"Oh, my God!? Rich, the undead monster who rules the kingdom of the Immortal King, showed up all of a sudden!? That's just jaunty burly for this, it's going to shrink your life expectancy!?

"Outside our country, you are the one spreading the noise caused by loud magic! If the lives of the brave and the wild dogs are spared, blame the help of my pastime!

"Ku......! I don't care what happens to wild dogs! But if anything happens to Master Zepuros, it's going to make half the world sad! You're gonna have to say something!

With the self-proclaimed Rich and the MC progressing Djangian Bali earning a ruler, large numbers of staff were moving around like working ants in the arena's audience.

The rope that surrounded the passenger seat is removed and carried in two huge signs, divided left and right.

The sign on the right is a beautiful Zepuros illustration, at its foot is just a garden of white roses.

The sign on the left is an illustration of an evil wild dog whose foot is just a garbage dump.

Confirming his readiness, Djangian Bali began explaining to the audience by running around the stage.

"Brave and wild dog teams, you're moving to the sign for those who want help! The lady who wants to help Master Zepuros moves to the right!

You think the hopeful are zero in the first place, the explanation on the left was omitted.

And then Rich's supplement just goes in.

"There's a thousand of them. Then you decide the fate of the brave and the wild dogs! Know that the more people you move, the lighter the judgment will be against them! Well, I don't think so, but if we can get the support of everyone here, let's get rid of the justice we get!

By the way, the audience isn't the perfect 1,000.

There was also a screw in Conne, so the number is slightly over a thousand.

"Saaah! For my sake, move! Move! Huhahahahahahahahahahahaha! '

"Now, start moving! We have time, slow down, don't push!

Rich's high laughter and the guidance of the staff signaled, the audience starting to move.

It's like doing an evacuation that's not training, with a serious face.


Heavy, painful BGM based on drums stirs up more tension.

As if that were the prescribed route, as many as a thousand women twisted to the right.

And as if that was where the fire was going, no one tried to get closer to the left than the centerline.

… naturally.

Anyway, they've come all the way to the back of the mountain to support Zepuros.

Besides, the Wild Dog Side is a garbage dump, so I guess you don't even want to go near it hygienically.

'Oh, then we're due in ten seconds!... ten! nine! eight!

The audience, neither for Rich's countdown nor for Pickle.

Nobody moves, as if everyone's feelings are one.

'If you're going to change your mind, now's the time!... 7! 6! 5!

No one can change their mind or anything.

Because beautiful, graceful, good brave men and ugly, poor minister and evil wild dogs......

Because from the ground up in the first place, it hasn't been a battle.

Inside the underground labyrinth (dungeon), only voices from outside can be heard leaking.

The men said to the women who were anxious because they didn't know how many votes they had.

"People's minds are easy to transfer. But there's only one thing in this world that doesn't change. It's the beauty of this Zepuros and the feelings of the ladies who think of Zepuros"

"Please calm down. It's about not making a scene no matter what. Don't move off the spot."

Zepuros is surrounded by the women, and the opposite is true, while Osama is away from the women.

We both knew.

Zepuros said that he would be acquitted.

Osama said that judgment would come after him as a priority.

"Saaah! The shore of good and evil is not long away! Now pray, and chant!... 4! 3! 2!

"Yikes!! No! Yikes!...... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

At the same time as the audience counted up, fireworks were launched and explosions swung in the blue sky.

Everyone on the spot looks up to heaven.

"... fate has been decided! Come on, count it! The weight of sin! The lack of hope! And for the weight of judgment, I regret the foolish path I have taken in this world!

"You don't even have to count anymore! All the ladies, to Master Zepuros...... and yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!?!?

Giangianbari, who returned his gaze to the guest seat, was flipping with vegetables.

Until now, it was like a wilderness, in a barren land...

Because someone was standing down...!

It's the young girls in the wild dog mask......!

On a blonde twin tail that jumped out of the side of the mask, a redneck on the mask, glasses from the top of the mask......!

Yes, nothing else, 'Wow Knights'......!

They were secretly in the audience after being separated from Goldwolf and the others......!

"What, so surprised! They moved to Koch on the verge of a deadline!

"These twisted potatoes, they're like the hair of Team One."

"'Cause I don't have potatoes stuck to people's heads, Member Two! Besides, that would be the one in the garbage dump!?

"Now I feel safe whenever I'm bald."

"Shall I rip your hair off!?

"Ah, so much food...... wasted!"

"'Cause I don't care about that now, Member # 3! More than that. Okay, let it go!

"" "... The Wow Knights support wild dogs!!

Wow, and the kids who give you supreechol.

Don't flinch, even if you're stared at by more than a thousand women on the side of the brave.

"Wow! Brave support, 1027! Wild dog endorsement, three! Let's give each of them a judgment that matches it! Let's start with the brave!

"YAHHHHHHHHH!?!? Dear Zepuros, uhhhhhhhh!?!?

To Zepuros, a bunch of women holding each other.

Zepuros, stroking the heads of the tenacious women, still had plenty of room.

"I'm sure three kittens flirted in an attempt to get this Zepuros in trouble. But it's okay, Zepuros has a goddess of luck. Beautiful people are scattered…"

That moment, everyone was watching.

Heavenly side of the brave.

A beautiful place with beautiful hair, like a golden hill.

A golden golden dalai, like a ceiling, gives you the moment to pour...!

...... doh!! Gwaaaaaa!!!

That's in the middle of a cool decision dialogue.

It was more of a disaster than anything to him that was caught in the face up.

The beautiful face is distorted like crushed, sinking all over his shoulder.

But only the eyeballs just pop open, a slight blood-running camera gaze.

It was a horrible shape, as if when the angel's identity turned out to be the devil.

Besides, unhappiness during misfortune didn't even seem cool after evil.

Continue, bouncing and flying like popcorn, white incisors.

By the remaining teeth, from the chewed out tongue, pure blood pops out.

Its dumb face, which was all over the screen, is still a third-rate demon......!

Besides, it's like an imp, a good place. It's like a pear miscellaneous fish devil......!

That was only a flash of events, but it was certainly burned in the brains of many of the women living in this little Halbury country.