Gorgeous Smart's aim in The Immortal King's Country Tour was clear.

Tailor a unilaterally entangled slam dog mart to the bad guy's side......

If we put the Grand Virgin, the longing of the women, and Big Bang Love in crisis and make that public......

Slumdog Mart's reputation falls to the bottom of the ground......!

Plus, if we let Rideboy Zepuros, the image character of Gorgeous Smart, rescue them...

Slumdog Mart's reputation shatters rather than falls......!

That's right.

It wasn't just some cheap hero show they were planning that seemed like a department store rooftop.

Exactly, theatrical......!

Rideboy Zepuros kicks out more than double the usual number of combatants......!

The Phantom Misty Wild Dog is ten times the usual explosion, blowing up......!

And at the end of the day, the heroines I rescued and a hot kiss to take...!

Large, Regiment, Yen "Justice Forever"......!!

Incidentally, a scenario was also conceived, based mainly on the rescue of the missing rideboys in "The Land of the Immortal King," which was lost by both Genocide Lower and Zepuros.

The reason Genocide Lower disappeared is that no one would be happy to help the missing Ride Boys.

They are no longer forgotten at the 'That Man Is Now' level, so where I helped, the audience was like, "Who?" and would tilt his neck.

Then it was judged more dramatic to rescue the Grand Virgin and the charismatic model from time to time.

And the reason Zepuros lost it,

"If it's enough to give thought to men who don't even know life or death, it's better to whisper love to dead pigs. It'll taste better."

Finally, it was a matter of motivation.

Nevertheless, the scenario is determined, and the performances surrounding it are also consolidated.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the project, Genocide Lower employs a domestic relay by means of propaganda magic, which is still only partially employed in the course of research.

Until now, only true photographs of newspapers have been expressed using a previously unprecedented medium called real-time relay.

Cooperation between the Kingdom and the newspapers was essential, as this could not be achieved solely by the power of Gorgeous Smart.

The number of stone boards for video projection, to be placed in Gorgeous Smart stores, was small and had to be borrowed from each newspaper.

It didn't exist in the country until the giant screen in the special arena, so I pick it up from the big country with a minister's twat.

And when it came to sending magical footage across Halbury, a significant number of operators were also needed.

Naturally, huge amounts of money move.

Eventually, the project swelled to the largest ever for Halbury's gorgeous smart.

But Genocide Lower doesn't hesitate at all.

If you succeed, you're just going to settle for a brand match for women against Slumdog Mart, because you can totally crush your opponent.

That's why I took all the time to prepare.

Instruct him to retrieve the blueprint for the stage "The Land of the Immortal King" and embed the equivalent of a law ball in the relay camera, while modifying it so that he can control the trap.

But there was only a place to work, and there was obstruction from monsters, but there was zero damage to facilities and workers.

The rehearsal, which took place many times after completion, also ends without delay.

Genocide Lower, Day Crowler, Ride Boy Zepuros......

This project, in which the competence of these three was unfortunately demonstrated, was perfect.

Exactly what the finishing touches are like...

And finally, on the day of the tour, Slumdog Mart came a long way.

I went out of my way to wear an evil Phantom style outfit and bring the princess...

They don't even know they're going to be put on a death trolley, blasting over the rails...!


They still don't know...!

To the howling of wolves, to being driven away......!

I got lost in a place called The Land of the Immortal King, and I didn't even know it was a graveyard there...

Even the holes, to keep digging...

Deep, deep hole...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The Ride Boy Zepuros comes from a temple-style entrance at the top of the hill.

While following thirty female fans behind.

Goldwolf comes from the underground labyrinth (dungeon) -style entrance at the foot of the hill.

while escorting thirty women as well.


Primla as manager, and the Wow Knights and a group of escorts, including Kulalalaka.

It was 2 men and 28 women mentes to be exact......

Anyway, these two targeted parties, the Brave and Osama, enter the kingdom of the Immortal King at the same time on the same day.

And the pattern showed Zepuros on the big screen and Osama on the wipe, showing all over this country.

"Ah, brave and wild dogs, good and evil, beauty and ugliness...! Two decentralizations have finally set foot in the underground labyrinth (dungeon)!!

Janjan Bali's, with a confusing reality.

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

The sound of a giant shutter dropping rings as if to block it.

Both cameras reflected the two inlets as they rocked with vibration.

"Ohhhhhhh!? Once in the underground labyrinth (dungeon), behind both, a big iron wall came down. Bye!? Now the exit's blocked. Bye!?

"Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

Incredible screaming audiences.

'Besides, the slum dog party is more severed from the subsequent escorts. Bye!!

That was just a trick.

On the Osama side are Liincarnation, Big Bang Love, Shaomao and Primla.

Beyond the thick iron walls, you can't even get the sound of a beating, Wow Knights and Kulalalaka and the escorts.

"Slumdog Mart all of a sudden, 24 of them have fallen off. JAHHHHHHH!!

Taillette! And the sound of the effect was played.

At the same time, from behind the stage, something like a wall comes up.

like a scoreboard. To that, as if we knew this would happen,

Lady Brave, 31 Team Kikomori.

06 Wild Dog Team Dust

The current number of parties is with the big fat...!

This is a trap from Gorgeous Smart, of course.

It was the first manipulation to bring out the incompetence of wild dogs.

The escort that has been left at the entrance is reserved for reincarnation.

Those who are bound to accompany the Grand Virgin as a bodyguard when she carries out her sacramental duties.

And all the members, even as hand-worked women knights, were a prestigious elite group.

But with them, it is possible that they will be prevented from interfering because of what they have planted.

Then we plotted to break it off early.

If you leave protecting the Grand Virgin to the dressed spirits (point men) alone, you can do whatever you want.

I can emphasize that incompetence is still in the trap that I will be waiting for...!

Wild Dog, Dj End eh......!!

... and the only people who were conceivable were those who dug too deep into the hole and could no longer escape on their own.