Early in the tour, two parties blocked the exit.

The spectators of the arena become noisy.

The thirty women that were following followed followed followed after they dreamed of the scent Zepuros would leave behind, but suddenly turned bright blue as if they had been thrust into despair.

Everyone sticks to an iron wall and slaps Dong Dong and calls for help.

But Zepuros was not the only one who tried to move off the spot.

To the rose I removed from somewhere, I gently leaned my lips against the

"Calm down, ladies. Why don't you think about it? External interference says this is no longer the case... Now that Zepuros loves you, he'll be just like this rose."

"Wha... Zepuros samaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

In just one word, thirty squire hearts at once... no, on the contrary, a thousand in the arena...

Oh no, I grabbed the hearts of hundreds of thousands of women watching in gorgeous smarts everywhere...!

"Wow! That's amazing, Master Zepuros!

"How can you be so calm, so awesome!?

The answer to that is' cause I've rehearsed it so many times'.

"The hearts of Zepuros are not even frightened with these iron lumps. Whether it is immense power or outrageous violence...... Not to mention gold and jewelry. The only thing I can move... is you ladies...!

Zepuros makes a starry wink on the camera that stops by as shown.

"Cahhhhhhhhh! Zepuros sama aahhhhhhhh!

Grab it, okay!

Sayid the Wild Dog said,

"Oh, I'm scared. Hey! Mommy's following me, town hall!

And the Grand Virgin hissing and hugging at Gold's dressing as she says.

Primla looks up at the iron wall as she pinches the edge of the dressed animal anxiously.

"Hey-hey!? Hey, seriously, no!? Seriously, I can't get out!?

"This is no good..."

"Yikes... you're in big trouble!

Big Bang Love and Shaomao kicking and slapping the wall.

Like Zepuros, Gold said without moving a step on the spot.

Weird voice. Magic, with an out of tune voice.

"In the meantime, let's move on. There are other exits in this Land of the Immortal King."

"Hey, if you're golden, how can you be so calm!?

"Hmm, you're cool"

By the way, the two Big Bang Loves exchanged greetings with Goldwolf during Slumdog Mart's image character inauguration.

But since that was clear, it can be said that this is the first tangle between Gale and Osama.

But they haven't noticed.

The contents of the gourmet are that it is Goldwolf….

Gold's contents are top-secret.

Consideration of the rule that people in suit actors should remain confidential in order not to break their dreams.

It was all the more so if it were to be shown throughout this country.

On the contrary, this fact is unknown to most people working at Slumdog Mart, as well as even gorgeous smart officials, such as Genocide Lower and Zepuros.

You won't even notice.

Slumdog Mart is one of the biggest chain stores in the country, even though it is a personal store.

Because a person at the top of it can't think of anything like taking the initiative to go in and wear it.

"I can't believe you're calm at times like this, that's gol...... goldy"

I don't know how effective that rewording is, but even that Grand Virgin keeps secrets from me.

"Good girl Gordo, what was your mom doing for you, town. Rip him up, town. I'll call you Gyu, town. Chew it for you, town. Huh!

No, rather, by pretending not to know, she was singing about Goldwolf's freedom to touch and defeat his body as much as she wanted, even though it was worn by worthless.

As usual, they grabbed me by the shoulder on the verge of hugging me and stopping me, but I knew I couldn't be hugged and my figurine would do it.

Visual like you no longer know which is the dog.

Osama said this to everyone as he stroked the great Virgin back to the point where she was sorry to be all alone.

"I've been here a few times, so I know some structure. Although, it seems a lot remodeled...... Let's just move on. I'll lead the way as a spikesman, so you guys can follow me a little further. The light source seems to be all over the place, but watch your step."

The iron wall went down and the light from the outside was cut off.

But by the burning of the walls and the sparkling stones of the ceiling, the underground labyrinth (dungeon) is as bright as day.

It will be to send the activity of the brave to the world with a good shot of the wild dog's demise.

Zepuros and Gold began to move on again, almost simultaneously, taking the women.

By the way, it's unusual for a brave man to cut ahead and move on.

Whatever happens to monster hunting in the open, it's normal to keep the spirits (pointmen) on the lookout when it comes to exploring underground labyrinths (dungeons).

But Zepuros is familiar with the structure because he is rehearsing, and even with the lid closed, he can move on.

That plenty of room seemed to tickle the audience's hearts even more.

"I can't believe you're in a dangerous place, but you're walking so grand, and so graceful!

"Nice! It's like watching a fashion show!

"With Master Zepuros, the underground labyrinth (dungeon) is only a catwalk!

"Look, look! Compared to that, if you walk that wild dog!

"You're moving on with a slap on the floor because it looks like some kind of stick!

"I'm so freaked out...! Like a real wild dog!

Both exploratory speeds and assessments were targeted.

The route calculated and set by Genocide Lower, however, brought the two to a place at the same time.

It was a large trail room.

I thought it was a dead end, but all of a sudden from nowhere,

'... stay!!

A thunderous voice sounded like a lightning strike.

Biku!? and women shrinking their bodies like children.

The two men don't let it be slight, they're looking up at the wall.

There, a golden skeleton figure in a deep red cape was depicted using one side of the wall.

'This is the kingdom of the Immortal King' …! And my name is Rich the Immortal King......! His first name is Barluminte......! In this land where only the dead are allowed to exist, what if they are raw......!? If you want to move on, take my judgment...!

Despite screaming, his voice continued.

"I don't know why (because) there are so many people out there today...! Then I will entrust their fate to them...! Gather outside the" kingdom of the immortal king "and tell the women...! From now on, the brave and the wild dogs... will decide which one to judge...!

"What... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!?!?!?"

The spectators' amazement had pierced them like a cold gap wind, reaching those in the underground labyrinth (dungeon).