepuros' decision dialogue into heaven.

And the battle begins.

"Oh, my God, I'm not dying!

"Wow! They did it!

That seemed like a scholarship, but the audience rejoiced.

"Caaaaaa!! Nice!! Zepuros sama!!

"Damn, you lose! Yikes! '

"Hey, what a strength!?

"Oh man! Do it. Eh! Kill the ugly wild dog!

'No, no, you can't win at all!

"Slumdog Mart's weapon, it's like I can't stand my teeth. Oh my God!?

Dancing crisp, the last wild dog left on stage gets hacked.

'If this happens, it's a last resort. Uh-huh!

Along with the dummy voice, the screen that switches.

There was a view of the Goldwolves who reached another entrance, at the foot of the hill of The Land of the Immortal King.

As they get off the carriage, the gorgeous smart staff who took on crates like cameras stormed.

Surround every escort, and make a mess of it.

I first captured the amazing reincarnation with expressions like "Oh, well".

"No! Help me, Master Zepuros! Slumdog Mart is trying to take us away to the Underground Labyrinth (Dungeon)!

Next, the two Big Bang Loves who do the same.

'All this time, I've been forced to listen...! But I've already used it...!

'As it is, the Grand Virgin and we will both be killed! Help me, Master Zepuros!

It was as if the painting and the sound did not match, it was a terrible aflec.

But the audience screams sadly and sends a booing.

Finally, when the stuffed face wears up,

'If you can't win, whether it's business or force...! I'll use these women...! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! It's Rideboy Zepuros......! I'm waiting for you in the underground labyrinth (dungeon)...!

A disgusting voice decorated with malice and cotecote, as if the monster were speaking humanities, stuck around the venue.